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Joslin’s MMA Update…

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If you're new here and are looking to develop your MMA skills quickly, CLICK HERE to sign up for my MMA training mailing list and I'll send you a ton of training tips to help you do exactly that. You'll also receive 2 FREE EBOOKS : "Developing the KO Punch" & "MMA Training Secrets" right away.

Things have been really busy here in Hamilton at Joslin’s MMA.

We recently brought Randy Couture to town to do a meet & greet/book signing event.

It was a great night at the Endzone Bar & Grill where over 100 people came out to meet Randy.

We finished the night up with a Q & A session where I had the fun opportunity to ask Randy some questions about his training /fights, his acting and the other things he’s been up to since retiring from the fight game.

Here’s some footage from that Q & A session.

Thanks to all who came out that night. We look forward to bringing in more guests in the future.

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The Pumpkins my wife carved out last night...

The Pumpkins my wife carved out last night...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Living in a neighborhood that has a ton of kids around, I’ve fully stocked up on mini chocolate bars, SpongeBob candies and other stuff for the trick or treaters tonight.

My son will be heading out with his friends dressed up as a nerd with glasses, name tag and a weird wig. We ordered my daughters “Monster High Doll” costume on Ebay. She’s some sort of zombie girl with blue hair, blue skin and glasses and she was so excited to wear the costume to her two first Halloween parties that took place at her friends houses over the weekend.

I probably won’t be going wearing the ninja suit I wore last year as I think it’ll embarrass the kids too much this time. I could have went out as my southern psycho redneckish film character “Willy Basin” –with my teeth out and everything– but unfortunately I shaved my face right after filming yesterday.

Regardless it should be a fun night!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up my most poplular training video workshop: “Striking Head Movement”, I’m offering it with a “Halloween Sale” discount of 50% for the next couple of days (Sale ends Wednesday, November 2nd at midnight)

Here’s some info on it:

  • Do you find yourself getting hit in the head often in sparring especially after making an attack?
  • Do your sparring partners often get overly aggressive with their attacks forcing you to cover up defensively?
  • Are you having a hard time landing solid punches during sparring?

If you aren’t using proper head movement while in the cage/ring I guarantee that you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above.

The ability to move my head off the line of fire has been one of my greatest weapons in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts competition over the years. It’s enabled me to take minimal damage during every one of my fights and has given me the ability to disguise and land some super solid shots on my opponents.

Check out this video where I land a killer uppercut on my opponent, Jon Fitch, after performing a basic draw and slip motion versus his jab attack…

There’s a lot of technique involved in moving your head properly when striking; If done wrong you could move your face directly into harms way and put you into a completely off balance position making it impossible for you to throw anything that has a chance of hurting your opponent.

To help you out immediately here’s a vid from the workshop that shows you how to do the exact slip I used against Fitch in the video above.

In the full 31 video workshop I share it all! That’s right 31 videos that include techniques, drills, and many ultra important technical details.

Master the moves within this series and you’ll be able to:

– Tire and frustrate your opponent by making him miss while slipping and rolling away from every one of his punches.

– Smash your opponent with combinations that are specific to each evasive head movement.

– Counter attack with much harder punches while using less effort through the use of key technical details.

All 31 highly detailed videos for  the “Halloween Sale” Price of only $14.95!

Click on the button below to gain access to the entire series of videos that will add the vital skill of head movement to your arsenal. Your face will thank you!

Sale Expired –> Visit the store to purchase the workshop
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Our next Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team training session will be taking place in Hamilton at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts on Saturday, October 8th at 10:30 am.

Date: October 8th
Time: 10:30 am
Place: Joslin’s (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)

Last session had close to 70 students training on the mats. Bring your Gi and get ready for another great day!

Students of all levels welcome. See everyone soon!

–> If you’re looking to start training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA give us a call at 905-383-3539 to find out how you can get a FREE WEEK of Unlimited Training.

