UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 15 – “Mittwork & Training in the Wilderness”


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MMA Mittwork & Mixed Martial Arts Training in the Wilderness

Damn. My wife kicked my ass again at Scrabble. I thought I had her beat when I came out strong in the beginning but it didn’t last. I did get over 300 points though so that was pretty good. I think.

Spencer and I arrived at the gym a little later than normal due to the fact that a new yoga class was placed in the schedule at the fitness gym where Spencer’s Evolution MMA is located. Spencer blasted through a few rounds of shadowboxing and then worked extremely hard during four 5 minute rounds on the hand pads. We’ve been working on the body shot, some quick high percentage combinations and a few sneaky techniques that are great to use when the opponent is pressed up against the cage. One of those techniques, the spinning back fist is a personal favourite of mine. Unfortunately I’ve never really landed it in MMA competition. I threw it at Koscheck one time and missed because I was slightly out of range. I’ve landed often in training over the years and have been hit by a few of them myself so I know how much the spinning back fist hurts. It would be insane and super cool if Spencer is able to land it during his fight.

For our evening training session we –Spencer, myself and a few of his students– mixed things up a bit, training across the street from Spencer’s house, in the park. It worked out well since the weather was great and we used the baseball fencing as our cage. Spencer and I both threw on our big gloves and drilled a bunch of techniques back and forth, sharing many different ideas and techniques that we both like to use. He’s got some really cool Muay Thai technique that he’s picked up during his travels to Thailand and other places. I’ll be adding most of that stuff to my own game that’s for sure.

At the end of the technique practice, I ran our small group through one of the body weight routines I used to use to prepare for my fights. We did one intense round that lasted just over five minutes and everyone was pretty tired considering we had already trained for over an hour.

Finally, I held the hand mitts for several rounds while Spencer’s wife Emily hit them repeatedly. The girl can punch!  After we spent some time working on her fighting stance along with some basic rotational stuff and leverage details, I could feel her hit harder and harder with each minute that passed. Gotta love a quick learner like her when you’re a coach.

After training we are all really hungry, so we went out to eat at a German restaurant. I chose a turkey sandwich with some really cool sides –I forget the name of them right now– and downed a beer after selecting it from the massive selection of choices the restaurant had to offer. Having drank next to no alcohol in the last year, I felt its effects pretty quickly.

I’m about to go to sleep right now and with no training booked for tomorrow I think I might just sleep in for a little bit…

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