UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 20 – “Turning up the Intensity during MMA Sparring”


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We decided to work some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique from the guard, starting with defending the strikes commonly thrown by the top opponent. I showed a way that I liked to use to stop straight strikes then Spencer showed how he takes the back position while defending against elbow strikes. It was a really slick move that I’m definitely adding to my repertoire. We shared ideas as the group drilled the movement over and over again. After a hour or so we threw on our running shoes and headed for the Stadium to run up and down some stairs and circle the track. Around twenty five minutes later I was pretty tired but I was happy to be able to push myself a lot harder than the first time I did that same workout.

Back at home now, I just made a few phone calls talking with my Dad and my striking Coach Vito Brancaccio. Vito runs a martial arts school in Mississauga, Ontario and if you’re ever in that area you’ve got to check his place out. He is a phenomenal coach!

I’m going to go grab some food and then I may test out another workout from my training program even though my legs feel like mush. I gotta get this program ready for its launch date…

I’m In bed now, too tired to do much else. Tonight’s training sessions was a tough one and focused only on Sparring. Spencer worked his butt off for 30 minutes straight. He’d spar with a fresh guy for five minutes, then I’d step in and work him on the pads for another five minutes, After that there was a thirty second break before another full round of hard –and I mean hard– sparring which was followed by…you guessed it, another five minutes with me holding the hand pads for him. One more round of MMA Sparring –with big gloves on– left Spencer pretty damn tired although during the rounds he didn’t slow down much.

I was very impressed with Spencer’s performance during training tonight. Every day he is getting in better shape and it’s allowing his fighter instinct, ferocity and intensity to show up more often throughout his training. Never whining about being tired, Spencer just gets back in there and works his ass off. He knows exactly how hard he needs to push to be absolutely ready for fight day which is something that less experienced fighters often lack. I find myself sweating a ton simply from the speed and intensity in which I’m moving the pads into striking positions for him.

I just got off the phone with my wife, because I’m feeling almost too tired to talk…Good night!

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