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A revamped version of Jeff Joslin’s fight highlight reel created recently.

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Here’s a video with some behind the scenes footage taking during my 6-week stay in Iowa at Spencer Fishers training camp.

It also includes video from the week leading up to Spencer’s fight against Kurt Warburton in London, England at UFC 120.

Over 50 BJJ’ers hit the mats for this weekend’s Alliance BJJ team training session at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton.

Many techniques were practiced and shared and the action didn’t slow down one bit as everyone rolled for over two solid hours.

Thanks to everyone that came out to train. See you at the next session!

Here’s a video with some of the action!

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So I guess Wanderlei Silva was doing some light sparring and having some fun with the participants at one of his seminars when this guy came up for his turn. Wow!

Starting the playful session with the calmness of a seasoned pro, the young man shocks the crowd by scoring a beautifully timed front kick to Silva’s solar plexus that had to hurt. As Wandy tries hard to figure out the range, the kid answers back with a beautiful spinning back kick that’s right on the mark. He’s dominating the striking that’s for sure.

After taking a few shots, Wandy swings wildly, shoots in for a take down and gets it after some serious defense shown by his opponent. The kid establishes his guard, putting Wanderlei right where he wants him. With some serious encouragement from his Dad –I think it is– who’s holding the camera from a safe distance away, he starts to hammer Silva’s lower back and kidneys with his heels.

Now that move is completely illegal in MMA but not during light sparring sessions at seminars. Obviously this kid knows the rules of the game!

Time expires soon after, ending a very close round of action.

Wait a minute!

Please don’t take anything I wrote above seriously except for the first part about light sparring.

It was all a joke!

This teenager and his father –if that’s who’s talking on the video– have some serious issues.

Taking play sparring way too serious and actually trying to hit Wanderlei hard while doing it?

What did they think, he was going to win? Lol

He’s very lucky that Wanderlei chose only to slap him around instead of pounding him out. My hat is off to Silva for dealing with this idiot is such a calm manner.

Here’s the video…

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UFC Parody Video

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Came across another cool MMA video made by some fight fan. Luckily some people spend the time making stuff like this to entertain us.

and here it is…

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Check out this story of a man who overcame adversity only to be shut out of pro MMA. 😉

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Jay Leno Show: Obama Strikes Back!

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Funny video from the Jay Leno show, poking fun at the Volkmann incident.

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Wrestling – Big Throws

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The title pretty much says it all. Some great takedowns and throws that score big points. Enjoy the video…

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As I cruised around some MMA internet forums  tonight –I can’t sleep– I noticed a video titled “Worst Referee Stoppages and Mistakes in MMA”. I started watching it then all of a sudden, bam! I was in it.

I guess the creator had come across my fight with Jon Fitch and decided to include it in his mix.

Our starring role starts at the 2:15 mark but be sure to watch the entire video as it’s a great one!

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Check out this video where the referee is mistaken for the other fighter by a guy who was rocked by a hard punch. Crazy!

It makes me remember the times I used to watch my father referee back in the day. He was the head referees in Ontario and had a unique style of doing his job in there. He wouldn’t put up with any crap and did a great job of keeping the action going strong.

Problem was, as a teenager I was always nervous that a fighter would try to hit him for some reason or another. I could never just sit back and enjoy the fights; instead I’d keep watching closely, watching for any trouble.

If this would have happened to my Dad I probably would have jumped in the cage to help pull the guy off, although I really don’t think my Dad needed any help in there.

Cruising around Youtube I came across this vid too. It looks like being a ref in any sport can be dangerous…

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