UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 38 – “MMA Mental Training and Final Preparations”


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I got up around ten o’clock this morning and I must say that I’m getting very excited about visiting England, cornering Spencer at his fight and of course seeing my wife and kids when I get home on the following day. They are celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday today so I’m missing out on all the turkey and other great food that’s being eaten back home today.

With us flying towards the UK for most of the day tomorrow, we made sure to hit the road for one more run this morning. Fifty minutes…yes fifty minutes later we were back at the car after running, winding and weaving our way through the large bike path that runs around an area close to Spencer’s place. I felt pretty good throughout it all and must have dropped at least five pounds of sweat due to the hot, sunny weather we’re having here today in Iowa.

Upon finishing the run, everyone –Spencer, Nache and another one of Spencer’s students name Christian– lied on the grass while I put them through a mental drill that I do often when preparing myself for a fight. Blending some hypnosis type stuff, positive thinking and visualization techniques, this exercise is definitely a huge part of my success in MMA and one of the main reasons I never felt nervous when fight time arrived. It helped me fight harder and go for the finish each and every time I stepped inside the ring or cage.

Back home now, I’ve been playing around on my laptop for a bit. I’ve got some cleaning and packing to do before we leave tomorrow but I just seem to keep putting it off. I guess I better get it done while I have time…

It’s really late now and I’m lying in bed. Spencer wanted to work out a little while ago so I suggested we hit the gym for some shadow boxing and pad work. We ended up doing five 5-minute rounds of training. Spencer was looking really good; smacking the pads around nicely, staying very relaxed and turning his hips into every one of his strikes.

Anyways, I’m off to get some sleep. Tomorrow we leave for England at around one o’clock in the afternoon. Fight time is approaching quickly!

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  1. Chandler Oakes says:

    What was the Mental Drill? I really have a hard time with nervousness before fights.

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