Back in Iowa as UFC 120 Approaches…


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It was a great 3 days back home. I got to see my friends at Joslin’s and do a great seminar with Ruben’s “Cobrinha” Charles. I spent most of my free time with my wife and kids. I finally got to watch the season finale of “True Blood” which is a show that my wife and I had been watching every Sunday night. She recorded the final episode a few weeks ago, right after I had left to coach at Spencer Fisher’s training camp so I had to wait until this past weekend to watch it with her. It was a lot of fun.

Last Sunday night I also had a great time back home when I took my son and daughter to the Playdium to play a ton of video games and other fun stuff. It was pretty awesome and the kids had so much fun! I look forward to when I see them all again in mid-october.

Now, back in Iowa, begins the hardest training of the training Camp. This morning Spencer did over seven hard 5-minute rounds on the pads and that’s only the beginning. ┬áLots more going on but I really can’t share too much detail about it all. Things are going very well and I’m excited for fight time that’s for sure.

I’ll keep you updated

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