UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 25 – “Back to MMA Training Camp!”…


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I drove the kids to school today and gave them each a kiss and hug before heading home to pack my carry -on bag for my trip back to Iowa and the Fisher training camp. An hour or so later my dad picked me up to drive me to the Buffalo airport. We had a great talk during the drive about working on many new things at the martial arts school together when I get back in mid-October.

After he left to head home, I picked up my tickets at the Delta booth, jumped on the plane an hour or so later and everything was going well. When my plane arrived in Detroit, which was where I was to connect with another flight to Moline, I had to rush through the airport to not miss the second flight. I made it in time and boarded a full flight only to de-plane some twenty minutes later due to a problem with the plane’s front tire. With no other planes available that we could use for the flight, the repair crew started working on fixing it. It felt like it took forever: checking my watch I figured it was about two more hours before we were up in the air for theĀ one hour flight.

Spencer and his wife picked me up from the airport around 5pm and we headed straight to the gym for the six o’clock class. Wearing my jeans and a nice t-shirt, I worked Spencer on his hand mitts for nearly thirty minutes. Some tough cage work and a little time

spent working on the ground and pound bag followed that and in the end, the guys, Spencer and myself were drenched in sweat. It feels good to be back!

Our late night dinner consisted of a chicken breast and some broccoli that Emily had made. It was really good! I headed downstairs

afterwards and despite telling my wife that I would call her back, I fell asleep without meaning to. I jumped out of bed around five in the morning and kicked on my laptop and my wife happened to be up. I guess the dog had woke her up to go outside. We talked for a minute or two then I let her go so she and I could get some sleep.

After tossing and turning for a long while, I ended up catching some zzzz’s…

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