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Way back in the early 1990’s I had been training in karate and kickboxing for some time when I came across a video tape (yes a VHS tape :)) that changed my life forever. It was entitled “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” and had been created by Renzo Gracie.

I literally watched three minutes of the first tape in the 12 volume series and I was completely hooked!

I began practicing the movements found within those instructional videos over and over again until I was comfortable with every single technique that I could find on them.

Not having access to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teacher, as there were very few outside of Brazil at that time –if they did relocate it was usually to Miami or someplace warm, never Canada–, I ordered every single BJJ instructional video set that came out and continued to practice, practice and practice. Sometimes even two or three times  a day with anyone of my students or friends that would offer themselves up as a partner.

As I started to travel North America to train at BJJ seminars and many of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools that were starting to pop up within the United States, I really wanted to remember every single bit of knowledge that I came across. If I were to forget even the smallest detail when I returned home, I knew I would never improve as fast as I wanted to. To help me to not forget things, I started creating a manual. In the video below, I explain the extent I went to making it and the amount of detail that was put into the 700+ page monster of a book…

For nearly a year I’ve been hosting an MMA Radio segment on Y108 with Ben & Kerry early in the morning on every second Tuesday.

Waking up early to make the thirty minute drive down to the station is totally worth it as we always have a blast on the show. Both Ben & Kerry are great guys and ultra witty which always makes things fun. When the three of us traveled by bus with two listeners to Montreal for the UFC event last year, I was laughing pretty much throughout the entire weekend.

I recently went through a few of the “In the Cage” shows that I have saved on my laptop and took out some of bits that were the most fun.


Visit for more info on Ben & Kerry’s show by CLICKING HERE.

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I just got back from Edmonton, Alberta where I was commentating the first event of the Elaine McCarthy’s Let’s Get it on MMA series. The event took place on Friday night and was broadcast live on a very cool website called

I’ve commentated at several MMA shows before but this was different right from the start. First of was the impressive fact that that the entire show was being broadcast live, which instantly put extra pressure on us commentators to perform well. There would be no second takes, no chances to go back and try things again if a mistake made. I felt nervously excited as fight time approached.

Secondly, everyone involved in this show was extremely professional and talented with a ton of experience in the fields of MMA, video production, audio and lighting and all of the other things — you wouldn’t believe how much is happening at once — that go on behind the scenes to provide us fight fans with high quality mixed martial arts entertainment. The talent that the LGIO team has really forces you to bring your best to the table.

The Ring Announcer, Ray Flores, has got some serious skills and was a really cool guy. When we were at the after party he announced my name, weight and height for me as if I was set to fight in the cage. It was awesome! Look for him to do some big things in the game.

I was very lucky to have a great partner for the commentating gig, radio personality and former MMA fighter JT McCarthy. He did the play by play while I added some colour to it all with breakdowns of technique, concepts and strategies. JT is the man! He unbelievably went through his lengthy live intro piece, lights blasting in his face, without a cue card or teleprompter and nailed the entire thing. It was crazy!

Just watching him doing his thing before, during and after the show helped me a lot. I’m really looking forward to working with him again on the next show in the series.

The fight card ended up being full of action with a few nice knockouts, a wicked neck crank submission and some close battles all taking place in front of a packed house.

The next LGIO MMA show is set for May 21st and I believe the one we were just at will air very soon on CHCH television.

I’ll post more info soon…

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I recently did a screen test for the upcoming Canadian MMA Promotion called “Lets Get It on MMA!” in the hopes of landing a spot as one of the event commentators.

I got it!

This exciting MMA promotion is going to be awesome!

It’s using a tournament style format with the fighters that win their bouts on each card –which are being held every month —  advancing to the next round of competition. The champion in both the welterweight and lightweight brackets will be decided inside the cage during the finals in December.

I’m heading out this week to work at the promotions first event which is being held in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday April 23, 2010.

It’s going to be a great night of fights!

For more info on this event and the promotion visit

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My Old Weapons Routine (Bo staff)

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Here is a video of the last time that I competed in karate style tournament (nearly 15 years ago). This was my weapons routine, using the bo staff. This video was taken at the world championships in Washington, DC.

I used to practice the bo so much! A few months after this competition I decided to focus solely on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA after I ended up taking a guy down into the mount position during a karate match. He was trying to take my head off and acting crazy so I tripped him to the floor. As soon as I had the mount he started screaming “Get him off me!”. The referees pulled me off him before I could sink a choke in :).

(The first few seconds has two heavyweights sparring)

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I recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest on hardcore sports radio with UFC legend Royce Gracie. We went on a day after Royce taught a great seminar at my martial arts school. The interview was broadcast on TV (The Score) later that same day.

Here’s the Audio.


Be sure to check out the Morency show HERE. Those guys are awesome and are always interviewing some huge names in sports!

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TSN – Off the Record

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I was recently a guest on TSN’s popular show “Off the Record”. I had a great time talking about UFC 100 and a bunch of other stuff. It was also great to meet one of the UFC pioneers in Dave Beneteau.

Here’s the video.

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APEX Training & Fight Footage

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These videos show some of my final workouts before I travelled to Quebec to fight for the Apex welterweight world title against Nuri Shakir. This was the fight before I got the call to fight Josh Koscheck in the UFC.

I was dehydrated at the beginning of the video, having already dropped probably 10 pounds in 4 days. I had put the weight back on by the time I was hitting pads in my hotel room the next morning.



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My No Shit MMA Interview.

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At the MMA Expo I got a chance to sit down with hosts Jonathan Baldock and Robin Black and be a guest on the No-shit MMA show. Here’s the video.

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Y108 – In studio

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Here’s a video filmed a few weeks ago during our segment “In the cage” on Y108 radio. I’ll be back on the air this Tuesday (March 10) between 7:30-8am. Ben & Kerry agreed to some cool stuff near the end of this show. Should be fun when we get it all going. Catch this weeks show locally on the radio or over the internet at

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