UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 10 – “No Rest Day”


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Woke up with my head feeling a little off still. It’s weird because I don’t get any headaches, it’s more of like a painless migraine. I think it came on because of the amount of training that I’ve been doing and how often I’d be raising my heart rate in training.

Even though it’s Sunday –a day everyone here normally takes off– we decided to train. Spencer, Eric & Anthony –who are two of Spencer’s fighters– and myself hit the gym for some BJJ practice. The only session of the day, I had Spencer and the guys work on mount escapes once again. The bottom guy’s job was to escape the mount, while the top guy tried to keep tight control and land a submission. The winner stayed in and the losing guy would step out and be replaced by the third person who was waiting off to the side. We did this for quite a while and followed up with a few techniques from several other positions. I sat out and just coached from the sidelines to give my head a rest in an attempt to get back feeling normal.

At night I called home and talked with my wife and kids then jumped on the couch to watch the movie “Gladiator”. I only managed to get through half of it before I almost fell asleep.

That’s exactly what I’m going to go do now…

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