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Choose Your Favourites…

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Time for another MMA Discussion. This one is easy just

Choose your favourite:

  1. MMA fighter-
  2. Least Favourite MMA fighter-
  3. Fight Organziation –
  4. Marital Art –
  5. Fight of all time-
  6. Martial Arts  Movie? –
  7. MMA Website –
  8. MMA Technique –
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conbrihaseminar11bvy17bleed11 more days…

until the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Workshop with mulitple time world champ Rubens “Cobinha” Charles at Joslin’s MMA.

I am pumped up for this one, come join us for a great night!

Date: Tuesday, January 12th, 2010.
Time: 7pm-9pm
Place: Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)
Cost $100

Looking to begin your training with us?

Purchase the “New member package” and receive entry to the “Cobrinha” workshop, a free BJJ uniform and one month of unlimited training at Joslin’s MMA for only $199 ($300 Value)

Register at Joslin’s MMA or online by CLICKING HERE


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My Concussion Story…

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When a doctor diagnosed me with my first concussion –I was around twelve years old—it was no big deal. I was back to normal in little time, playing hockey again within the next day or two. There were no lingering symptoms other than the amusing memory of how strange I was acting –super talkative, forgetful and spaced out– in the dressing room the night I was concussed. I still remember the laughs of my teammates as I made light of the situation. We had a lot of fun with it.

Concussion two was not any different. Number three barely bothered me at all. I remember thinking to myself, what’s so bad about a concussion? I feel fine!

Concussion number four occurred while I was teaching a self defense class at a local high school. I was around twenty years old at the time. After the class I was rolling around with some of the guys, showing them some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Somehow I managed to misjudge the location of the ground and as I swung back for an arm lock and I cracked my head on the thin matted area they had set up for us. Again I became forgetful and spaced out for a short period of time but the following day I was my normal self.

A quick but really hard fall my head during a grappling tournament resulted in concussion number five for me. I had somehow managed to make it all the way to the finals with a really bag hangover from the party the night –and morning– before. I wasn’t at my best and I paid for it that day. Being twenty one at the time, I took it as a lesson for the future, and never did that again.

The only good part about the incident was when my vision cleared and as I was lying on the floor looking up, the hottest girl in the building had jumped over top of me to see if I was alright. With the haze that was my view and the buzzing sound ringing within my ears, I honestly thought she was some sort of angel. I’m guessing that she must have had some medical training to react like that. Regardless, I seemed to feel a little better immediately.

Over the course of the next week, things were different. I didn’t feel like training at all and I was having some issues with my vision. Anytime I would look downwards things seemed off, a little blurry and it seemed to take an extra amount of time and effort to focus on objects on the ground or off in the distance.

Regardless, I was back in the gym doing my thing after a week or so.

Several years later I sustained another concussion, raising my total to six, in training. Two months! For two months I couldn’t train, lift weights or run a treadmill without feeling nauseous. Even worse I had to pull out of an MMA in which I would have been fighting for the “King of the Cage” championship belt. That sucked! Eventually I started training again, working with Eric Wong at first who was my new strength and conditioning coach at the time. Boxing, wrestling and kickboxing followed and soon I was back in the ring battling it out for the Apex welterweight world title.

Winning that bout early in the first round by Knockout I soon got the call the fight Josh Koscheck, 4 weeks later, at UFC Fight Night 7. They mentioned that nobody available in the division wanted to fight him and asked If I would. After realizing that it was indeed the UFC calling and not my buddies trying to punk me, I excitedly said that I’d fight.

In Early 2007, after battling inside the Octagon with Josh, I was in the gym preparing for the second UFC bout of my three fight contract. Chris Lytle was to be my opponent and we were excited to face him. I was hoping we could have won the fight of the night bonus check that night at UFC 72 in Sacramento.

The fight never happened.

I couldn’t exercise for the next year.

It was the worst time in my life!

Another concussion, the seventh one of my athletic career, which occured during a training session in preparation for the Lytle fight, combined with all the buzzers and light dimmers and bell ringers that us fighters experience while training and competing, had thrown my world into a chaotic spin. Zero of my concussions had come as a result of a knockout, they will are just a result of solid hits in the head, an accumulation of a lifetime of training. The UFC gave kept me under contract for nearly a year and a half but I just couldn’t get well enough to train hard let alone fight.

