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The mount position is, in my opinion,  the best position to be in during a fight. Getting it against a skilled opponent can be very difficult and requires very solid technique.

In the videos below I show a basic way to slide into the mount position from side control both in breakdown form and in action. I use this technique in Gi training, no-gi action and mixed martial arts as well. It’s definitely a fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique that use it all the time.

First, a video showing a time that I used the movement during a pro-fight.

Now here’s the technique breakdown to help you use it as well:


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It’s been too long!

Too long since I posted a new MMA technique. I’ve been so busy with the new “Slammer in the Hammer” mixed martial arts event I’m promoting –on June 17th at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton– along with all of the other coaching I’ve been doing.

But I’m back and I promise to be back posting new, cool and useful stuff regularly.

In this video I show one way that I use often to work my way back to my feet from the closed guard position.

Check it out!

After the great response to the “Elbows In” Solo Wall Drill video (click here to watch if you missed it) that I posted a few weeks back I decided to hit the gym to film the details of another great striking drill. It’s one that I use often to help accomplish the same goal: getting my students to keep their elbows in the optimal position.

This drill requires the help of a friend or coach but is still very simple to practice.

Here it is…

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A Perfectly Timed BJJ Arm Lock Attack by Nick Diaz – The Breakdown

I actually missed the Strikeforce fight card this weekend because I was away with my wife in Niagara Falls for her birthday.

We stayed in room 3201 in a hotel that only had 31 floors. Figure that one out :). We had to take the elevator to floor 31 and then walk up 20 more steps to get to the only room that was up there. Strange and I’ll admit a little bit scary.

Anyways, upon returning home I was sent a video of the Diaz/Cyborg fight. (Thanks John!)

As a fight fan, I always love when Nick Diaz hits the ground during his fights because he always seems to do something interesting while down there.

He’s done a great job over the years of adapting his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game to meet the demands of mixed martial arts competition, making small adjustments to his technique arsenal so that he can apply his attacks and defenses regardless of the fact that strikes are begin thrown at him.

Sometimes, skill on the mats in sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t fully translate into success within the cage. Not for Diaz though as he has been very successful in both arenas.

Last weekend, when his fight with Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos hit the ground, his BJJ skills were immediately put to the test. They passed with flying colours as he slapped on a beautiful arm lock from the guard position.

After watching him apply that technique –one that contained many small but important details–, I decided to make a video breaking down the fundamental BJJ attack.

Here it is…

Someone posted the actual arm lock on youtube as well:

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MMA Basics – Striking Technique

I’ve been wanting to share this drill with you for a while and this week I finally had a chance to get it ready. I’m excited because I know that it will really help you in your training.

Do this drill and you’ll punch with much more power while using less effort; Your punches will land more often because you won’t be telegraphing your attacks before you do them; Plus your defensive abilities will improve especially when up against an opponent that throws a lot of body kicks and body punches.

How so?

Because it will train you to keep your elbows in close to your body before, during and after your punching attacks.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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Jumping rope is a great exercise for boxers, kickboxers and MMA’ers. Actually it’s a useful drill for athletes of any sport where improved co-ordination, conditioning and footwork would be beneficial.

At times, the exercise can seem a little repetitive, especially when done daily as part of a workout routine. Mixing in different motions and tricks can spice things up and offer even more of a challenge.

Over the years I made sure that anytime I came across a new trick with the jump rope, I’d spend the time to learn it so that I could incorporate it into my training as soon as possible.

Here’s one of 18 that I teach within my new MMA QuickStart Training Program.

Try it out and let me know what you think…


Wrestling – Big Throws

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The title pretty much says it all. Some great takedowns and throws that score big points. Enjoy the video…

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As important as it is to be solid technically when throwing strikes, it’s equally important for ground movements, especially in the streets when losing can mean disaster!

Fortunately, I’ve only had to defend myself once or twice in my life, but both times I was glad that I have training in mixed martial arts that’s for sure.

I share some of the juicy details regarding one of those instances in the video below…

[jwplayer mediaid=”4040″]

and here’s the video breakdown of the techinque I used to get up from the curbside…

I made sure to include that technique –and many others– in my MMA QuickStart training program because it’s a vital part of a strong foundational ground game.

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Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the fighting stance video. The response was great.

I’m really glad you liked it and I hope it helps you get hit less often during your training and of course your fights as well :).

A few guys posted and emailed to tell me that they like to keep their front foot facing forward instead of using my slightly inward style foot positioning.

What’s their reasoning for using that variation?

A few of them said so they can easily step forward while extending their jab.

They were wondering if I had any trouble jabbing from my stance.  If you watch any of my fights notice that the jab is one of my best weapons.

My stance is the main reason the punch works so well for me during training and in my fights!

It just takes some solid instruction and a lot of practice to master it.

In response to those questions I created a video to break down the basics of how I throw my jab and have also included some footage of me landing it against some tough opponents.

The instructional part of that video is one of the 100+ training videos that make up my new MMA QuickStart Training Program.

The program, designed specifically for beginners and those looking to master the basics is now available


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