UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 14 – “Lots of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”


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Joe & I after some training...

Nope last night was no different. My wife totally beat my ass at scrabble!

Jumping out of bed this morning, I quickly got ready for the early training session only to realize that I was woke up an hour too early. That kind of sucked but it’s my own fault since my watch is on Iowa time, but my computer and cell phone are still showing the time it is back home in Hamilton. Eventually we hit the gym for a ground work training session. Once again we covered the very important aspect of passing the guard. I showed a few warm-up motions that helps to develop guard passing skill then we drilled a few specific techniques useful for passing the guard in mixed martial arts action. Afterwards we rolled for around six rounds with everyone switching partners between each.

It took me a little while to warm up to the point when the soreness in my arms and legs seem to disappear. Yesterday I hit the weights for the first time in a while and I am already feeling it; tomorrow will probably be even worse. As a trainer at the gym, I get to tan for free so I I’ve been taking advantage of that fact and have darkened my pasty self a little bit.

For lunch we went to a Mongolian Grill, which had became one of my favourite types of restaurants a few months back after I first visited one near home. The food was really good and pretty cheap. I think I only spend around eight bucks which wasn’t too bad. Actually, the pricing of food around this area is very reasonable; much cheaper than the prices back home. I think I’m going to take a quick nap before the evening training session which begins in a few hours….

After sitting around for a few hours, and saying goodbye to Justin and Jason Reinhardt before they left to make the trek back home and then on to Utah for some high elevation training –to acclimate themselves for Jason’s upcoming WEC fight is taking place high about sea level in Denver–, we headed back to the gym. With us we brought another one of Spencer’s friends and training partners, “Jiu-Jitsu” Joe Pearson. A Great guy with a ton of fight experience, Joe was very fun to roll with. Throughout his pro career –record of 34-17-1– Joe has won a lot of  his fights by triangle choke and was one of the physically strongest 145 pounders I’ve trained with. Obviously I kept an eye out for any triangle attempts he made when we rolled. Afterwards I shared a few of my favourite techniques with him  and then we ended up talking for a long while. It’s always great training with new people and even better training with new and cool people. Joe Pearson is one of those guys.

After class, we rushed home and grabbed a great dinner that Spencer’s wife Emily made for us. Once I was done eating, I headed back downstairs and right now I’m in the middle of watching “The Last Samurai”. My wife will be calling me back in a few minutes via Skype –it’s free!– and then she’s giving me a rematch at online scrabble. Hopefully I’ll do better than I did last night. I’ll let you know how it goes…

P.S I’m heading back to home for 3 days next weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing my kids, my wife and spending the two nights in my bed. After that it’s back here to begin the two hardest weeks of training camp.

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