Learning to live life as something different than a pro-fighter while dealing with the depressive symptoms that post concussion syndrome brings was insanely challenging, a tougher task than facing any opponent in a ring or cage. Replacing the extreme high that fighting had given me for so many years presented even more of a challenge. The first few months after the injury were the most depressing and down times that I’ve ever had to experience in my life.

When my brain could handle the chore, I began reading many books in an attempt to fill my desire to learn. The same desire that I believe helped me become the best martial artist I could be. I’d read books about anything that I thought would improve myself as a person, teacher, father, husband or entrepreneur. I quickly realized how much there was so much to learn but was really excited by it all.

It’s been nice to finally have time to hang out with my two kids and wife. Training two or three times a day, as I did for the past 10 years never allowed me to do that. I am now very excited for the future. I see myself building other fighters up so that they can reach the top of the fight game.  I want to write some books, create many instructional DVD’s and open up several martial arts schools so that some of my students can make a living through martial arts.

Will I fight ever fight again? I’m not sure but for now the reward is just not worth the risk.  I do miss getting punched in the face a bit though which may be a little strange. I do feel totally fine now, in fact better than ever before, able to train hard by doing a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling technique and striking practice, working on new things and keeping the old stuff sharp. To keep myself from jumping back into the cage, I try my hardest to remember how bad I felt after my last concussion because who knows how long the symptoms from another one would last. Potentially for a lifetime which is very scary o me. That being said, I miss fighting professionally more than you could imagine.

Hope you’re enjoying the blog. It’s been a lot of fun for me to write, talk MMA and share ideas with all of you. I’ve got lots more to come!

In my next article I’ve got three super funny and embarrassing (for me) concussion related stories to tell you… I’ll post it up soon.

P.S I just transfered the voicemail, of the message the UFC left me on my phone, to a computer file (I kept it saving it on my phone to show my grandkids 🙂 ). Click here to listen

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Many times when applying the basic kimura (click here to watch) from the 1/2 guard your opponent will defend his arm by placing his body over his hand. Here’s a great way to counter that sort of defense.

==> Click here see the counter

=> For complete access to over 75 of my free fundamental MMA instructional videos including ground, striking and takedown technique  CLICK HERE.

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First MMA/Fight Shirt?

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tapoutcamoNowadays, so many people are wearing shirts that represent our great sport of MMA. From Punisment,Tap Out, Warrior to Sinister, Affiction and many others, the list of companies jumping into the mix seems to be growing steadily.

I don’t own too many fight style t-shirts but I do recall the first one I bought many years back at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the states. A camoflage Tapout tee (pictured top left) if I’m remembering correctly.

Back in those days it was the original Tap Out Crew manning a small booth, stocked with t-shirts, hats, beanies and more, selling to the small crowds of fighters and spectators that would pass by throughout the day.

I think it’s awesome how much the sport has blown up and that you now find so many people wearing MMA sytle clothing in support of their favourite companies and fighters.

What type of Fight style clothing do you wear and what was the first thing you bought?

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New Series – Before the scrap!

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Over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing a series of articles. Each will describe a piece of the process that a professional fighter goes through before every single fight. I’ll share my personal experiences when it comes to signing contracts, preparing for bouts and fighting the fights. You’ll also get an inside look at some of the after party celebrations.

I’m really looking forward to writing this one!

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I’m going to post a few videos showing you a submission sequence that starts from the bottom of the half guard. This first video shows the standard setup for the kimura shoulder lock attack and the following videos –I’ll post a new one each week– will demonstrate what you should do when the opponent counters it.

==> Click here to watch the video

=> For complete access to over 75 of my free MMA instructional videos and other great stuff…CLICK HERE.

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triangle chookeOn Sunday December 20th, I’ll be teaching a BJJ workshop (with gi) focusing on one of BJJ’s most used and effective submission holds, the triangle choke.

Come learn some of the best ways to sneak your triangle choke attack through your opponent’s defenses and once it’s locked I’ll teach you how to maintain the triangle until you force the tap out.


