UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 28 – “Toughest Weeks of MMA Training”


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Spencer’s weight was quite a bit lower this morning; the display on the scale showed 173 lbs. After another hard day of training today, I think he’ll be even lower when he jumps on the scale tomorrow morning.

In what has become our regular workout routine, we were once again off to the gym for some 9:30am training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was our focus this morning and we started by practicing of a few ways to work back to the feet from the guard position. Following the technique drilling everyone rolled with a partner for an eight minute round. We repeated that routine several times over with everyone switching partners between each round.

Immediately after the training session we were immediately in our cars –I was in Spencer’s obviously since my Joslin-mobile is back in Canada– en route to the Bettendorf Stadium to get some running in. We had to adjust our workout because a class from the high school was using the track when we got there. Focusing solely on stair climbing, we sprinted up and down the stadium seating ¬†over and over again until the track was free. Five high speed laps around the track with sprints mixed was enough to finish the job. We were all pretty damn tired.

Next thing on our agenda, was a visit to a local sushi restaurant where I grabbed some chicken teriyaki and a huge glass of water. The food was good but I’ve got to say that the service was absolutely horrible.

After we left the restaurant Spencer, his daughter and I drove about forty five minutes to the place where we’ll be doing some hunting on our day off this weekend. We picked up a few strategically placed cameras that Spencer had set up a few days prior. Positioned mainly along the edge of a heavily treed area, their purpose was to catch what kind of deer activity was going on in that area. After an hour or so of walking through soy bean crops and some wooded patches we headed back home. Well not really home; we went to the gym for another training session instead.

Once there, I put Spencer to work on the pads for two rounds of ten minutes each. He did a great job but I could tell that he was really feeling tired; his body obviously beginning to feel the effects of the massive amount of training that he’s been putting it through lately. No worries though; It’s totally normal to feel that way during this time in the training schedule –when he’s training the hardest –but regardless it always feel like crap. There’s no doubt that he’s really looking forward to one day off this weekend so that his body can get a little recovery time. By the end of next week I think he’s going to hate going to the gym and will despise the thought of training in general. That’ll be perfect because it means that he’s done exactly what he needs to do to prepare for this upcoming fight. A light week of training before the fight will re-energize him and allow his body to regain it’s strength. There’s no doubt in my mind that on October 16th, Spencer “The King” Fisher will be ready for a war inside that octagon!

Back at Spencer’s place now, I just got off the phone with my wife. She’s calling me back in a bit so that we can meet up online for our daily scrabble challenge. I still haven’t won a friggin match against her and I must admit it’s really starting to bug me.

Tonight I will win, I must win! Wish me luck…

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