UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 26 – “Shooting some Guns!”


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Woke up this morning feeling not so great; Mostly tired, unable to concentrate well and a little grumpy.

During our morning training session Spencer and I worked some striking drills back and forth with each other for a few rounds and then he sparred –with small gloves on– in the cage with several different partners. Five full rounds later we were done and it was back to home for a bit.

Spencer then suggested we make the short drive to the gun range so that I could fire off some of his guns. Now I don’t know much about guns but I think Spencer’s got a few guns that aren’t commonly owned by the general population. The standout one being his .50 calibre rifle. The damn bullets for that thing are almost as long as my entire hand.

I was excited about trying them all out so we decided to go.

Getting there, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected. It was an out door range that anyone could go to with their weapons and just kind of did their own thing. I thought there would be somebody working there, overseeing the safety of everyone and enforcing certain rules but it turned out way more laid back. Anytime we’d need to go look or adjust our targets on the field, Spencer would check to see that no one was firing and yell out a loud “Down Range!”. Then he’d start to walk onto the field.

Anyways once our targets were set, Spencer taught me the basics about gun safety, had me load my own magazine with bullets then handed me the loaded gun. it looked like one of the guns from the video game “Call of Duty”.  I believe he called it an AR rifle.  It was a strange but powerful feeling holding the thing. I aimed at a small yellow circular target in the distance and after firing off a bunch of rounds I noticed that my aim was true with at least one of the bullets. The other four or five hit slightly below and left of the target,

Next up, we started shooting with some sort of Sniper rifle. I watched Spencer and his wife Emily take turns shooting and they were both pretty damn good. I made sure to ask a few questions so that I didn’t screw up when it was my turn.

When it was my turn, I sat down and positioned the rifle as I gazed down the field and lined the scope up towards the target. Resting the stock against my shoulder and pressing my chin into the stock, I tried to keep a little distance between my eye and the scope — Spencer had told me that the kick back could cause the scope to cut my eye. With the target in the crosshairs of the scope, I found it almost impossible to remain steady enough to be confident with my aim. It honestly took me close to twenty seconds before I pulled the trigger. The shot ended up missing the target but just by a bit and I was pretty happy that. Not too bad for a Canadian with like zero gun experience.

While we were using the sniper rifle, Spencer’s big gun –the .50 calibre– was set up on the ground beside us. When a few of the other people on the gun range noticed it they asked us if we would give them a warning before we shot it. I guess the thing is louder than you can imagine and sends some sort of shock wave through the air after it’s been fired. I was becoming a little nervous about shooting it myself after hearing that.

After all the build-up we ended up having a problem with the .50 cal and didn’t even get to use it. A piece on the gun wasn’t working right so we decided to pack up and head home. I had a ton of fun shooting with Spencer and Emily and even got some video of my experience there which was very, very cool. I’d definitely go back again.

A few hours later we were back in the gym. Spencer had the group work through some striking combinations then I showed one way that I like to sweep or work back to my feet from my guard. After that it was many rounds of rolling jiu-jitsu inside the cage.

Back home now, I was about to play scrabble online with my wife but I think she fell asleep on me. She’s been getting bad headaches lately which must really suck for her.

I guess I’m off to get some sleep instead of getting my ass kicked online…

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  1. Hugo S-L says:

    Man Jeff, I’m jealous. It’s true that us Canadians aren’t as experienced with guns as some other countries might be ( Eg : U.S.A , Russia, and of course, Afghanistan ( haha 😛 ) ), but when you got the warrior within, you usually learn fast 😛 How about posting some of that footage of you firing guns, if you don’t mind ? It would be quite fun to watch !

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