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Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Results (No Gi)
Sunday November 8, 2009

Men’s Divisions

Place/Name/ School

(30+) Masters 178-202.9lbs (advanced +2 years)
1 Steven Thursten 10th Planet
2 Andre Gonsalves TPAAA Martial Arts
3 Mark Taliano DATC

(30+) Masters 203lbs and over (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Paul Oddi Point Blank
2 Dwayne Barnes Premier Martial Arts
3 Ted Barnes Kicks for Kids
4 Jason Phillip Gracie Barra

(30+) Masters 178-202.9lbs (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Troy Ferreira Bama
2 Shane Blenkinsop Bama
3 Roy Crowder Joslins
4 Ben Laradie Brucktagon MMA

(30+) Masters 158-177.9lbs (advanced +2 years)
1 John Rogers Borelands
2 Andrew Bowler Joslins
3 Paul McGrath Extreme Couture
4 Allan Codinera TPTM/SBG Toronto

(30+) Masters 158-177.9lbs (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Grawville Power Dogg Pound
2 Jason Bouer CSW
3 Chris Tindale Kumo JiuJitsu

(18+) 142.9lbs and under (advanced +3 years)

1 Ostap Manastyrski Extreme Couture
2 Terry Ng Ascension

(18+) 173-187.9lbs (advanced +3 years)

1 Mathew Northcott Bruckmann MA
2 Hale Miller AJAX BJJ

(18+) 208-227.9lbs (advanced +3 years)

1 Bryan Fedynyszyn Ascension
2 Behzad Homa Ultimate MA
3 Paul Stark Bruckmann MMA
4 Fabian Vernazza University Grappling

(18+) 158-172.9lbs (advanced +3 years)

1 Jason Saggo Sisu
2 Jog Clements Iron Tiger
3 Allejandro Ravrell Schilling BJJ
4 Marrio Curran Hamilton School MA

(18+) 142lbs and under (intermediate 1-3 years)

1 Darson Hemmings Extreme Couture
2 Dylan Balla Joslins
3 Justin Fisher 10th Planet
4 Andrew Cseh Ascension
(18+) 228lbs and over (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Brock Millar Tap Star
2 Evan Bourgoin YMMA
3 Bill Cottrell Titan Combat

(18+) 208-227.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Matt Dicenso Ascension
2 Nick Bunic East West Haplucilo
3 Danny Dionne Team Ruthless
4 Nick Whittal Brocktagon

(18+) 188-207.9lbs (advanced +3 years)

1 Mike Kocmarak Joslins
2 Adam Defreitas Schilling BJJ
3 Daniel Ferrelli DATC

(18+) 173-187.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 J.C. Cousin Gracie Barra/Joslins
2 Joseph Thomas Gracie Barra
3 Mike Guermoudi Dogg Pound
4 Joe Khamoll Joslins

(18+) 228lbs and over (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Richard Stcouer Extreme Couture
2 John McPherson Bama
3 Shawn Haines Premier Martial Arts
4 James Eldridge Brocktago MMA

(18+) 158-172.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)

1 Spencer Lina Alliance Dragon BBJ
2 Mathew Pollotta Extreme Couture
3 Ryan Minakel MAS
4 Jared Hirleney DATC

(18+) 188-207.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)

1 Kevin Vernan Ascension
2 Daryl Urbanski Martial Art Axis
3 MikeDeldegan Coalition MA
4 Shawn Young Coalition MA

(18+) 142.9lbs and under (beginner (0-1 years)
1 Andrew Vargas Extreme Couture
2 Cory Liu Extreme Couture
3 Chris Ghaly Gracie Barra
4 John Sorenson 10th Planet

(18+) 143-157.9lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Marc Jhingraw Lin Martial Arts
2 Robert Rende Dragon Alliance
3 Steve Vetsavong Gracie Barra
4 Joseph Kowalvn Team Canada Black Belt

(18+) 173-187.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Scott Tobin Dogg Pound MMA
2 Ben-Micah Theophilus Ascension
3 Brett Maltby Borelands
4 Justin Young Warriors MMA

(18+) 188-207.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)

1 Ried Harkness Alliance Dragan
2 Bojan Markovic Herritage MA
3 Brent Belzun Team Ruthless
4 Anthony Zemtson Schilling BJJ

(18+) 158-172.9 lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Shane Campbell Iron Tiger
2 Jay Gauthier Northern Alliance
3 Robert Pallotta Extreme Couture
4 Corey Suiergosz Northern Alliance

