UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 44 – “Let’s Get it On! Fight Day (Part 1)””


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Today is the day when all of Spencer’s hard work in the gym will be put to use!

Tonight is UFC 120 and I’m super excited. So excited that I woke up at 3 am this morning and I don’t think I ever got fully back to sleep after that. Spending the last six weeks with Spencer and his family has been an awesome experience and the fact that Spencer is such a cool guy to be around and train with, makes this day even more exciting to me. I really want to see him kick some ass and get the win tonight as he totally deserves it after all we’ve gone through during the fight camp.

Funny thing is that when I did an interview with a reporter from the newspaper back home –the same person that travelled with me to my UFC fight night match against Josh Koscheck on Miramar base–, he asked me if I used visualization to prepare for my job a corner man. He had seen me do a ton of it while I was preparing to fight and was wondering if I’d do the same thing as coach.

I told him that I wouldn’t be doing much visualization, but today I find myself doing a ton of it; running through different fight scenarios in my mind, both good and bad; imagining what words I’ll use when speaking to Spencer during that very important minute between each round; deciding which one of us –Spencer’s good friend and first boxing coach Reggie will be in the corner with me– will carry the stool, water and other supplies into the cage. It’s definitely stressful. As a fighter I know how important my corner man’s words were to me during my toughest of fights. I really want to do a great job tonight!

Will I be nervous? I’m not sure. I was a little bit when I finalized the deal to become part of Spencer’s training camp but it was those nerves that had me studying material, developing game plans and putting together an entire strategy for the camp. Plus, my knees were definitely knocking a bit when Spencer jumped onto the stage yesterday for the weigh-ins. Again, I think it’s all because I really want Spencer to do great tonight when he steps into the cage. If he doesn’t do well, I will definitely feel like I didn’t do my job in the best way that I could.

Well, it’s about that time. Time for us to meet Burt and all the other fighters down in the lobby so that we can jump aboard the shuttle buses and make the long trek –over an hour drive– to the O2 arena…Wish us luck…

Oh yeah, I got a little footage of fans, friends and teammates wishing Spencer good luck. Check it out!

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