UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 11 – “A Visit to the Daveport Boxing Club”


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Mr. Alvino Pena and myself at the Davenport Boxing Club

Finally! I awoke feeling way better today.

We hit the gym a little later than the 9AM start time of the kickboxing class. Immediately Spencer got to it, doing a few shadowboxing rounds before I slapped on the hand mitts and put him through four intense 5 minute rounds. I also had him work one of my personal favourite drills: Rolling/weaving under a jump rope, that was tied off onto something and raised up high by me, over and over again for a minute and a half straight. The drill progressed so that he was ripping off hooks and straight left hands in the midst of his head movement. As a fighter, I love and hate that drill because it is great for defense and offense but so tough on the thighs due to the constant up and down squatting motion.

After the workout we hit a Thai restaurant where i grabbed what has become a regular dish for me, the Tom Yum noodles with chicken. At least I think that’s what it was called.

After that we drove a little bit to get to a local hunting store. I can’t recall the name but the place was rammed with gun, bows, crossbows, camouflage suits, fake deer and ducks, and tons of other cool things. Spencer was like a kid would be in a candy store and it’s obvious how much the guy enjoys hunting. I took a few pics of some huge deer heads on the wall and even cooler was the skin and head of a giant tiger that someone had hunted some time ago. You wouldn’t catch me out hunting tigers, seems a little too dangerous. I’ll stick to fighting inside cages 🙂

The last training session of the day was different than what we hadn’t done up to this point.  Spencer and visited a local boxing gym called the Davenport Boxing Club, The place was established way back in the 1960’s and is run by Mr. Alvino Pena. The place was great! Mr. Pena put his athletes through many tough rounds of shadowboxing, heavy bag work and mitt work and was nice enough to let Spencer and I jump into the mix. After some hard training I was really tired but every time I felt Mr. Pena’s eyes on me I was instantly charged up to work harder and harder. It was obvious right from the beginning that the man deserved every bit of respect that his students so avidly showed him throughout the training session. I’m guessing, by his obvious dedication to his crew of young fighters, that he’s probably hasn’t missed many classes throughout the decades.

I’m going to hit the store to grab some food then it’s off to bed after talking with the wife. Tomorrow is jiu-jitsu class and then I’m getting a massage that I booked earlier today. I’m excited about that for sure!

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