UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 34 – “My Son’s Birthday + Some BJJ Visitors”


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One hundred and seventy two pounds! That was Spencer’s weight this morning which isn’t too bad.

Spencer shared that very important number with me just before we headed out for striking training this morning. Sitting out of training for a few minutes while the guys warm-up, I grabbed my laptop and I’m now sitting off to the side of the gym typing this up.

I woke up extra early this morning, at around seven o’clock so that I could call home and wish my son a happy 12th birthday before he left for school. He was so energized over the phone! Yes, I’m sure it was a little bit because we were talking to each other but I think his excitement was due to the fact that my wife and I gave him the new Halo video game as a present. Combine that with the fact that he is now allowed to use his x-box again –he was grounded off of it for not listening well– and you’ve got a recipe that will make him smile.

I’m very happy for him and really look forward to seeing him, my daughter Kaiya and my wife Corene again when I return home from England on the day following Spencer’s fight. Without a doubt, after all I’ve been through in my career and personal life; I’ve realized that family really is truly the most important thing in the world.

Well, time to jump into class and help the crew with their technical practice. I’ll be back to write more soon…

Class went really well. Spencer worked with me on the hand mitts again, this time for around five or six five-minute rounds. Very smooth throughout all of the rounds, Spencer worked at around seventy-five percent intensity which allowed us to focus on ultra solid technique.

A few of Spencer’s friends (in the post picture above), some really nice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys, visited the gym to see Spencer and get some training in as well. I ended having a couple of good rolls with them and felt really good on the mats. I think all this conditioning is paying off as I seem to have endless energy during training lately. I’ll have to check my weight again tonight because I feel like I’m back into the 180’s.

After training, Spencer and I headed out for another jog. Thirty-five minutes later we were done the run and pretty tired. I’m sitting in the car right now waiting for Spencer as he talks with a local business owner that he was contacted by, about potentially becoming a sponsor for his upcoming fight.

It’s getting a little late but I think I’m going to test out another MMA QuickStart Workout when I get home. Way too much exercise for one day but I’ve got to get everything ready for the program’s launch date….

Well it doesn’t look like I have time to work out here at Spencer’s house after all. We ended up spending over a half hour getting Spencer’s worked on by Doctor Smahl. The Doc suggested Spencer take training off tonight to give himself a necessary break. I’ll be heading back to the gym in around fifteen minutes for the night class. Be back to post more soon!

We finished training about an hour or so ago. Now I’m sitting in the middle of the men’s change room at a local fitness gym while Spencer sits in the sauna seeing how much weight he can cut in the next twenty minutes. Some old naked dude is towelling off beside me and must be thinking to himself why is the guy sitting in here typing on his laptop. Good, he just left as I finished typing that sentence.

Anyways, despite having to rest completely tonight, Spencer still taught his class, throwing some punches and then some kicks throughout the entire lesson. He really does a great job instructing and it’s obvious that he cares a ton about every one of his students as he always takes the time to help them out in every way that he can.

The guy never gets a break from his phone though; I can hear him talking on it right now while he’s in the sauna. The thing is ringing and beeping all day long with text messages and phone calls. There’s never any down time for him when he’s carrying that thing.

I’m going to grab my video camera and get a little footage of him cutting weight. I’ll post some more in a bit…

After a little more time lurking around the men’s washroom like a pervert or something while I waited for Spencer, I was happy when he came out of the Sauna. We headed home and I talked with the wife for a bit soon after we got in. I then forced myself to work out –yes, another test my training program– even though I was really sore.

After I was done I met my wife online for another game of Scrabble. Coming off my first win in like 50 matches, I was pumped to do it again. Back to back victories over my wife would be something special.

It didn’t happen…In fact she just beat my ass badly! . The nice thing is that she follows every beating that she puts on me with an “I love u” message which seems to lessen the pain of losing a little bit.

I guess it’s time for me to get some sleep. I’m wiped out after that type of ass whoopin…

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