(18+) 143-157.9lbs

1 Dylan Claru Ascension
2 Tony Weir Mas
3 Alan Allcock Team Ultimate
4 Brad Graham Point Blank

Women’s Divisions

117.9lbs and under (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Sierra Picton Ascension

118-147.9lbs (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Tiffany Bayliss Open Mat
2 Candace Wilson Ascension
3 Sierra Picton Ascension

148lbs and over (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Gabrielle Stan Queen’s TMA
2 Janna McNevin Coalition Martial Arts
3 Julia Dimarcantonio Ascension
4 Shanice Szmidt Iron Dragon Kung Fu

Junior Divisions

Age 7-8 60.9lbs and under (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Patrik Leder Budokan BJJ
2 Raiden Geluch Extreme Couture

Age 7-8 80lbs and over (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Brian Caetand Extreme Couture
2 Hudson Oliver Joslins
3 Nikolas Bjelajac Joslins

Age 9-10 74.9lbs and under (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Drew Wood 10th Planet
2 Valerie Beland Arts Martiaux Evolution
3 Daniel Rapsey Extreme Couture
4 Benjamin Abou Gamma

Age 11-12 91lbs and under (advanced +1 years)
1 Annie Claude Beland Arts Martiaux Evolution
2 Siraj Ali All Canadian
3 Nigel Crosswell Crosswell MMA
4 Levi Mercer Joslins

Age 11-12 92-115.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Anthony Romero Ascension
2 Shane Craft 10th Planet
3 Austin Azzoparoi Extreme Couture
4 Austin Latimer Ascension

Age 13-15 146lbs and over (advanced +1 year) boys
1 Wyatt LeBlanc Joslins
2 David Tharme Clarie Grappling

Age 13-15 119.9lbs and under (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Joseph Martin Joslins
2 Deryck Pellogelere Brackton MMA
3 Stephan Pallotta Extreme Couture
4 Josh Pascon Joslins

Age 13-15 120-145.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)boys
1 Kinan Kichuck Lin’s Martial Arts
2 Brian Conkery 10th Planet
3 Mikhail Francis Dogg Pound MMA
4 James Binokosky Hwa won yue Hapkido

Age 13-15 146lbs and over (beginner 0-1 years)boys
1 Mitchell Ascension
2 Trevor Freeburn 10th Planet
3 Gabriel Ng Extreme Couture
4 Aaron Crombez Brooktagon MMA

Age 16-17 179.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)boys
1 Mathew Churly Team Ruthless
2 Adam Blackadder Matador
3 Ryan Vanderzalm Ascension
4 Darcy Gagnon Premier Martial Arts

Age 16-17 145.9lbs and under (advanced +1 years)boys
1 Kevin Phillip Defensive Arts

Age 16-17 145.9lbs and under (beginner 0-1 years)boys
1 Terence Bent Joslins
2 Dillon Gregoris Extreme Couture
3 Marek Nowak Extreme Couture
4 Gordon Head Gracie Barra

Age 16-17 146-179.9lbs (advanced +1 years)
1 Johnathan Brun Gamma
2 Tyler Martin Matador BJJ
3 Jared Hirleney DATC

Age 16-17 180lbs and over (beginner 0-1 years)boys
1 Cedrich LaBonte Team Revolution
2 Tyler Regan Team Ruthless
3 Ian Soucy Brocktagon MMA

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Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Results (Gi Results)

Saturday November 7, 2009


Men’s Adult’s Division

Masters (30+) 161.9 and under (advanced +2 years)
1 Derek Rorier Black Panther JJ
2 Chris Wellstoud Martial Arts Planet
3 Allan Codinera TPTM/SBG Toronto

Masters (30+) 162-181.9lbs. (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Philip Moore Bama
2 Paul Tataryal Osman BJJ
3 Chris Tindale Kumo JiuJitsu
4 Wayne Ettinger Black Panther

Masters (30+) 182-206.9lbs (advanced +2 years)
1 Sam Pasazzi Dayboll
2 Jason Fedor BBJJ institute
3 Steve Cadrin Black Panther
4 James Evan Peloton

Masters (30+) 161.9 and under (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Mike Rider Kombat Arts
2 Barry Berman West Island Jiu Jitsu

