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Here’s a video taken from the crowd of Ryan Dickson’s win over Chris St. Jean at the Score Fighting Series in Hamilton, Ontario.

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We’re sitting in the hotel after last night’s Flawless Fighting event here in Chicago, Illinois.

Everything went really well and Ryan was able to take his pro-record to three wins, no losses –9-0 overall, all finishes, no decisions– with a first round victory over a tough opponent in Jason Graves. After several striking exchanges, Jason threw a body kick  which Ryan caught immediately. Throwing his opponent to the ground Ryan followed up by quickly moving into the 1/2 guard position. Soon after, Ryan passed to mount and forced his opponent to turn his back to him which opened up the opportunity to attack with a choke. After a few seconds of Ryan squeezing, Jason tapped out to a very tight rear naked choke.

We were starving after the fight –we hadn’t eaten since noon– so one of the local guys here Dave –great guy!– was nice enough to take us over to get our first taste of Chicago style pizza. It was awesome! After tearing through the crazy filling dinner we hit up a local bar for the after fight party. At the party we met many great people there and I had a chance to spend some time talking with my good friend Ray Flores as well which was cool

Halfway through the night, my man Shonie Carter showed up. An awesome guy with a crazy amount of energy and flare, Shonie was pretty damn funny! He was also in really good shape and seemed to have bulked up a  bit.

A big group of us headed back to our hotel by shuttle at around 1am and that was about it for the night.

In a few minutes Ryan and I will be heading to the airport for the trip home…

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Just sitting here hanging out in the hotel room with Ryan Dickson. Tomorrow he’ll do battle with local fighter Jason Graves at the Flawless Fighting Championships. He’s done all of his homework in the gym and is in great shape so we’re both very excited for fight time.

We arrived yesterday by plane –from Buffalo– and spent a few hours sitting around our hotel watching T.V before getting some sleep; Not much else happened other than that.

This morning we got up early to search out a place where we could find a scale and a sauna to cut the extra weight that Ryan had to lose before the event weigh-ins.

With a few hours to kill midway through the day we squeezed in watching a movie as well –“The Watch” which was pretty damn funny– at a nearby theater. It only costed us seven bucks! That was a pretty good deal did compared to Canadian movie prices.

After returning to our hotel we chilled out for a bit before jumping onto a shuttle to head to an MMA gym in downtown Chicago for the weigh-ins. Ryan’s opponent weighed in almost five pounds over –totally unprofessional move by him– but we’ve agreed to fight regardless.

I’m about to close up the laptop and lie down to get some sleep. That is after I finish kicking my wife’s butt at online scrabble. I’m up by a few points with only a few turns left and I never beat her so wish me luck!

Thanks to our many great sponsors S.S.T Hamilton, Tapout Training Center – Burlington, Show-No-Love Fightwear, Thunder Tribe Energy Shot, Trenchless Utilities, Tattz & Company, Endzone Bar & Grill, JR Financial and FightZone Hamilton.

@*($…I’m back and just wanted to let you know my wife beat me by 2 points!

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Continued from part 1…

Johnny Sanguinetti was up next. His opponent was a boxer that was very powerfully built for the 185 lbs. division. With John being quite a bit taller than his opponent our strategy was to fight from the outside and use his reach to hit without taking any hits. The only problem was that the cage was very,very small which would without a doubt make that type of strategy more difficult to employ.

In preparation for the fight we had been working a lot of double and single leg entries in addition to the striking in order to give Johnny the opportunity to get to the top position if he wanted to.

When the fight began, Johnny’s powerful opponent attacked! I mean attacked with wild abandon trying to take his head off with punches. John ducked, moved, turned and rolled to avoid most of the shots but a few did get through. The good thing is that nothing that landed seemed to really hurt him. He was doing a great job of ‘weathering the storm” that his opponent was aggressively unleashing.

From the sidelines I had a feeling it would be only a matter of time before the opponent would tire.

A quick takedown put Johnny into the top position but only for a few seconds as his opponent used a quick burst of energy –using lots of strength while doing it– to get back to his feet and continue his attack.  The two exchanged strikes until a second take down was successfully applied by John. This time his opponent fell into an awkward position that allowed Johnny to mount him right away. Once mounted John used solid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique to control his struggling opponent and with less than a minute and a half left in the first round he unleashed a vicious ground and pound attack that forced the bottom fighter to submit.

I was so happy for him! He had trained really hard, was in great shape and had done a great job against a fighter that was very tough and that had an intimidating look to him.

