UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 1 – Making the Trip


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Day 1 – Making the Trip to Spencer Fisher’s Home in Bettendorf, Iowa

I woke up this morning with the intent of cutting the grass in the backyard and cleaning up the house a bit but it turned out that packing for my trip to Bettendorf, Iowa took up more of my time than I had thought it would. Filling an entire hockey bag, that my father had lent me, with martial arts equipment, joslin’s t-shirts and a bunch of other stuff I quickly realized that it wouldn’t be enough so I busted out my trusty black suitcase from the basement and filled that as well. I kept all of my most important stuff with me in my carry on bag; Most importantly, the laptop which has all of the training camp info on it and my video camera which is just too damn is expensive to risk by checking it in with the regular luggage.

Having just left for the airport –my Dad is driving me in one of his Joslin MMA Vans–, it was tough to say bye to my kids and wife. At the moment, it set in that I would be going away from all of them for a very long time. My 7 year old daughter Kaiya would not let go when we were hugging goodbye so we kept it up for a few minutes. It was then when I realized how much I’m going to miss her, my wife, and my son Tayzen. Tayzen eyes welled up with tears, that were ready to burst out at any second, which caused my eyes to do the exact same thing. Whew! In many ways I hope this trip goes fast so that I’m back home with each of them very soon.

We’re almost at the airport, I’ll write some more in a bit…

Why does it always feel like your forgetting something just as you leave for a trip? Here sitting on my second flight today –the first left from Buffalo and landed in Atlanta and this second one will have me in Moline, Illinois in about twenty five minutes or so — I’m still a little worried that something important is sitting in my house someplace. Anyways, my five dollar in-flight wireless is about to end since we’re about to land. I’ll pick up and tell you about the rest of the day sometime later tonight…

Arriving at the Moline Airport, I was happy to see that the place wasn’t busy at all; pretty much the exact opposite to the chaotic scene that the Atlanta Airport was. Spencer told me that he would be inside a red car parked just outside airport’s main entrance. Stepping out from the building, I had a small dilemma. There were two red cars there, each with very dark tinted windows. After almost jumping into the wrong vehicle, I realized my mistake and corrected it quick. Meeting each other for the first time we said hello, shook hands and then the two of us drove for to his house. It only took about ten minutes to get there.

When we arrived at his house, he gave me a quick tour and the setup was great! Everything was there to make for a comfortable stay for the next five weeks or so. I’ve got my own bedroom, washroom, big screen television and a DVD player.

What else could I ask for?

It’s pretty late now, guess I’m going to have to test out the bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow we’re getting up early to hit the stadium for a run. I’m not exactly sure what the stadium is but it sounds like it’ll be a good workout…

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