UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 39 – “En Route to London, England”


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I’m sitting on the airplane that is taking us to London, England. I’m thinking we have around three and a half more hours to go with us getting there around midnight our –Iowa– time, which is roughly six in the morning over there I believe. I’m guessing that it should take a couple of days to adjust to the time difference.

One of Spencer’s students, Eric, a super nice guy who will be working in Spencer’s corner with me is already in Europe. He left a few days before us so that he could visit Dublin and a few other spots before heading to London. Sounded like a pretty cool idea to me. He text message me to tell me he’d meet us at our hotel when we arrived.

I’m been spending most of the flight working on the manual for the MMA QuickStart program and I really got a lot accomplished. It’s pretty exciting to have something that started out as just an idea begin to take shape into a fully functional product that will help others learn mixed martial arts. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people like it once they start to use the program. I’ve been having a lot of fun myself and have sharpened my own striking game by doing the workouts over the last five weeks.

Spencer’s doing a great job of getting his weight down and he should be right on point come Friday at the weigh-ins. Our in-flight meal had a brownie as a desert which is the last thing you want to see when you’re cutting weight. Spencer sniffed his and then passed it over to me and yes I ate mine and that one as well. Just being a good friend :). I’m getting to damn skinny from all this training any ways, I don’t think it will hurt me much.

Anyways, my laptop battery is about to run out of its charge. Once I get to the hotel, I’ll charge it up and write some more. It should be a pretty amazing week in London, England!

We arrived a little while ago but it’s now Tuesday so I’ll continue on the next journal entry..

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