UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 37 – “Getting my Hunt on!”


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Not me, but that's the same thing I had on 🙂

At training this morning it was just Spencer, Anthony –who is one of Spencer’s MMA fighters– and me. The workout consisted of Spencer spending half of each of his rounds –2.5 minutes– MMA sparring and the other half of the rounds working on the hand pads with me. For five 5-minute rounds he kept it up and afterwards he worked through one round of groundwork with him starting on his back with Anthony in his guard. His goal was to work sweeps and submissions or work his way back up to his feet. He did a really good job through it all.

Heading back to the house afterwards, we relaxed for a little while before heading out once again. This time our plan was to go do some deer hunting. I must admit I was pretty excited but didn’t know really what to expect. It took close to an hour for us to drive to  the spot; some private property that was owned by of friend of Spencer’s. It was the same place where we had set up the motion sensing cameras that had taken pictures of some pretty big deer the week before.

Jumping out of the vehicle, Spencer and I walked for a few minutes into the woods. He gave me a few instructions and then pointed at a nearby tree.

“Sit up against that tree with your back to it and keep your eyes open for deer.” he said with much excitement in his voice. He then described the different between the sounds that deer, squirrels and other forest animals make. I did my best to remember his pointers.

“I’ll text you when I’m coming to get you.” With those words he disappeared into the foliage and I was on my own. Clad in an entire suit of camouflage material, everything was covered on me except for both of my hands. Soon after dropping down to sit beside the large tree that Spencer had pointed out to me moments before, a buzzing sound rang in my left ear and I quickly realized that it was a mosquito; one of way too many that were already flying around me. There must have been fifty of them on my camo suit, crawling in search of the blood filled, heat generating, energy source that my body was. It was disgusting! They were all over the place working diligently to fly into the open eye slit on my ninja-like hunting hood. Then they started to attack my bare hands and when I looked down at my legs I quickly realized that my protective pants had a huge rip in the thigh area.

So there I was, standing next to a tree with my hands stuffed deep in my pockets, my body carefully angled so that the hole in my pants was slightly smaller that it had been before all while a repeated buzzing sound was ringing through each of my ears. One time, I made the mistake of looking down at my suit and noticed about fifty different mosquitoes crawling all over me. I tried not to look down again. I friggin hate mosquitoes!

Soon after I started to hear some strange sounds: Quick Footsteps which turned out to be a squirrel, a frightening sound that sounded like the damn “Predator”, something that sounded like a cow mooing and a bunch of slow crunching sounds which I could have sworn were made by a deer that was approaching but I never saw a thing.

Several hours later it started getting dark. Spencer text messaged me that he would be coming to get me in about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes passed and he hadn’t shown up or messaged me. The darkness was making it really hard to see and honestly I started to get a little worried. I began envisioning bad things –Blair Witch type stuff– as I stood there in the middle of the darkening forest. Luckily, Spencer eventually found me and we headed back to his truck. I was really relieved but found myself starving and sore from standing and swatting mosquitoes away from me for three straight hours.

It turned out that I should have been sitting the entire time to rest and to limit the deer’s ability to spot me in the bush. No wonder my legs were on fire and I never saw a single thing out there; I was doing it all wrong!

The drive home was long and again we became a little bit lost so it took even longer. Overall, it was an okay experience that probably would have turned out super exciting had I not scared away all of my prey with my mosquito swatting action.

Back home, a group of us just watched the Strikeforce MMA card. After it was done I headed down here to my room to eat some instant teriyaki rice that I cooked in the microwave and I must say it was pretty good. I think I’m going to finish up this game of scrabble with my wife –which I’m loosing badly by the way– and then get some sleep…

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