UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 12 – “A Busy Day”


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There‚Äôs lots of stuff going on back home that’s been stressing both me and my wife out a bit. It must be tough for her to be home alone doing all that needs to be done and taking care of both our kids by herself. Man I hate fighting with her over the phone when I’m so far away. It really sucks!

I decided to send her some flowers so I called home to Hamilton to set up a delivery to her at work tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This morning Spencer focused mostly on conditioning and explosiveness during his conditioning routines. I on the other hand had a massage booked. It’s been a long time since I had one it was worth the money. I had a little bit of a headache afterwards but it seems to be going away now.

For lunch we had some sandwiches at Spencer’s house while we all watched a little bit of TV. I also managed to stop by the super market a few hours ago so I’ve stocked up on some food of my own, which will make things easier for me since I keep most of it down here in the basement with me. It feels kind of weird constantly having to go into someone elses fridge to grab food; the fact that I have my own groceries will fortunately help me do less of that. In a few hours we’re hitting the gym for a jiu-jitsu practice. I’ll probably focus on controlling the mount a little more as well as having everyone work on another way to move from the side mount into the mount position.

It’s been tough to find time to do it but I’m going to try and work on my upcoming MMAQuickStart training program. The videos are already done –over 125 of them–, now I just have to test out the workouts to make sure that they are as fun as they can be and make sure that they each last for an hour or so. I’m super excited about launching the program as it will instantly give people a chance to learn mixed martial arts in the comfort of their own home. No partner is needed, no special equipment; just some space and a desire to learn.

Off I go…

We just got in from our evening training session. Once again I had Spencer and the team focused on groundwork. We worked on MMA guard passing tonight. I taught a few basic ways that I like to use to control the bottom person when I’m in their guard, avoiding their up kicks and dishing out some punishment in the process. Following this we worked a killer way to open the guard and pass it into side control. Once everyone had a good grasp of every movement, Spencer and three other fighters took turns working with each other to “Pass the Guard”. I had them work that positional drill until the end of class. At the end of it all everyone was pretty tired out.

Midway through the training, I received a text from my wife thanking me for the flowers. She must have called to because her work number was displayed on my cell phone. I haven’t spoken to her yet but I will sometime later before I get some sleep. I’ll probably grab some food right now and maybe watch a movie from Spencer’s vast DVD collection…

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