UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 18 – “The Body Shot in Full Effect”


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This morning I awoke and realized that Spencer’s dog Boadie had gotten into my room and completely finished off the huge bag of sour cream chips that I had in my room. There wasn’t a single chip left! I guess it’s a good thing since I’m continuing to get myself back into top shape and those things won’t help much with that task.

An early training session had me holding hand mitts for Spencer, in between the many rounds of sparring he was doing with his crew of fighters. Whoa! Spencer was on fire today. Showing slick head movement he dropped a few guys with some stiff body shots. On the pads he was also looking super crisp and in the very last round threw out some of his best combinations since training camp began. If he lands any of those combos on his opponent during his upcoming fight, it’s game over for the other guy that’s for sure.

After training we grabbed some food and headed back to the house. Ryan, one of Spencer’s guys that is fighting locally this coming weekend asked me to work him on the hand pads, so we jumped across the street to do that at the park beside Spencer’s house. He was looking very good as well. My wife just called me so I’m going to get off the computer to call her back.

Tonight we’re focusing on groundwork and takedowns, should be a good one…

We just stepped in the door after returning home from the last training session of the day. We hit the cage for some takedown practice focusing mainly on Spencer’s single leg and double leg takedown against the cage. We also spend a bit of time working the under hook position.

I’m going to head upstairs now and grab some food; some tuna and rice to be precise. I’ll let you know if anything else that’s exciting happens later tonight. Probably it’ll be just me doing some sleeping.

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