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This Sunday I’m getting the exciting chance to be an actor in a film: my first time doing so. It’ll be a short film (roughly 45 minutes or so I believe) with a fairly wide range of characters.

I won’t tell you much about my character right now other than he’s a hickish type guy, who may not have a full set of teeth :). I’ve been growing my beard out for the last month for the role and I’m getting pretty sick of the facial hair already.

I’m glad I’ll be able to shave my face after Sunday that’s for sure.

Practicing for the role has been a lot of work but very fun as well. The good thing is that there are many similarities between the acts of preparing for a film and preparing for a cage fight which makes things a little easier for me.

I’ll be taking my video camera with me this weekend and will post more about my first acting experience very soon.

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A big storm hit the city today and everything is closed: the mall, the schools and unfortunately Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts as well.

With no place to train tonight, I’ve decided to do a workout here at home. If you’re up for it I want you to join me for an hour of training starting at 8:30 pm (EST).

All you need is a jump rope (optional), some comfortable clothes, a small open space at home and a computer with speakers so that you can follow along with me.

We’ll be doing one of my MMA QuickStart workouts so expect a great workout.

No experience necessary.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

Time: 8:30 pm (EST)

Place: Your home

Click here to access the live workout page

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Just a reminder that the first Live MMA QuickStart workout is taking place this Sunday, January 2nd,2011 at 12 noon (EST).

I’m really excited to train with you, share technique details and have some fun.

If you’re an MMA QuickStart Deluxe Member I’ll be sending you a password –by email– that you can use to jump into the training sessions via the Live Streaming Zone Page.

Not a deluxe or regular member? Don’t worry, you can still get in on the fun and see why the MMA QuickStart Training Program is different from everything else out there.

No experience necessary. Just find some open space, a computer and speakers(obviously) to watch and listen while we train together, some comfortable clothes and I’ll take care of the rest.

Click on the button below to sign up for the 1-hour mixed martial arts workout for only $14.95

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Tonight I’ll be streaming Jeff Joslin MMA Live! at 10pm (est).

What’ s up for tonight?

  • A UFC Champ discussion
  • MMA Video Lesson – “Using angles to keep yourself safe”
  • A competition for a Free Video Workshop
  • MMA Story time – “Fighting a Janitor”
  • and more….

Visit the LIVE PAGE just before 10pm (est) tonight and join in on the action.

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