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Spencer woke up today weighing in the 160’s; One hundred and sixty-nine pounds to be precise. That’s not too bad and he should be able to come down a little bit more before he has to shed his water weight to make it under the designated one hundred and fifty-five pound limit.

Spencer is out on the huge matted floor that makes up the main gym, jumping rope as I write this. He says his body is a lot better and that he might want to do some sparring later today. That was great to hear.

The group of guys training here are really great people. I’m really going to miss training with them all when I return home after Spencer’s fight at UFC 120. I’ve invited all of them to come up to my martial arts school anytime they like so hopefully they can all make a road trip up sometime in the future to train with my students back home. That being said, it’s going to be awesome to roll, teach and train with my crew of guys when I get back to Hamilton and resume my regular teaching/training schedule.

I’m going to close up the laptop for a bit and go help some the guys in the day class with their punching technique…

We’ve already returned to the house but let me catch you up on what we did earlier. After working his team through some techniques, Spencer threw on his gear and I donned my hand mitts as my mind zeroed in on the things I wanted to focus on during the upcoming rounds. When it was all over, my arms were on fire! Spencer had just put in his best pad work of the entire camp. All of it is on tape including the final three minute, one hundred percent intense, non-stop punch out round. There were a few kicks and spinning back fists mixed in but he didn’t stop working for the entire duration of the round!

At this point in the camp I’m feeling very honoured to be part of this journey as he prepares for his upcoming fight with UFC newcomer Kurt Warburton.

Here’s the video of his final 3 minute conditioning round on the mitts:

After all of that, we hit up the stadium once again for our final workout over there. I sat out of the session for a few reasons: I’m getting too damn skinny; I wanted to get some video footage of it all; and I can’t keep up with the Spencer anymore now that he is in top fight shape. Over the last week or so, he’s been turning things up a notch that’s for sure.

Back at the house now, I’m going to do a short workout of my own now, then it’s time to hit the gym again, for what may be Spencer’s final mixed martial arts sparring session. I’ll write more a little later…

Man, I got hooked working on a small highlight video of today’s pad work session with Spencer. My addictive personality took over and I ended spending an hour or two on just that. I still plan to do my work out sometime later tonight.

A quick drive finds us back at the gym now. I just had a long talk with the gym owner Jai Johnson, resident boxing coach Nile Pena, and one of his students about old sport karate days. It turns out Jai and I were competing around the same time back in the day, he in NASKA and myself in the National Black Belt League. In his office we watched a few cool videos and our conversation brought up a lot of great memories from back when I was a teenager. It’s great to be around good people and through martial arts I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many of them over the years.

Spencer’s is teaching class right now. I’m not sure if he needs me to show anything to the group but I’m going to go over and see if he does…

I ended up showing a few MMA guard passes that went along well with the slick techniques that Spencer had showed them previously. Afterwards, everyone rolled for a bit. It was a good test for Spencer since he hasn’t been able to grapple very much over the last few days. Several five minute rounds later, he spent one final round smashing strikes down into a ground and pound bag. Looks like “The King” is back in top form!

Back in my basement level bedroom, I’m very tired and looking back at todays journal post I think I’ve written almost too much. Time for some sleep!

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One hundred and seventy two pounds! That was Spencer’s weight this morning which isn’t too bad.

Spencer shared that very important number with me just before we headed out for striking training this morning. Sitting out of training for a few minutes while the guys warm-up, I grabbed my laptop and I’m now sitting off to the side of the gym typing this up.

I woke up extra early this morning, at around seven o’clock so that I could call home and wish my son a happy 12th birthday before he left for school. He was so energized over the phone! Yes, I’m sure it was a little bit because we were talking to each other but I think his excitement was due to the fact that my wife and I gave him the new Halo video game as a present. Combine that with the fact that he is now allowed to use his x-box again –he was grounded off of it for not listening well– and you’ve got a recipe that will make him smile.

I’m very happy for him and really look forward to seeing him, my daughter Kaiya and my wife Corene again when I return home from England on the day following Spencer’s fight. Without a doubt, after all I’ve been through in my career and personal life; I’ve realized that family really is truly the most important thing in the world.

Well, time to jump into class and help the crew with their technical practice. I’ll be back to write more soon…

Class went really well. Spencer worked with me on the hand mitts again, this time for around five or six five-minute rounds. Very smooth throughout all of the rounds, Spencer worked at around seventy-five percent intensity which allowed us to focus on ultra solid technique.

