MMA Fight Night – Team Joslin (Hamilton) goes 3-0 (part 1)


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I’m still feeling the rush after an exciting night of MMA fights in Port Huron, Michigan.

Three of our fighters were on the card: Johnny Sanguinetti, Chris Watson, and David Looker. Out of the 20 fights on the card, Chris fought first, followed by John who battled sometime in the middle of the card and lastly David who was one half of the co-main event tilt.

I’d like to share a little bit of our approach going into preparing for each fight and then a quick description of how things actually played out.

First let’s talk about Chris Watson’s fight.

Chris’ opponent was a tall, long reached fighter that we didn’t know very much about. Was he a grappler? A striker? Right or left handed? We had no answers to any of those questions.

We spent weeks working on Chris’ ability to close the distance using straight punches and a strong forward stepping motion. Chris hits very hard and is overall a very scrappy, durable type fighter so I knew if he landed a punch solidly he had the chance to score a KO/TKO. With his opponent being so tall we had to get him inside and close enough to land that type of shot.

As a backup plan and since Chris also has a strong ground game we had Chris drilling a bunch take down entries. His double and single legs were very sharp come fight time and with the cage being pretty small I knew there would be a good chance of those moves coming off in the fight.

How the fight played out:
With Chris going into this fight in great shape and our solid game plan well rehearsed I felt really excited for him as we walked toward the cage. His music, which he chose on the spot, “Testify” by Rage against the Machine rang throughout the building as I followed behind him moments before the fight.

Chris came out with his hands high and pressed forward hard with some powerful strikes. A hard punch to the jaw staggered his opponent 10 seconds into the fight causing Chris to blitz with punch after punch in an attempt to score the victory. After going limp his opponent seemed to wake up a bit. He quickly shot in to take Chris down or maybe just to hold on to him in an attempt to stop his attack. Chris back peddled and let his hand fly in a downwards motion and managed to rock his opponent again causing him to fall downwards stomach facing the canvas. The referee stepped in at that point and called the fight over, declaring Chris the winner.

The crowd was a little unclear as to whether the fight was stopped or not but after a moment of confusion Chris had his hand raised high in the cage.

Being his first real MMA fight –he’s now 1-0), I was very excited for it to go so smoothly for him.

Funny thing is that Chris almost didn’t make it to the fights. As Ryan Dickson and I were driving to the event we saw a car on the side of the highway. At the exact moment we were passing by we noticed a Joslin’s T-Shirt and realized it was Chris! It turned out that his car had broken down and was leaking oil. An hour later we were back on the road, with 3 new passengers including Chris, as the tow truck operator was hooking up the broken down vehicle to tow it back to Hamilton. What luck!?!

In the next post I’ll talk about Johnny Sanguinetti’s fight against a very powerfully built boxer and explain our strategy going into a match against a physically overpowering and aggressive type fighter.

Continued in Part 2 (click here to read on)…

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