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I just got in from teaching and training at Joslin’s MMA.

My busiest and latest night of the week, Mondays are always a lot of fun.

From the 4-6 year old class to the adult mma class, everyone was training hard. The kids worked on break falls and did some drills on the heavy bags as well. The adult BJJ class drilled mount escapes and a few rounds of regular rolling.

I ended up rolling with the BJJ team and the MMA guys as well. It’s been a lot of fun getting everyone ready for the upcoming fight cards in August.

We’ve got 8 of our guys fighting on an amateur MMA card Michigan on August 11th so they’ve all been training hard. I’m really looking forward to seeing them do their thing on fight night.

That’s it for this quick update. I’ve been really busy working on a new book which I will definitely post more about soon.

Good night!

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I started the night by teaching 3 kids classes in a row.

In the first two, which were beginner classes, we focused on some basic kicks and back break falls. The kids did great and seem to really like some of the drills we had them drill to practice their safe falling.

In the third children’s class, I had them drill some self defense escapes and some power kicking on the kick shields.

The last two classes of the night were adult classes, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and MMA.

After working a few double leg takedown variations, the adults grappled for 5 or 6 8-minute rounds. A bunch of the guys pulled off the same techniques we were drilling at the beginning of class, during their time spent rolling.

MMA class, the last class of the night, was all striking. We worked on the pads and heavy bags and focused mostly on boxing combinations that blended attacks with effective head movement.

I’m off to get some sleep now. Gotta teach some classes in the morning…

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Now that’s a Cagefighter!

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Check out this Halloween Costume sent to me by Jeff Hammond. Jeff somehow found himself stuck inside some chicken’s cage. Luckily he had his fighting gear on!

Would have laughed my ass off if I saw this one in person. Good job Jeff and thanks for sending it in!



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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since my son was born.

I have a teenager now! That is so strange to say and the fact that he’s headed to high school in another year is mind blowing!

My wife and I finally got him the cell phone –which he loved and hasn’t put down yet– he had been asking for over the last little while. We also got him a few other gifts which seem to all revolve around computer or video game stuff.

We just finished eating a Reese Peanut Butter Cup cake from Dairy Queen which was pretty awesome and now the wife and I are just sitting around watching T.V. That is once I’m off the computer.

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Tonight I had the great opportunity to be a athlete guest at the “Dinner of Champions”.

The event was awesome! I met so many great people from all over Ontario as they came together to support the drive to find a cure for diabetes.

After some excellent food and great conversation with the people at my table and other tables as well I’m back home now about to get some sleep…

Looking forward to training tomorrow…

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I just got in from the theatre after watching a sneak preview of the movie “Warrior” with my wife and her cousin.

It was great!

Yes there was MMA action in it but for once, –compared to many other martial arts movies– the story seemed to be as important or more important than the fighting aspect of the film.

The characters were built up nicely, each having a unique and believable reason to do the things that they did throughout the film. A few of the scenes stirred up some strong emotions in me (I think it was the father/son type stuff). At one point I had to hold back a cheer remembering at the very last moment, as my arm was rising into the air, that I wasn’t watching a real fight.

The MMA fight scenes were choreographed very well, showcasing many different standing and ground techniques, and the actors played their parts as fighters, coaches, and wives –my wife pointed that one out– realistically in the MMA sense.

I’m thinking about going to watch it again, with some of the guys from the team, when it’s officially released.

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A good week of training…

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Even though the weather has been nice, it seems everyone still wants to hit the mats for some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or smash the pads and heavy bags in a striking class.

For striking this week, I stuck to the basics focusing on straight punches and all of the important technical movements that make a punch powerful and effortless to throw. I also touched upon a bunch of high percentage combinations that mixed punching, kicking and knee strike techniques together.

As far as the grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes go, our advanced level students spent a lot of time working on the deep half guard position, drilling both attacks and counters to the highly useful position. Beginners focused some of 90+ fundamental techniques they’ll need to know in order to be sure they have a strong and well rounded technical base. There have been a lot of new people on the mats lately and it always good to see the looks on their faces when they realize how effective and fun training can be. It really is addictive!

This coming week, I’ll be teaching many kicking combos to the strikers and side control attacks to those that have an interest in the BJJ/Submission wrestling classes. I’ll be sure to tape a few and post them up here for ya.

Have a great week!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend!

I’m sitting in the middle of mountains of chocolate as I write this: Mint Aero bubbles to my left and M&M’s to my right. My kids are going to be hyper tonight!

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