In the co-main event, our fighter David Looker faced off against what turned out to be mainly a jiu-jitsu fighter. David used solid movement around the cage to fend off his opponent’s attempts to take him down as he worked his strikes.

Our strategy going into the fight was to let his hands go and try for the knockout. Again, the small cage really made it hard for fighters that night to avoid grappling long enough to score a ko. That was okay because David was well prepared for a grappling/wrestling type fight as well. In fact, I think he trained harder for this, the 3rd fight in his career, than he had for any of his bouts in the past. He was ready for anything!

The fight didn’t end up lasting long as David fired off a bunch of knee strikes into his opponent’s body before snapping him down to the mat from the front headlock position. A quick follow up with strikes to the downed opponent forced him to submit at about the one minute mark of the 1st round.

It was a solid win for David.

After all was said and done I realized that I didn’t have to go into the cage once during the fights since they all ended in the first round. The boys made it an easy night for me.  I was very proud of the guys, first for stepping in the cage to compete and second for being successful after all the hard work they put in at the gym.

I’m already looking forward to the next one!

After a long time waiting they’ve finally posted up the MMA Fight Video of Ryan Dickson’s last bout vs. Josh Taveirne

These two guys had fought before as amateurs with Ryan winning a 3 round war by rear naked choke so I knew that Josh would be a tough opponent and come to fight hard.

Ryan did some great things in this fight both on the ground and standing up. Here’s the fight vid:


Ryan’s next MMA fight is in March and in February we’ve got 7 of our other MMA fighters doing battle in February. With those two and many other BJJ and MMA event throughout the year, 2012 is going to be very exciting!


Congratulations to Team Joslin (Hamilton) competitors Joey Martin and Dolan Walker on their success at the Junior Combat Classic – Provincial Grappling Championships.

Joey took home two provincial titles by taking the gold medal in 2 divisions and Dolan fought hard for the Silver Medal.

Great to see all of their hard work on the mats pay off!

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Coming off a win in his professional debut –in the first round by armlock–, Ryan Dickson (@rydmma) has been steadily building his MMA skills and fighting record over the last few years. He has faced a some very tough competitors throughout his amateur career and has remained undefeated with a 6-0 record (all finishes).

His next fight will be very soon. I`ll post more info once everything is confirmed.

Here`s a recent television segment aired on CH Television about Ryan and his recent success inside the cage:


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I just want to congratulate one of our team’s fighters, Ryan Dickson on his win this weekend over a tough Brett Biederman. He did a fantastic job inside the cage!

Ryan trained hard for this one!

During the fight, Ryan used a solid mix of striking, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to win what was his professional MMA debut by armlock in the very first round.

6-0 as an amateur  –all finishes/no decisions– (and an XCC welterweight championship belt) Ryan has been steadily building into the strong force that he has become inside the cage.

Thanks to the rest of the Joslin team that helped him get ready for this fight and to everyone who came out to cheer him on. We could hear you all from the cage that’s for sure!

Also special thanks to the many great sponsors that got behind us –>

Ancaster Dental
Tegs Tools
S.S.T (Sports Specific Training)
Trenchless Utility Equipment

Next up…some BJJ tourneys and more MMA fights in September.

Here’s a couple clips from weigh-in and warmup

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Early this morning I got back after a fun night in Port Huron Michigan.

A small crew of us –Kevin, Mike, Antonio, and I–headed down with our fighter Steve Bingham and his family to the Border Wars mixed martial arts event.

Steve, who was going into the fight with a 4-1 amateur record, fought in the main event against undefeated (3-0) fighter, George Abdallah from Adrenalin Training Center in London, Ontario.

Watching some of George’s previous fights, we had a strong feeling that he would try to attempt to use a thai style clinch in an attempt to knee Steve in the body and face. He had done exactly that really well in his previous victories.

We drilled many counters to that type of clinch and it definately paid off. Steve showed some good composure throughout the fight, landing some crisp strikes and reacted like a friggin Ninja to catch the armlock submission after only 32 seconds.

Here’s the fight vid…

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I just came across the video of the championship MMA fight between Ryan Dickson and Jason Meisel at the XCC in Michigan.

Man, I was super excited to see Ryan win the belt! He had trained so hard for the fight and did absolutely everything he had to do in the gym to prepare for a tough battle that night.

His opponent, Jason, was also 5-0 coming into this fight and showed solid skills and great composure during the action which made for a excellent match-up between the two fighters. It was a very fun fight to watch that’s for sure.

Here’s the video of the entire fight:

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