UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 16 – “A Good Day to Get a Beginner MMA Workout In”


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Testing Out the New Beginner MMA Program

It’s just after twelve o’clock noon and I’m sitting in bed not doing very much. I woke up around an hour ago, talked with my wife and Debbie, a lady who works at Joslin’s MMA and really helps me out with many, many things at the martial arts school. It sounds as though things are going alright back home.

I’m going to head upstairs and grab some food then I think I’m going to start testing out some of the workouts for my upcoming MMA QuickStart ( Program. I need to time them and make sure that they last an hour or so each. Plus, I will change and adjust each workout so that they are challenging and as fun! With a bunch of them to test, before launch date, I better get at it…

Lying in bed now after talking with the wife for a while, I really didn’t do too much today other than test out that lesson #1 of my training program. The workout lasted around 55 minutes and had me pretty sweaty. It was weird being coached by myself through the shadow fighting MP3 files but I kind of liked the fact that I didn’t have to think, only listen and follow along with the instructions.

I’m getting tired so I guess it’s back to bed for the night. Goodnight…

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