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MMA is coming to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

I am so excited to be able to finally say that and even more happy to be involved in bringing it here to my hometown.

It’s great to be able to provide some exciting MMA entertainment to the countless people in Hamilton that have supported me in so many ways throughout my own professional fighting career.

Our first event is taking place on Friday, June 17th, 2011 at Copps Coliseum and will feature 8-10 exciting MMA bouts.

and even more exciting is the fact that…

“Big” John McCarthy, MMA’s most popular official, has signed on as the “Slammer in Hammer’s” head referee!

It’s going to be awesome to have the sport’s first referee –Big John reffed UFC #1 back in the days– oversee our bouts from start to finish after yelling his famous line  “LET’S GET IT ON!” to start the action.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, April 9th starting at $35

Affordable pricing was the main goal when putting this event together because really I want all Hamiltonian MMA fans –and fans from surrounding areas as well– to be able to join in on this historic event.

MMA in Hamilton! I’m still pumped about it.

Too bad I was forced to retire before having the chance to fight in my own hometown. That would have been awesome!

If you make it to the fights, come up and say hi!

===> You can Win FREE TICKETS to the “Slammer in the Hammer”  in our live weekly draw. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

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Eric Wong & I at Miramar base before my UFC Fight vs. Josh Koscheck

MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach Eric Wong will be running a FREE conditioning workout after my MMA Lesson at our 45th anniversary Open House this Saturday (March 26th).

Come out and learn MMA Techniques in my  one hour class from 1:45pm-2:45pm and then learn what it takes to get into fight shape (and ripped up in the process) by jumping into Eric’s workout afterwards. You’ll also see why Eric has been sought out as a trainer by so many high level professional fighters.

Register online now by CLICKING HERE and your spot will be confirmed (guaranteeing you your free Joslin’s t-shirt and week of lessons as well).

Earlier on, that same day we are also offering FREE Women’s Cardio Kickboxing and Self Defense classes as well as 2 exciting workouts for kids.

Here’s the full schedule of training sessions:

10:00am – Doors Open
10:30am-11:15am – Youth Martial Arts Class (ages 4-12)
11:15am-Noon – Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class (ages 7-12)
Noon-1pm – Women’s Self Defense Class (adults and teens ages 13+)
1pm-1:45pm – Women’s Cardio Kickboxing (adults and teens ages 13+)
1:45pm-2:45pm – MMA Class (adults and teens ages 13+)
2:45pm-3:15pm (Gym 2) – “Getting into Top Shape” with Coach Eric Wong (ages 13+)
2:45pm (Gym 1) – Kickboxing Demonstration

======> First 100 attendees will receive a free Joslin’s MMA T-shirt and a free week of lessons. CLICK HERE and fill out the form to confirm your spot as one of the first 100.

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In celebration of our 45 years in business, Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts is having an open house on Saturday, March 26th, 2011.

Everyone is welcome to come out and join in –or simply watch– on what will be a great day of FREE martial arts training.

There’s is something for everyone to take part in!

At 10:30 a.m I’ll be teaching a 45 minute class for kids ages 4-12. Bring your son or daughter in to learn simple and highly effective self defense skills while they have fun training in a safe environment.

Following that will be a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class at 11:15am for kids ages 7-12. One of the best forms of self defense, this confidence building martial art is too much fun to put into words. Participants will have smiles ear to ear as they drill and practice many highly effective techniques.

For both of the above youth classes parents are invited to sit close by and take in all the action.

At noon, it’s time for the women to kick some butt as they will spend an hour of training devoted to building self defense skill. I’ll be teaching participants how to defend and escape from the most common attacks that occur in realistic street assault situations.

Participants will also receive a free copy of my “Ultimate Guide to Personal Safety: 26 Tips that Could Save Your Life!”

After the self defense lesson, at 1pm Joslin’s Martial Arts founder Rick Joslin will be teaching a Women’s Cardio Kickboxing session that is guaranteed to get you sweating. Come out and see why our Cardio Kickboxing program has become so popular.

and lastly at 1:45 pm…

I’ll be teaching an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class for anyone 13 years or older.

