UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 36 – “Lots of BJJ, Wrestling and Getting Lost”


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Jumping out of bed early I ripped through a one hour workout from my MMA QuickStart program in the basement. The one I did focused mostly on ground technique. It was a fun one and I’m finding my own punching getting sharper and faster by practicing the basics repeatedly. Being in really good shape right now, I’m trying to be careful not to make the workouts too difficult conditioning wise since most people doing the program will be new to the sport and maybe even new to athletic training in general.

Right after I finished the lesson we headed over to the gym again (which is where I’m at right now). Time to put down the laptop and teach some stuff…

It’s now late in the day now and it’s been a really busy one. During that morning class I taught an omaplata sequence that I like to use starting with an entry, then the basic submission and lastly I added a back roll sweep to the top position.
Lastly I drilled wrestling takedowns with Spencer. Well not really, it was more like I was the throwing dummy as he drilled a few techniques on me over and over again. We focused on two takedowns that we both feel will work well in the fight for him if he does decide to take the fight to the ground: The chest pressure single leg and the double leg tackle. Spencer tore through five hard, non-stop one minute rounds drilling those attacks and we finished the workout with a few five minute rounds where he took me down to the mat repeatedly using a wider variety of takedown attacks.

After class, I sat around the house for a bit then joined Spencer on a drive to sell some hunting equipment. Two fighters trying to navigate their way throughput a three hour drive ended badly as we got really lost. We managed to eventually meet up with the buddy of Spencer’s that was buying his stuff.

On the drive back we were both starving so we stopped at an Outback –it was supposed to be a Ruby Tuesday’s according to our GPS but I guess the business there had changed– for some food. I don’t know if it’s was my black eye, my UFC t-shirt, Spencer’s leanness, or the fact that we may both look like we’ve been hit quite a bit over the years, but everyone was coming up and asking if we were fighters. Even funnier was when the waitress said, I think I’ve seen you guys on TV? Are you famous? After eating and signing a few autographs we headed back to the car.

Two minutes later we decided to look for a local gym so that we could get a workout in. I really have no idea of our exact location but I’m guessing that it’ll be at least two more hours of driving to get to Spencer’s house.

Anyways, I once again find myself sitting in the middle of a men’s locker room of a gym –a Gold’s gym locker room to be precise–, waiting as Spencer sits in the Sauna relaxing. It’s been good though as it’s provided me with some time to charge my laptop and sit down beside one of the bathroom sinks to write all this.

We’ll be heading home in a bit, I write a little more when I get backā€¦

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