UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 24 – “Another BJJ Seminar Before Heading Back to Iowa””


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Woke up today feeling a little shitty .Hopefully it’s just being over tired and not my head feeling the effects of the headbutt from yesterday. Rolling today will be a good test as post concussion symptoms are more noticeable when you raise your heart rate. I think I’m just tired. I’ll let you know how it goes. Before the seminar I’m going to head to the mall to see if my hair salon can squeeze me in for a haircut as my hairs starting to look like the romance novel cover model Fabio’s. Well not really but it’s a little longer than I like it…

Just got home. The No-gi seminar went really well and everyone seemed to have a great time. Cobrinha showed some really awesome moves to the group starting with some arm drags and takedowns then moving onto passing the guard. Even better were the moves he showed me and a few others on the side including several sneaky choke attacks. I also spend close to fifteen minutes rolling with Cobrinha and the one thing I have to say is don’t ever, ever let the guy take your back. If he gets there your are stuck in a position tighter than you could imagine.

We had some really good rolls. I think a group of us will soon be making a trip down to Atlanta to train with Jacare and Cobrinha. Rolling with a guy like Cobrinha is what I need to keep me on my toes as any hesitation or non-precise movement can cause problems. Now that’s exciting training that’s tough to find.

Anyways I just watched the finale of the show True Blood. My wife had taped it a few weeks back so that we could watch it when I got home. It turned out pretty good. I’m off to get some sleep and in the morning my father is picking me up around 10 am to drive me back to the buffalo airport so that I can catch a flight back to Iowa and the Spencer Fisher UFC 120 training camp. The hardest training for Spencer begins this week…

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