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I had been wanting to film this technique all last week after UFC 150 but it wasn’t until last night that I finally had the chance.

This video breaks down the details of the upkick that Ben Henderson hit Frankie Edgar with at UFC 150. I also include some other details that you can use in your training to make the attack very effective.

Hope you can put it to good use!

Yesterday, I filmed 2 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton, Ontario.

Each of them is a counter to the over/under guard pass that is commonly used in training and competition. I think with a little practice you’ll find that they can really help you out on the mats.

Be sure to use both of these often to sweep and submit your opponent and keep them from squishing, controlling and passing your guard.

Over time you’ll find that these two movements, especially the first one in the video will allow you to use far less strength in stopping their pass attempts and will really discourage your training partners, especially if over/under is one of their main styles of passing the guard.

and here they are:

While training for boxing, Muay Thai or MMA competition you’ll often be using the heavy bag. It’s a great tool to develop conditioning, power, speed and muscle memory. It’s also great fun and a nice way to relieve stress.

This video will teach you an important detail/concept that will help you keep good control of the heavy bag and avoid the bad habit of reaching out.

Check it out:


Here’s an MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai technique that’ll help you stay safe by allowing you to never be where the opponent wants or expects you to be.

Mix this movement into your sparring and shadow fighting drills often to improve your evasiveness. Also, be sure to mix in your punching and kicking attacks before and after completing this footwork motion to fully take advantage of your slick movement.


Here are two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques that work extremely well. The first part of the attack is a common arm lock from the back control position. Following that is a very sneaky and effective counter to their arm lock defense that ends up with you tapping them out via collar choke.

Have fun with it!


The best way to learn MMA is to start with the basics first.

Yes the fancy stuff is fun to watch and very fun to do as well but without a solid foundation an MMA’er will always have holes in their game that can be exploited.

That’s one of the main reasons I created the beginner MMA training program: MMA QuickStart. I also wanted to help the many people out there that are excited to learn MMA but don’t have access to an experienced teacher or martial arts school.

If you’re interested in beginning your MMA training you’ve come to the right place. I’ve recently posted up a free 1-hour workout that you can jump into right now in your own home. It’s the first workout of my 18 lesson MMA Quickstart program and focuses on the fundamentals of striking, stance and balance. Oh yeah, it’ll work you pretty hard too.  The details you’ll learn will have you punching and kicking very hard with little effort and will start you off on the right foot in terms of your training.

Here’s the link to the page where you can find out how to get started.

Have fun!



Happy Easter everyone!

I just finished colouring some eggs with my kids. Good times. I even managed to get some good rolling in today with the team at Joslin’s which was cool.

I hope you and your families have a great weekend as well.

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Purchase either one here before Monday, April 9th at midnight and I’ll give you the other one for FREE.

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Getting an opponent into the kimura submission hold can be done in many ways. Once there though it can be very difficult to finish a strong, aggressive opponent that has a good idea of how to defend their arm.

In the video below I show you one of my best ways to smash through an opponent’s defense and score the submission win. I also break down a way you can get to the kimura from 1/2 guard.



Being inside someone’s guard during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match is not the ideal place to be since there are very few submission attacks that you can apply from inside there. On the other hand, the bottom fighter can sweep you, hyper extend your arms, choke your neck and leg lock you in countless ways.

In MMA things are completely different. Why?

Because you can strike! Combine skill at doing that with a killer ability to pass the guard and you’ll look forward to being locked inside the guard of an opponent during an MMA fight. If you think about it, the person on the bottom is actually the furthest they could possibly be from standing back up onto their feet. That’s a good thing!

It’s time to take advantage of being on top inside the guard by dishing out a ground and pound attack in a powerful, safe and very effective way.  In the video below I show you a sequence of ground and pound techniques that my fighters and I use all the time with a lot of success.

Oh yeah, it also includes a guard pass to make it even sweeter.



Here’s an MMA/Muay Thai striking technique that I’ve used throughout my martial arts career with great success.

When throwing an outside low kick is very important to set it up so that it’s not easily checked (blocked) by an opponent. Having your low kick blocked can hurt your shin and may even result in a fractured or broken bone in your leg. That type of injury is brutal and very difficult to recover from.

There are many different ways to set up an outside low kick; here’s one that you can use when your opponent is backed up against the cage or ring ropes.

Hope you can put it to good use in your training.