UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 19 – “Hard MMA Sparring”


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Lots of MMA Sparring…

It took a Spencer a lot of time and effort to wake me up today as he yelled from the top of the staircase around 9am in the morning. Not exactly sure why I was so tired, all I know is that it took a good fifteen minutes to clear my eyes.

A large group of fighters and I entered the gym for the first training session of the day. Spencer warmed up with a little shadowboxing inside the cage. He then sparred for 5 five minutes rounds switching to work with a fresh partner for each. He was looking good throughout the rounds as he mixed striking with some nice against-the-cage takedowns that led into some really tight ground work. I really think he can win this upcoming fight in many different ways. Spencer and I have been working on his mount position for the last week or so; if he can get there his opponent will have a really tough time getting out that’s for sure.  I know, from watching fight tape, that his opponent has pretty decent striking ability and limited skill on the ground but comes into each fight in good shape which can sometimes make up for technical weaknesses. As always, we must prepare for everything!

I tested out another workout from my online training program when we got home and I had a lot of fun doing it. I think people are going to find the 12-week program super helpful in providing them with the fundamental skills that are so vital for MMA.

I’m going to make a few phone calls to people back home over the next hour and then it’s back to training tonight…

Whew, just got in the door and I am tired! We had a great session tonight. Spencer taught a large group of fighters some great techniques from the clinch and then I worked him on the Thai Pads for a bunch of rounds. Afterwards I spent a good twenty minutes rolling with “Jiu Jitsu” Joe again which was fun. My arms are burning from all of the intense training I’ve been doing lately and I honestly feel like I dropped 10 lbs just today. I’m going to go eat some food now and then I think we’re all going to watch the movie we rented, “Robin Hood”. I’ll be back…

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