UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 42 – “I’m Fighting Randy Couture?”


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Man, last night was a fun but my head’s hurting quite a bit today because of it. Eric and I arrived at the pub down the street –a place Eric had gone to a few days before we had met up with him here in London– and right away the owner jumped up and said hi. Rory was his name and he turned out to be a great guy.

When he first said hello he told me that the guy I was fighting had just left and was standing outside. I quickly realized that he thought I was the one fighting on the fight card, so I told him I was the coach and that our fighter Spencer was back at the hotel sleeping. Looking outside I saw the guy he though I was about to face inside the octagon on Saturday night. It was Randy Couture! I joked about needing a lot more money for that fight :).

Randy’s a machine and one of my favourite fighters to watch. I still remember excitedly jumping around my living room when he was beating up Tito back in the day.

Randy and his girlfriend came back inside some time later all of us ended up having some good conversation and a lot of fun. When the pub closed –at midnight which was strangely early I thought– Rory, Eric, myself, Randy, his girlfriend and one or two others walked down the road to a different place that was open a little bit longer.

We had a few more rounds of beer and all of us –not Randy because the two of them had left a little bit earlier– hit the dance floor for the last song or two. A dance off ensued and If I remember correctly I did some embarrassing old school dance moves when it was my turn. Eric was up next and he was doing some crazy moves of his own. Good times!

After that bar closed at 1am, Rory invited us back to his pub for another drink so we followed him there. I didn’t have any more drinks as I was started to get pretty tired. Soon afterwards we were back at the hotel. I called my wife on my cell phone and chatted with her on facebook chat to save some money; I think my phone calls and text messages are costing me a fortune.

Sitting here now, around 4pm, not too much is going on. We worked out earlier in the day and will probably do another session in a few hours. The good news is that Spencer’s weight is hovering around the 161 lbs. mark which is very good considering he still has a day and a half to get down to 156 lbs. That one pound weight allowance –since it’s not a title fight– really helps the fighters out when they are making the drop from a much higher weight. I had forgotten about that.

I`m going to go eat some food and lay down for a little while but I’ll write more soon…

It’s almost 10 pm and it’s been a pretty busy night. Spencer’s original boxing coach –who will be one of the other guys in his corner–, arrived with his wife. He seems like a really great guy and we all had a long talk. From there it was off to the training room again for another sweat session.

The room was pretty full when we got there; Cao Uno, Akiyama, fellow Canadian fighter Claude Patrick and a bunch of other guys were training. Slipping into his fight gear, Spencer warmed up off to the side of the room by pummelling with Eric then pounded the pads with me again. I didn’t tape the session since it was his second of the day. I thought he’d go slow and take it easy and it wouldn’t be worth filming. I was definitely wrong as he tore up the pads once again.

After training, I did a quick interview over the phone with Scott Radley from the Hamilton Spectator about my experience in Iowa and the training camp in general. I’m also excited that I finally got the internet in our hotel room, for the rest of tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. I have to send out a few emails and I’d like to talk with my wife Corene on Skype before it’s fight time.

I guess it’s time for me to get some rest. Weigh-ins are taking place tomorrow. Should be very exciting!

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