UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 41 – “2 More Sleeps Till Fight Day!”


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Spencer woke up this morning earlier than both Eric and I. It wasn’t until 11am that I jumped from my bed, quickly grabbed a banana and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The three of us then headed down to the workout room, only to find out that it’s wasn’t available.

The media was using the room to take pictures and video of the main event and co main event fighters Dan Hardy and Akiyama. Sorry, I have no idea of his first name but his nickname is Sexyama, I think mostly due to his many modeling gigs in the past. After a few minutes of waiting around and watching the action, Burt said we could use the other warm up room instead –the opponent’s one–, so we headed down the hallway towards it.

It’s so funny; the door to both workout rooms totally look like you need to pull the handle to open them up but you actually need to push on the door to get in. Many times while we’ve been practicing in the room, we’ve heard the click of someone trying to open the door a few times, only to give up a few seconds later –thinking it’s locked– and leave to go someplace else. All they had to do was push it.

Our training session ended up being a great one. Spencer worked his grappling first and then we followed that with some mitt work. He mentioned that his back was feeling a little stiff so we were very careful not to aggravate it; I think it’s probably sore because of how hard he was slamming his punches into the pads last night.

Eric shot some pretty sick video of it all including our final round of pads which is when Spencer did his best work of the day. He was punching so quickly that I found myself breathing heavy from catching the quick combinations he was throwing. I’m excited to put together a compilation video of all the training footage when I get home. It’s going to look effin awesome!

After training the three of us travelled back to the hair salon that we visited yesterday to see how much it would cost for them to shave Spencer’s head. After finding out that it would be the price of a regular hair cut we moved on, with Spencer’s hair left uncut.

After returning and resting at our hotel for several hours, Spencer wanted to cut a little weight so we hit up the fitness gym next door. Spencer got to it right away. First, a fifteen minute run on the treadmill, then fifteen minutes in the sauna and after that was the funny part. As Spencer exited the sauna, we wrapped his entire body in towels –like a mummy- to keep him in overheat mode for another five or ten minutes. He hasn’t weighed himself again yet so I’m not sure how much weight he’s lost but I imagine it’s at least another three or four pounds…

Eric and I are back in the hotel room now, waiting for Spencer to finish getting a massage. Not sure what’s next but I’ll write more before sleeping tonight. Oh yeah, I finally got to chat with the wife today –at that gym, via skype– which was cool. She said they are counting down the “sleeps” until I get home. My daughter counts every time she “sleeps” instead of counting the days until important events happen so they are using that method. I think I’ll do the same with the title of this post and to count the time until I see my family again.

It’ pretty late now and I just finished training again with Spencer in the workout room. We worked out very lightly, mostly so that he’d break a sweat and drop a little more water weight. It worked out perfectly because the slow pace of our workout gave us a chance to work on a few new striking combinations.

I’m just about to head out to a local pub with Eric. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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