UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 30 – “MMA Training, Running, Sweet Teeth and Eating Clean!”


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I woke up a little later than usual this morning: sometime close to noon. Since I wasn’t exactly sure when Spencer wanted to train I got up, grabbed some food and got ready to test another workout from my MMA Quickstart training system. I’ve been trying to structure every workout in the program to last around an hour and it’s been working out well so far. I’m also finding the workouts to be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. I’m really excited to see how people that are new to the sport enjoy the training program.

About the same time that I finished my workout, in the middle of Spencer’s basement, I heard a yell from Spencer. He was asking me if I wanted to head outside to go for a run with him. Five minutes later we were in his car, driving quickly –and I mean quickly– to one of the many trails we’ve been running lately.

We used the first five minutes of jogging as a warm-up and after that I used my watch to tell when each minute passed. Running at average pace for a minute then turning up the speed for the next minute, we continued this pattern for an entire thirty minutes. During the last two minute long burst, I had a really hard time keeping up with Spencer and fell a good ten feet behind him. He’s definitely getting into peak condition as fight day get closer.

Arriving back at the car, Spencer did an intense five minute round of shadow fighting on a grassy area located ten feet from the parking area. He threw countless punches, kicks and knees and during the last minute I called out times for him to sprawl in between punching combos. He pushed hard throughout it all. After that it was back home for us…

Now, I’ve got to tell you that Spencer and I have a lot in common. One thing is definitely our “Sweet tooth”. As much as I do, Spencer loves his candy and cans of coke. I’m trying my best to motivate him –by eating clean myself– to keep his diet clean so that he will have an easier time making weight as well as looking ultra fit come fight time. He’s doing a great job of keeping his eating on point and as a fighter I know how damn tough that can be to do.

Taking the night time training session off, we decided to head out to do some hunting. For a few unexpected reasons we didn’t end up on the hunt but we did get a chance to scope out the hunting grounds and even saw a few buck and does during the walk we took throughout the forest and fields located roughly forty-five minutes away from Spencer’s home.

Back home now, I’m alone in my room eating a bag of cheddar cheese combos that I bought when Spencer wasn’t looking. I didn’t want to distract him, with bad food so I had to be sneaky.

I think I’m going to head upstairs now and watch a movie. Either that or test out another QuickStart workout which would be my third training session of the day. I’m still not quite sure what I feel like doing…

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