Masters (30+) 207lbs and up (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Vito Cricenti Gracie Barra
2 John Canestaco Buffalo Training Center
3 Graham Bettes Gracie Barra
4 Anthony McDonald ACMA

Masters (30+) 162-182.9lbs (advanced +2 years)
1 Andrew Bowler  Joslins
2 John Rogers BoreLands
3 Tyler Crawford Dragon Alliance
4 Paul McGrath Xtreme

Masters (30+) 182-206.9lbs (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Kevin Ong Lin Martial Arts
2 Troy Ferreira BAMA
3 Jack Vaccarello FFC Gracie
4 Jason Tillmanns Joslins

Masters (30+) 207lbs and up (advanced +2 years)
1 Rob Ynes Family Karate

(18+) 146.9lbs and under (advanced +3 years)
1 Ostap Manastyrski Xtreme Couture
2 Frankie Talens Ascension
3 Terry Ng Ascension
4 Andrew Perrault Alliance

(18+) 212-231.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Antonio Dimitrovski Mcmaster
2 Al-mughira Itabib Bishido JJ

(18+) 212-231.9lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Paul Stark Bruckmann MA
2 Bryan Fedynyszyn Ascension

(18+) 177-191.9lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Mathew Northcott Bruckmann MA
2 Jeremy Sius Gracie Barra
3 Mat Rocca Gracie Barra
4 Josh Bither Dayboll

(18+) 232lbs and up (beginner 0-1 year)
1 John McPherson BAMA
2 Ramsen O’chara Clarks Grappling
3 Daniel Plamondon Black Panther
4 Scott Bond Binders Alliance

(18+) 147-161.9lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Justin Darbyson Sam Osman
2 Simon Lip Gracie Barra
3 Victor Ramas Schilling BJJ
4 Steve Vetsavong Gracie Barra

(18+) 192-211.9lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Sam Osman Schilling BJJ
2 Mike Kocmarek Joslin’s

(18+) 146.9lbs and under (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Andrew Cseh Ascension
2 Kyle Muraloff Robinson’s
3 Fernando Carranza Gracie Barra
4 Ryan Fleming Gracie Barra

(18+) 147-161.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Pete Campbell Sisu
2 Arther Chaudramohan Ascension
3 Daniel Davis Franco Behring +Joslins
4 Straty Demakos Gracie Barra

(18+) 177-191.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Adam Morrell Peloton BBJ
2 Joseph Thomas Gracie Barra
3 Isaac Ingrao Gracie Barra
4 Barry MacDonald Gracie Barra

(18+) 192-211.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Ashico Wilson Brazilian Top Team
2 Vlad Pavlovic Tecumseh MMA
3 Daryl Urbanski Martial Arts Axis
4 Ermal Zoga Revolution

(18+) 162-176.9lbs (intermediate 1-3 years)
1 Spencer Iting Alliance-dragon Jiu-Jitsu
2 Eric Marentette Tecumseh MMA
3 Lukasz Mogielnicki Kombat
4 Mark Curran Tecumseh MMA

(18+) 147-167.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 John Cunningham Joslins
2 Mathew Blackadder Matador
3 Matt Duckett Alliance Dragon BJJ
4 Taylor MacDonald Titan

(18+) 146.9lbs and under (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Tom McAvoy BAMA
2 Alvin Kwok Alliance-Dragon
3 Andrew Graves Joslins
4 Armin Rahbari FCC-Gracie Barra

(18+) 162-172.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Neville Layne Ascension
2 Kevin Jhonston Ascension
3 Jordan Shortt Kohbulgan RGDA
4 Joel Nealan Bruckman Martial Arts

(18+) 162-176lbs (advanced +3 years)
1 Jason Saggo Tecumseh Martial Arts
2 Randy Powell Salvosa BJJ
3 Jason Bezaire Tecumseh Martial Arts

(18+) 177-191.9lbs (beginner 0-1 years)
1 Rafael Sherratt Revolution
2 Andy Stratas Revolution
3 Brandon McNiel Open Mat
4 David Michel Univ. of western ON.

