UFC 120 Training Camp – Day 4 – “MMA Training Begins”


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The First MMA Training Session & Tornado Warnings

It’s Monday night just after ten o’clock at night when I’m writing this and trying to remember exactly how the day went. We were very busy today and I never really had a chance to fire up the laptop and get to typing. I’m finding it tough to remember it all.  Must be all the shots I’ve taken over the years. What I do remember easily are the strange sounds last night I heard over and over again.

“They’re tornado sirens” Spencer’s wife Emily told me calmly early this morning. (The picture on the left is one that I found on the net, not of any actual tornado that I saw. I just thought the photo looked cool!)

What the? I guess being in the basement is the best place to be in that type of disastrous situation so I think I would have been okay but I am definitely not used to dealing with the threat of a tornado in the area. Blizzards yes, tornados no. Either way nothing bad happened so I guess we got lucky.

Everything was closed today for the labour day holiday but we managed to find a place to train at. It was a local martial arts gym that had an owner nice enough to let us use the place for a few hours.

We did a bit of everything during the work out, starting with some shadowboxing then moving onto a few hard rounds of pad work and finishing with some serious pounding on the heavy bags. It was Spence and two of his fighters, Eric and Bob, plus myself inside the gym working out. After the time spent striking we hit the mats. Rolling many times with one another and working on a few key positions for MMA competition, we had a pretty good workout. We all worked up a great sweat and had some fun in the process. Tomorrow we hit the mats for some more rolling and jiu-jitsu work during the morning training session and at night we’ll be focusing more on wrestling technique and situations.  I’ll probably put Spencer through a bunch of tough rounds on the pads as well.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Tonight Spencer, his wife and I hit the movies: The Expendables and The Last Exorcism were our movies of choice. Two large diet cokes and a big bag of popcorn later, I’m feeling a little fat. I’ll work extra hard to burn it off during training tomorrow. We ended up getting the tickets for free, from an theatre employee that Spencer knew, and were able to see as many movies as we liked.  Pretty nice deal!

I’m going to give the wife a call on Skype and then hit the bed for some sleep…

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