Some Final Thoughts Before the Trip to UFC 120..


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I can’t believe that five weeks has gone by already! I’ve had a fantastic time and it’s been a great experience being here in Iowa for Spencer Fisher’s training camp.

Now it’s the fun time. Training begins to taper into intense but shorter workouts as fight day approaches. We’ll be doing a lot of pad work, brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling technique drills, plus some mental prep over the next few days. Spencer will also continue to slowly drop towards the 155lb. mark he must weigh-in at on this upcoming Friday. He is right on point in terms of weight which is great.

For me, when I was fighting, this part was the most fun as you’re workouts begin to feel more like a fight as opposed to hours upon hours of vigorous work. The body begins to strengthen as it recovers from all the wear and tear it has went through over the last six to eight weeks and it’s super exciting to know that you’ll soon get to show off the skills that all of your hard work has developed.

Thanks to everyone for their support, face book messages, tweets –that word sounds so dumb– and ¬†emails. Thanks to my students for all their help back home and to my wife and kids for being so understanding. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

I’ll post more from England…

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  1. Mike Samson says:

    Good luck to Spencer from me and all the guys back on the Rock! Looking forward to seeing you later in the fall Jeff. Tell Spencer to tag along!

  2. MMA Lessons says:

    Good luck to you guys, look forward to see some exciting fight in UFC 120! Just curious what do you guys eat during the training camp?

  3. Jeff S says:

    Congrats on running such a great camp Jeff. Hopefully the UFC will broadcast Spencer’s fight so we can see the end result of all the hard work you and Spencer have put in. HARDWORK…PAYSOFF….HARDWORK…..PAYSOFF! Koscheck is a knob but he’s right on there!

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