UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 33 – “Hit…by a Car!”


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Arrgh!! I had a couple of bad dreams last night that really made me miss being home with the family.

After realizing that I was just dreaming, I waited for about thirty minutes before waking Spencer up. It was already around nine o’clock in the morning but it didn’t take very long for us to grab some food and head to the gym for the first training session of the day.

We got there a little bit late because of some bad luck which came in the form of a minor fender bender that happened after another car clipped us on our way to the gym. That sucked! Roughly thirty minutes later we were back en route to our training destination.

Once there, we started class right away. I worked the group through a bunch drills that I like to use to warm-up my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. After everyone was warm I showed a few of my most important details regarding taking and attacking from the back position. While we were practicing Spencer’s was feeling a bit sore so he decided to sit out and rest for a bit before we headed to to the stadium after class for another run. That run went very well as I watched Spencer fly around the track over and over again with great speed.

With us still having twelve days until fight time, and Spencer already in excellent shape, a session or two off when he needs it will do him good.

Back home now, I’m going to do a little workout of my own, here in Spencer’s basement for about forty five minutes and probably grab some food after that. Then it’s back to the gym for another groundwork practice. If Spencer feels up to it, I’ll have him do some light pad work and shadow fighting to break a good sweat as he continues his weight cut down to 155lbs…

We just got back from the night training session. Good news is that most of Spencer’s pain had subsided and he was feeling pretty good during training. Even better is the fact that he worked steadily through thirty minutes of intense mitt work. We worked on a few new combos and strung them together with some older combinations so that some sequences consisted of more than ten techniques. It’s been great to get Spencer’s input as to how he likes to hit pads because he’s got me holding for some techniques that are new to me as well. New tricks are always a great thing to have for both fighters and coaches!

Oh yeah, I did have Spencer punch-out for the final three minutes of his last pad round, but I’d say it was at about seventy-five percent intensity. I’ll be sure to get some video of us doing the full intensity three minute blast that’s for sure. It’s very rare that a person ever gets into the kind of peak physical shape that a professional MMA fighter is in when they are fully prepared to fight.

Now that I’m retired from fighting I really regret not having recorded some of the insane tear-inducing training sessions I went through, the countless in-ring wars I endured, and the other stuff that I’ve experienced while getting ready for my fights. It’s that kind of stuff that will be great to show the grand kids some day or use to scare my seven year old daughters future boyfriends away.

I rolled with a bunch of guys before holding the mitts for Spencer, so I was able to get a really good workout in myself. Too tired to do much else…I just watched about half of the new karate kid movie, talked with my wife for a bit and now I’m lying in bed ready to catch some zzz’s.

Tomorrow we have some guys visiting to train at the morning session which should be fun…

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