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Me in character as the psychotic "Willy Basin"

The film I recently acted in, “A Secret Cross” is having it’s Canadian premiere as part of the Moving Images Film Festival, on Friday, November 2nd, 2012. The film won an award of excellence and I surprisingly (since it my first acting role) won best supporting actor by the LA Movie – out of 60 international films.

Everyone is welcome to come out and check it out. Tickets can be bought at the box office for $15 . Hope to see you there!

  • Date: Friday, November 02, 2012 at 10 p.m (arrive around 9:30pm)
  • Place :The Royal Theatre – 608 College St, Toronto, Ontario
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It’s been many months since my friend and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student Anthony Tullo has trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a regular basis.

His absence wasn’t because he didn’t feel like training or because he was dealing with a serious injury. It was because he was pursuing his dream of making a feature film!

In the end he did it in a fantastic way as “A Secret Cross” came to be.

I can only imagine the insane amount of work that went on behind the scenes for Anthony as he put together the final product.  As an actor in the film I saw first hand the lengthy amount of time and work  it took to shoot only a few scenes for the film. The entire project must have been an extreme challenge.

The great news is that shortly after being sent out to numerous film festivals around the world, the  film recently received the “Award of Excellence”  by the Los Angeles Movies Awards ( in the International Category. I’m so happy for Anthony and excited to see that all of his hard work and dedication is paying off.

I still can’t believe the next part of the news. I won the “Best Supporting Actor” award for my part as the disturbed “Willy Basin”! That was totally unexpected. I must say that I had so much fun playing the role of Willy and am so happy and thankful that Anthony had enough faith in me to give me such a fantastic opportunity. I had a blast acting in “A Secret Cross” and working with the many great and talented people on the set was so much fun.

Here’s the website with the winners for 2012 –>

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A while back I was asked to be part of a hip hop video.

My job was to put together a street fight scene so my student and I practiced for an hour or so before we headed out to Scarborough to film it.

We smashed each other! I still remember one of the crew telling us “You guys hit way harder than stuntmen!” I didn’t really think much about that until the next day when I was really sore!

You’ll see one at point in the video when Dean kicks me in the chest with a push kick. I wasn’t supposed to fall but it hit me so hard that I lost my balance. That looked good on camera though.

Anyways here’s the video (we start at 1;57ish) :

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A few hours ago I received a call from Scott Thompson at Chml Radio.

It turns out that earlier today he came across a mixed martial arts video showing some kids fighting inside a cage.. After mentioning the video on his radio show, the station received many emails and comments about the issue. I’ll bet most of them were against seeing our children battling it out inside the cage. I fully agree with them!

I would much rather see our kids learning and competing in the various martial arts that make up MMA; developing their skills, confidence and respect for the arts. I also believe it’s very important that the youngsters don’t get sustain hard hits to the head while they’re learning,growing and developing both their bodies and martial skill sets.

I was out with the wife when I received his call but fortunately had enough free time to go on the air to discuss the topic with him.

Click here to listen to the interview


Update: After getting home and searching the net, I think I’ve found the video that is getting a lot of attention. A submission wrestling match inside a cage which I think is very safe–and a lot of fun for the kids!– as long as the referee is experienced.

This on the other hand is not very safe for the kids involved in my opinion:

What are you thoughts about the “Kids Fighting in MMA” topic?

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The people at the Score just sent me a link to one of my fights that they recently posted on their website.I hadn’t seen this version of the fight before, instead only the one shot from my friends video camera from way back in the crowd.

I fought on the Score Fighting Series Debut Event back in 2006. The fight took place in Gatineau, Quebec and was for the Apex Fighting World Welterweight title.

My opponent was Nuri Shakir, a veteran southpaw who had never been KO’ed or TKO’ed in over 20 fights against very tough competition including Thiago Alves, Marcus Davis and Jorge Masvidal. My goal going into the fight was to try and be the first to stop him with strikes.

Here’s our pre-fight interviews (Mine on Left & Nuri’s on the right)

and the fight Video…

and my post fight interview (I couldn’t find Nuri’s)

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This Sunday I’m getting the exciting chance to be an actor in a film: my first time doing so. It’ll be a short film (roughly 45 minutes or so I believe) with a fairly wide range of characters.

I won’t tell you much about my character right now other than he’s a hickish type guy, who may not have a full set of teeth :). I’ve been growing my beard out for the last month for the role and I’m getting pretty sick of the facial hair already.

I’m glad I’ll be able to shave my face after Sunday that’s for sure.

Practicing for the role has been a lot of work but very fun as well. The good thing is that there are many similarities between the acts of preparing for a film and preparing for a cage fight which makes things a little easier for me.

I’ll be taking my video camera with me this weekend and will post more about my first acting experience very soon.

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A revamped version of Jeff Joslin’s fight highlight reel created recently.

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Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on the “Always Good News” show with Connie Smith.

I had a lot of fun and Connie asked some great questions about the sport and was very easy to talk with.

Here’s a link to the full video (interview starts at the 8:30 mark)

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I recently was asked by the Hamilton Ticats to be the MC for a press conference where they announced sponsoring UFC 129 fighter Mark Hominick.

It was a fun day and it’s great to see the Ticats supporting our sport and MMA athletes like Mark.

Here’s some video taken that day by the fight network.

Fight News: Hamilton Tiger-Cats Sponsor Mark Hominick from TheFightNetwork on Vimeo.

and here’s a link to the ticats video of the day’s events –> CLICK TO WATCH

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Growing up, I lived above my fathers martial arts (MMA) school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was a lot of fun living there. It also made me a little cooler with the kids from school as I was the only guy that had a wrestling ring –we were all into the WWF back then–  in the basement.

The house and the school, Joslin’s Mixed Martial arts, have gone through many changes since it opened way back in 1967. In this video, I’ll take you on a tour of my childhood home and the place where my martial arts training began a long time ago in a galaxy far,far,away…

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