Women’s Divisions

120,9-151lbs (advanced +2 years)
1 Natalia Kulikova RGDA Guelph

120.9-151.9lbs (beginner 0-2 years)
1 Paisley Spense Kumo
2 Roya Sarwary Shah Franco MA

152lbs and up (advanced +2 years)
1 Libbie Corney Peloton BBJ

152lbs and up (beginner 0-2)
1 Gabrielle Stan Queen’s TMA
2 Janna McNevin Coalition Martial Arts
3 Robyn Schroeder Peloton BJJ

Juniors  Division

Age 7+8 60.9lbs and under (beginner)
1 Tristan Ellis Revolution MMA
2 Patrik Leder Budokan BJJ
3 Garrett Lee Revolution MMA
Age 7+8 61-79.9lbs (beginner)

1 Hudson Oliver Joslins

2 Christopher Hylton Team Ascensio

3 Mitchel Ford Joslins

Age 9+10 74.9lbs and under (beginner)
1 Conrad Lee Revolution MMA
2 Nathan Campbell Windson Academy of BJJ
3 Adam Pascon Joslins

Age 9+10 95lbs and over (advanced)
1 Hudson Rancourt Team Ascension
2 Nevada Gale Nexus

Age 9+10 74.9lbs and under (advanced)
1 Dominic Ferranti Peloton BJJ
2 Valarie Beland Arts Martial Evolution
3 Shane Weber Revolution
4 Jacob Desjardins Nexus

Age 9+10 75-94.9lbs (beginner)
1 Carter Davidson San Do Jujitsu Karate
2 Danielle Wrightman BJJ Academy of Windsor

Age 11+12 91.9lbs and under (advanced)
1 Annie Beland Art Mat EV.
2 Andrew Bucsis Nexus
3 Jacob Wrightman BJJ Windsor

Age 11+12 91lbs and under (beginner)
1 Siraj Ali All Canada
2 Austin Routledge Joslins
3 Levi Mercer Joslins
4 Skyler Barran Kombat

Age 11+12 92-115.9lbs (beginner)
1 Anthony Romero Ascension
2 Joshua Nowakowsk Joslins
3 Robbie Kelly Fight Club Canada
4 Finn O’ Rourke Joslins

Age 11+12 116lbs and over (advanced)
1 Ross O’Regan Joslins
2 Daniel Tauano FCC
3 Megan Flockhart Nexus
4 Austin Wilgosh Dayboll

Boys Age 13,14+15 119.9lbs and under (advanced)
1 Liam Brown Paul Stark
2 Joseph Martin Joslins
3 Matthew Muysson Nexus

Boys Ages 13,14,15 119lbs and under (beginner)
1 Jordan McCrae Ascension
2 Brandon Barran Kombat
3 Josh Pascor Joslins

Boys Ages 13,14,15 120-145.9lbs (beginner)
1` Tony Ferrara West Niagara Brazilian
2 Grahm Peckham Salvosa BJJ
3 Steven Risi Gracie Barra
4 Alex Hart Woodstock MMA

Boys Age 13,14,15 146lbs and over
1 Anesti Axictis OCMA
2 Andrew Wilsher Black Panther

Boys Age 13,14,15 146lbs and over (advanced)
1 Wyatt LeBlanc Joslins
2 Nick Bulthuis HWA Wanyue
3 Alex Marche Bravado

Girls Age 13,14,15 119.9-130lbs (beginner)
1 Christina Marr Dayboll
2 Catlin Cassidy Nexus
3 Rosanne Entwistle Nexus

Boys Ages 16+17 146-179.9lbs (beginner)
1 Shane Callaghan Joslins
2 Eamon Gilligan Dayboll
3 Adam Blackadder Matador
4 Ryan Vanderzalm Ascension

Boys Age 16+17 180lbs and over (beginner)
1 Cedrick Labonte Revolution
2 Marc Dekker Ascension

Age 16+17 145.9lbs and under (beginner)
1 Kurt Rutherford Impact MA
2 Jonathan Fric Gracie Barra
3 Terry Curran Binder’s Alliance
4 Devon Watson Woodstock MMA

Boys Age 16 + 17 145.9 lbs and under (advanced)
1 Terence Bent Joslin’s

Boys Age 17 146-179.9lbs (advanced)
1 Cameron Florezanic Louis’s Karate(RGDA)
2 Tyler Martin Matador

Boys Age 13,14,15 146lbs and over (beginner)
1 Mitchel Muir LYR
2 Rory Winter Payton Kombat
3 Kodey Craig Gan Matrial Arts
4 Connor Haday FFC

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