UFC 120 Training Camp – Day 35 – “The King is in Top MMA Shape!”


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Spencer woke up today weighing in the 160’s; One hundred and sixty-nine pounds to be precise. That’s not too bad and he should be able to come down a little bit more before he has to shed his water weight to make it under the designated one hundred and fifty-five pound limit.

Spencer is out on the huge matted floor that makes up the main gym, jumping rope as I write this. He says his body is a lot better and that he might want to do some sparring later today. That was great to hear.

The group of guys training here are really great people. I’m really going to miss training with them all when I return home after Spencer’s fight at UFC 120. I’ve invited all of them to come up to my martial arts school anytime they like so hopefully they can all make a road trip up sometime in the future to train with my students back home. That being said, it’s going to be awesome to roll, teach and train with my crew of guys when I get back to Hamilton and resume my regular teaching/training schedule.

I’m going to close up the laptop for a bit and go help some the guys in the day class with their punching technique…

We’ve already returned to the house but let me catch you up on what we did earlier. After working his team through some techniques, Spencer threw on his gear and I donned my hand mitts as my mind zeroed in on the things I wanted to focus on during the upcoming rounds. When it was all over, my arms were on fire! Spencer had just put in his best pad work of the entire camp. All of it is on tape including the final three minute, one hundred percent intense, non-stop punch out round. There were a few kicks and spinning back fists mixed in but he didn’t stop working for the entire duration of the round!

At this point in the camp I’m feeling very honoured to be part of this journey as he prepares for his upcoming fight with UFC newcomer Kurt Warburton.

Here’s the video of his final 3 minute conditioning round on the mitts:

After all of that, we hit up the stadium once again for our final workout over there. I sat out of the session for a few reasons: I’m getting too damn skinny; I wanted to get some video footage of it all; and I can’t keep up with the Spencer anymore now that he is in top fight shape. Over the last week or so, he’s been turning things up a notch that’s for sure.

Back at the house now, I’m going to do a short workout of my own now, then it’s time to hit the gym again, for what may be Spencer’s final mixed martial arts sparring session. I’ll write more a little later…

Man, I got hooked working on a small highlight video of today’s pad work session with Spencer. My addictive personality took over and I ended spending an hour or two on just that. I still plan to do my work out sometime later tonight.

A quick drive finds us back at the gym now. I just had a long talk with the gym owner Jai Johnson, resident boxing coach Nile Pena, and one of his students about old sport karate days. It turns out Jai and I were competing around the same time back in the day, he in NASKA and myself in the National Black Belt League. In his office we watched a few cool videos and our conversation brought up a lot of great memories from back when I was a teenager. It’s great to be around good people and through martial arts I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many of them over the years.

Spencer’s is teaching class right now. I’m not sure if he needs me to show anything to the group but I’m going to go over and see if he does…

I ended up showing a few MMA guard passes that went along well with the slick techniques that Spencer had showed them previously. Afterwards, everyone rolled for a bit. It was a good test for Spencer since he hasn’t been able to grapple very much over the last few days. Several five minute rounds later, he spent one final round smashing strikes down into a ground and pound bag. Looks like “The King” is back in top form!

Back in my basement level bedroom, I’m very tired and looking back at todays journal post I think I’ve written almost too much. Time for some sleep!

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