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Yesterday, I filmed 2 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton, Ontario.

Each of them is a counter to the over/under guard pass that is commonly used in training and competition. I think with a little practice you’ll find that they can really help you out on the mats.

Be sure to use both of these often to sweep and submit your opponent and keep them from squishing, controlling and passing your guard.

Over time you’ll find that these two movements, especially the first one in the video will allow you to use far less strength in stopping their pass attempts and will really discourage your training partners, especially if over/under is one of their main styles of passing the guard.

and here they are:

Here are two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques that work extremely well. The first part of the attack is a common arm lock from the back control position. Following that is a very sneaky and effective counter to their arm lock defense that ends up with you tapping them out via collar choke.

Have fun with it!


Getting an opponent into the kimura submission hold can be done in many ways. Once there though it can be very difficult to finish a strong, aggressive opponent that has a good idea of how to defend their arm.

In the video below I show you one of my best ways to smash through an opponent’s defense and score the submission win. I also break down a way you can get to the kimura from 1/2 guard.



Developing the skills of kick-ass control from the mount position takes time and a lot of practice but it’s well worth it the effort.

A great mount position will enable you to wear out, frustrate and finish your opponents with strikes and submission holds.

In order to develop a great mount, you’ll need to develop skill with the many different techniques designed to shut down all of your opponent escape attempts.

It’s best to practice those fundamental techniques first against a non-resisting opponent and then once you feel ready, against someone who is REALLY trying to escape.

Here’s a breakdown of one drill that I have my students do often to improve their ability to attack from and escape the mount position:

1) First, start off in the mount position atop of your training partner.

2) Set a timer (something with an alarm to sound the end of the round will work best)  for 1 minute and start the round.

3) For the entire duration of the round, try to maintain the mount position while your opponent gives their best effort to escape. An escape is completed anytime your partner establishes their closed guard on you or rolls you over and gets on top.

4) When time expires, switch positions with your partner and reset the timer. It then becomes your turn to escape as many times as you can during the timed round.

When the second round is over, take a short break (1 minute should suffice) and then repeat the drill several times, switching partners every round  if you have the option to.

Once you’ve got a handle on the above sequence you can make things more challenging by making any of the following adjustments to the drill:

Adjustment 1: Top person can apply submission holds.

Adjustment 2: Bottom person only needs to get back to 1/2 guard to score an escape. It becomes so that any guard position (full, spider, butterfly etc.) equals an escape.

Adjustment 3: Increase the length of time that each of you spends on the bottom position.

Adjustment 4: Keep Track of Points (1 point per per escape/submission) and have the athlete with the lower point total at the end of the round do a set amount of pushups (or some other exercise) depending on the score differential (ie. with a score of 5 to 2, the losing athlete would do 5 push-ups per point differential = 3 x 5 pushups = 15 pushups)

With an equally skilled training partner, this drill becomes very challenging and fun!

You’ll find that if you lack solid mount control skills you’ll find that it’s actually easier to escape then it is to hold down or submit your training partner from the top.

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Tonight, filming begins for my new video instructional training series covering the Guard Position for MMA.

It’s been a project that I’ve wanted to put together for a long time; The idea started after my fight against Josh Koscheck but it had to wait because I first wanted to put out a beginner MMA training program ( for all those people out there who wanted to learn the game but had nobody to teach them. Now that MMA Quickstart has been up & running for a while I’m ready and excited to break down the way I like to use the guard position in MMA.

I used a lot of guard work in the fight against Koscheck and afterwards received many email asking for guard training tips and techniques (especially the butterfly guard). The butterfly guard will be fully covered in the series but I’m also including everything else I use from the guard as well as ways to drill and develop your guard game for a real fight.

The technique count has surpassed 150 techniques and is still growing.

I’m not yet sure of a launch date but will post another update soon…



The mount position is, in my opinion,  the best position to be in during a fight. Getting it against a skilled opponent can be very difficult and requires very solid technique.

In the videos below I show a basic way to slide into the mount position from side control both in breakdown form and in action. I use this technique in Gi training, no-gi action and mixed martial arts as well. It’s definitely a fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique that use it all the time.

First, a video showing a time that I used the movement during a pro-fight.

Now here’s the technique breakdown to help you use it as well:


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This weekend I’m in St. John’s, Newfoundland at St. John’s BJJ teaching a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar. Here’s a technique that I taught the guys out here on the first day of training. You can use this move in Gi, No-Gi and MMA training.

I’m off to eat and then it’s back to the gym for day 2.

I’ll post again soon!

A Perfectly Timed BJJ Arm Lock Attack by Nick Diaz – The Breakdown

I actually missed the Strikeforce fight card this weekend because I was away with my wife in Niagara Falls for her birthday.

We stayed in room 3201 in a hotel that only had 31 floors. Figure that one out :). We had to take the elevator to floor 31 and then walk up 20 more steps to get to the only room that was up there. Strange and I’ll admit a little bit scary.

Anyways, upon returning home I was sent a video of the Diaz/Cyborg fight. (Thanks John!)

As a fight fan, I always love when Nick Diaz hits the ground during his fights because he always seems to do something interesting while down there.

He’s done a great job over the years of adapting his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game to meet the demands of mixed martial arts competition, making small adjustments to his technique arsenal so that he can apply his attacks and defenses regardless of the fact that strikes are begin thrown at him.

Sometimes, skill on the mats in sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t fully translate into success within the cage. Not for Diaz though as he has been very successful in both arenas.

Last weekend, when his fight with Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos hit the ground, his BJJ skills were immediately put to the test. They passed with flying colours as he slapped on a beautiful arm lock from the guard position.

After watching him apply that technique –one that contained many small but important details–, I decided to make a video breaking down the fundamental BJJ attack.

Here it is…

Someone posted the actual arm lock on youtube as well:

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As important as it is to be solid technically when throwing strikes, it’s equally important for ground movements, especially in the streets when losing can mean disaster!

Fortunately, I’ve only had to defend myself once or twice in my life, but both times I was glad that I have training in mixed martial arts that’s for sure.

I share some of the juicy details regarding one of those instances in the video below…

[jwplayer mediaid=”4040″]

and here’s the video breakdown of the techinque I used to get up from the curbside…

I made sure to include that technique –and many others– in my MMA QuickStart training program because it’s a vital part of a strong foundational ground game.

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