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MMA Fight Night!

It was a long drive –over 4 hours– from Hamilton, Ontario to the MMA event venue in Flint, Michigan but we managed to arrive long before the fights were to begin.

A buddy of mine, Kris, who also trains with us –a BJJ purple belt–, ended up driving while Ryan and me rode along as passengers.  Our other fighter Steve Bingham traveled with some members of his family.

Hoping to head home right after the fights, it would have been great if our fights were early on in the line-up but that was far from the case. Out of a total 29 amateur MMA fights, we were fights numbers 23 and 28.  We didn’t get out of there until well past midnight.

The fights went really well. Both Steve and Ryan each earned another “win” on their record with perfectly executed arm locks. Ryan landed his submission early in the very first round –45 seconds in I believe– and Steve slapped his on with 1 minute remaining in a three round war. His opponent was tough! After surviving repeated triangle attacks and landing some strikes in the process, he was forced to tap out when Steve locked on an ultra tight and powerful arm lock.

Here’s a video with some highlights from the night…

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A Great Weekend at Joslin’s BJJ in Hamilton!

Last weekend was pretty awesome! We raised close to $1000 for prostate cancer research through our in-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. A ton of people came out to the event and the competitors had plenty of fun as they battled it out for medals and a few championship belts, all for a great cause.

Afterwards I held my first ever BJJ black belt grading where I tested two of my longtime students, Dave Mark and Dean Massicotte,  for the faixa preta (black belt in Portuguese).

After a short warm-up, Dave was up first. He flowed through his eight minute long technical demonstration very smoothly and executed a huge variety of take downs, guard passes, escapes, sweeps and of course submissions. A great teacher as well, Dave studies the game of BJJ diligently and possesses a ton of technical knowledge.

After that, he became the man in the middle, having to face a fresh sparring partner every minute for quite a while.

Showing a lot of heart and great technique, he pushed hard through it all doing extremely well with everyone that stepped up onto the mat to face him. At the very end he and I matched up to roll. Two minutes later, we were back on our feet and I had the pleasure of wrapping his waist with the belt that few people ever achieve –took Dave close to 14 years I believe–, the BLACK BELT!

Here’s a video with a few of Dave’s grading highlights

Next up was Dean Massicotte!

In the weeks previous, I had been noticing that Dean –along with his demo partner Jack– was spending a ton of extra time after class preparing for the technical demonstration he was set to do at the grading.

On the weekend, all of that hard work payed off! He blasted his way through an amazing and inspiring display of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Starting with some solid and very important self defense movements, Dean progressed to showing some nice take downs, then went on to  lock on a bunch submissions, passed a few guards then swept his training partner using many slick attacks.

Just like Dave, I put him to spar next against a new, fresh, and fired up rolling partner every minute or so. One by one, he worked his way through them all busting out a few nice submissions in the process.  The crowd cheered often as he showed why he deserved the belt presentation he would soon be receiving.

Ten minutes later Dean was a BJJ BLACK BELT!

I was very proud to present him with it, that’s for sure.

Here’s Dean’s grading highlight vid…

Afterwards, about fifty of us went out to eat and celebrate!

I must say that presenting each of these two great guys with their black belts was very special to me as it was the first time I’ve ever awarded that rank to anyone in the art Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I look forward to the next time I get the chance to do it.

Congrats guys!

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I wanted to congratulate all of my students that competed in the Grappler’s Quest Canadian National Championships a few weeks back.

The team results were just posted on the Grappler’s Quest website and it looks like we placed 4th overall as a team.
Great job guys!

Overall “Best Grappling Team in Canada” for 2010
1st place- Toronto BJJ (153 pts)
2nd place- Xtreme Couture (125 pts)
3rd place- Team Griffind (106 pts)
4th place- Joslins (94 pts)
5th place- Gracie Barra (71 pts)
6th place- Northern Black Dragon (62 pts)
7th place- Caique (58 pts)
8th place- Kno MMA (43 pts)
9th place- RGDA, Lin Martial Arts (42 pts)
10th place- Franco Behring (38 pts)

Click here to view the full results

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I just wanted to congratulate all of my students who competed in the Grappler’s Quest tournament this weekend in London, Ontario. Great job guys!

When the smoke cleared and the tournament was over, we ended up taking home a pile of medals. In total I believe the numbers were 6 gold medals, 5 silver, 4 bronze medals and one fourth place finish.

  • Shane Callaghan – 2 Golds
  • Wyatt Leblanc – Gold
  • Mike Hoad – Gold
  • Joe Martin– Gold,Silver
  • Michelle Fulton– Gold
  • Dave Mark- Silver
  • Cory Dunne– Silver
  • Rudy Sbranchella– Silver
  • Ryan Dickson– Bronze,Bronze
  • James Long – Silver,Bronze
  • Eric Dufresne – Bronze
  • Lam Ngo– 4th place

(I think I have all of the results in. If I missed anyone please let me know.)

It’s great to see everyone’s hard work paying off. Also I’m loving the new BJJ schedule and am fired up about now being able to teach more gi classes than ever before.

See everyone on the mats tomorrow night!

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On Saturday night I lost my voice for a bit but before I did I was able to scream my lungs out for nearly six rounds of MMA action as two of my students battled it out inside the cage at the XCC.

In the end, both team Joslin fighters Steve Bingham and Ryan Dickson earned wins for their records, but those victories did not come without some serious challenges.

Steve battled Ryan Thomson, a very talented fighter from London, Ontario’s Adrenalin Training Center in a fight that had them both working hard, each showing some solid abilities on the feet and on the ground. A rear naked choke sealed the deal deep into the fight giving Steve the victory. I was really impressed by Steve’s toughness and composure throughout the entire bout. It was definitely a great match from start to finish that the crowd really enjoyed.

Ryan Dickson took on Josh Taveirne, a skilled fighter from Windsor, Ontario I believe. He had an 8-1 record and it was obvious that he was coming in with great confidence and some very solid wrestling skills. Ryan did great! Scoring some strong take downs, several nice strikes and a tight triangle choke just before the bell sounded to end round two, I really felt that if the fight went to a decision he’d get the nod. Fortunately it didn’t last that long. Midway through the third round Ryan took his opponent down, passed the guard, secured a tight mount and worked his way into applying a rear naked choke that forced his opponent to tap out.

After that I could barely speak — due to all the yelling I did from the corner — but it was all worth it. I was so happy to see all the hard work that Steve and Ryan had put into their training, pay off inside the cage. A bunch of people from Joslin’s and friends of both Ryan and Steve made the three hour trip to cheer the guys on. Thanks to you all for coming out!

Time to train hard for the next one…

Here’s a vid posted by CanadianProFighter on Youtube of Ryan’s Fight. (If they post up Steve’s I’ll throw it up as well)

Part 1

Part 2

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2 First Round MMA Wins!

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Last weekend, a small crew of us headed out to the Xtreme Cagefighting Championships in Michigan.

After a hard training camp Ryan Dickson was set to make his MMA debut and Steve Bingham was prepared to enter the cage for the second time in his career.

With the event having a Canada vs. U.S theme, the crowd really got into the fights, chanting their countries name loudly many times throughout the night.

When all was said and done, Canada ended up with more wins although I don’t remember the exact count.

Both Steve and Ryan did great! Each of them won their bouts in the first round, Ryan by triangle choke and Steve by TKO.

Here’s some highlights of the two Team Joslin fighters in action.

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