Learn how to punch, kick, knee, elbow and defend yourself on the ground. Get ready for a great workout as I run you through the most important fundamentals that make up the great sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Dress code for the classes is simple. Wear some shorts and a T-shirt or anything you (or you children)  feel comfortable working out in.

After the final class, there will be a kickboxing demonstration.

Schedule of Events

10:00am – Doors Open
10:30am-11:15am – Youth Martial Arts Class (ages 4-12)
11:15am-Noon – Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class (ages 7-12)
Noon-1pm – Women’s Self Defense Class (adults and teens ages 13+)
1pm-1:45pm – Women’s Cardio Kickboxing (adults and teens ages 13+)
1:45pm-2:45pm – MMA Class (adults and teens ages 13+)
2:45pm-3:15pm (Gym 2) – “Getting into Top Shape” with Coach Eric Wong
2:45pm (Gym 1) – Kickboxing Demonstration

======> First 100 attendees will receive a free Joslin’s MMA T-shirt and a free week of lessons. Fill out the form below to confirm your spot as one of the first 100.



See you on the mats!

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Over 50 BJJ’ers hit the mats for this weekend’s Alliance BJJ team training session at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton.

Many techniques were practiced and shared and the action didn’t slow down one bit as everyone rolled for over two solid hours.

Thanks to everyone that came out to train. See you at the next session!

Here’s a video with some of the action!

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What a great weekend this past one was! On Saturday everyone at Joslin’s MMA had a busy day. First off, a large group of students came out early in the day to compete in the “Prostate Cancer Fundraiser” In-house tournament which was being held in Hamilton, Ontario at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts.

All of the students did awesome! As referee I witnessed some great battles as everyone fought their butts off in support of a great cause. Four hours later it was all done and there were a lot of smiles on the faces of everyone who competed, especially those who picked up a medal in the process.

For many of the white belt competitors the event was the first competition they had ever entered and I thought they all did very well. Throughout the day their were some slick submissions, a few crazy scrambles and a few big take downs as well. I’ve put together a video with some of the highlights that were caught on our camera…

Thanks to Debbie for all your help setting things up and to Luke for bringing us the great idea of hosting such an event. Also thanks to all who came out to compete and watch the event. Great job!

After the tournament there was a grading where I presented two of my students with their Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (the first 2 I’ve ever given out). I’ll post about that –and share video– very soon.

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I wanted to congratulate all of my students that competed in the Grappler’s Quest Canadian National Championships a few weeks back.

The team results were just posted on the Grappler’s Quest website and it looks like we placed 4th overall as a team.
Great job guys!

Overall “Best Grappling Team in Canada” for 2010
1st place- Toronto BJJ (153 pts)
2nd place- Xtreme Couture (125 pts)
3rd place- Team Griffind (106 pts)
4th place- Joslins (94 pts)
5th place- Gracie Barra (71 pts)
6th place- Northern Black Dragon (62 pts)
7th place- Caique (58 pts)
8th place- Kno MMA (43 pts)
9th place- RGDA, Lin Martial Arts (42 pts)
10th place- Franco Behring (38 pts)

Click here to view the full results

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UFC 124 (Montreal, Quebec) ROAD TRIP!!!!

Join me and hundreds of excited fight fans on Roger Singh’s UFC 124 (December 11th) Bus Trip to Montreal, Quebec.

I’ll be on board as a fighter guest for the trip to the bell center and will be giving away some free t-shirts, free memberships to Joslin’s MMA and signed UFC pics as well.

This awesome road trip package includes: a 400 level ticket, the bus trip from Hamilton to Montreal, a one night stay at the Sheraton Hotel occupies 4 to a room for $400 or for $500 occupies two a room.

For more information or to get tickets contact me by email at

See you on the bus!

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