A few of Spencer’s friends (in the post picture above), some really nice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys, visited the gym to see Spencer and get some training in as well. I ended having a couple of good rolls with them and felt really good on the mats. I think all this conditioning is paying off as I seem to have endless energy during training lately. I’ll have to check my weight again tonight because I feel like I’m back into the 180’s.

After training, Spencer and I headed out for another jog. Thirty-five minutes later we were done the run and pretty tired. I’m sitting in the car right now waiting for Spencer as he talks with a local business owner that he was contacted by, about potentially becoming a sponsor for his upcoming fight.

It’s getting a little late but I think I’m going to test out another MMA QuickStart Workout when I get home. Way too much exercise for one day but I’ve got to get everything ready for the program’s launch date….

Well it doesn’t look like I have time to work out here at Spencer’s house after all. We ended up spending over a half hour getting Spencer’s worked on by Doctor Smahl. The Doc suggested Spencer take training off tonight to give himself a necessary break. I’ll be heading back to the gym in around fifteen minutes for the night class. Be back to post more soon!

We finished training about an hour or so ago. Now I’m sitting in the middle of the men’s change room at a local fitness gym while Spencer sits in the sauna seeing how much weight he can cut in the next twenty minutes. Some old naked dude is towelling off beside me and must be thinking to himself why is the guy sitting in here typing on his laptop. Good, he just left as I finished typing that sentence.

Anyways, despite having to rest completely tonight, Spencer still taught his class, throwing some punches and then some kicks throughout the entire lesson. He really does a great job instructing and it’s obvious that he cares a ton about every one of his students as he always takes the time to help them out in every way that he can.

The guy never gets a break from his phone though; I can hear him talking on it right now while he’s in the sauna. The thing is ringing and beeping all day long with text messages and phone calls. There’s never any down time for him when he’s carrying that thing.

I’m going to grab my video camera and get a little footage of him cutting weight. I’ll post some more in a bit…

After a little more time lurking around the men’s washroom like a pervert or something while I waited for Spencer, I was happy when he came out of the Sauna. We headed home and I talked with the wife for a bit soon after we got in. I then forced myself to work out –yes, another test my training program– even though I was really sore.

After I was done I met my wife online for another game of Scrabble. Coming off my first win in like 50 matches, I was pumped to do it again. Back to back victories over my wife would be something special.

It didn’t happen…In fact she just beat my ass badly! . The nice thing is that she follows every beating that she puts on me with an “I love u” message which seems to lessen the pain of losing a little bit.

I guess it’s time for me to get some sleep. I’m wiped out after that type of ass whoopin…

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Arrgh!! I had a couple of bad dreams last night that really made me miss being home with the family.

After realizing that I was just dreaming, I waited for about thirty minutes before waking Spencer up. It was already around nine o’clock in the morning but it didn’t take very long for us to grab some food and head to the gym for the first training session of the day.

We got there a little bit late because of some bad luck which came in the form of a minor fender bender that happened after another car clipped us on our way to the gym. That sucked! Roughly thirty minutes later we were back en route to our training destination.

Once there, we started class right away. I worked the group through a bunch drills that I like to use to warm-up my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. After everyone was warm I showed a few of my most important details regarding taking and attacking from the back position. While we were practicing Spencer’s was feeling a bit sore so he decided to sit out and rest for a bit before we headed to to the stadium after class for another run. That run went very well as I watched Spencer fly around the track over and over again with great speed.

With us still having twelve days until fight time, and Spencer already in excellent shape, a session or two off when he needs it will do him good.

Back home now, I’m going to do a little workout of my own, here in Spencer’s basement for about forty five minutes and probably grab some food after that. Then it’s back to the gym for another groundwork practice. If Spencer feels up to it, I’ll have him do some light pad work and shadow fighting to break a good sweat as he continues his weight cut down to 155lbs…

We just got back from the night training session. Good news is that most of Spencer’s pain had subsided and he was feeling pretty good during training. Even better is the fact that he worked steadily through thirty minutes of intense mitt work. We worked on a few new combos and strung them together with some older combinations so that some sequences consisted of more than ten techniques. It’s been great to get Spencer’s input as to how he likes to hit pads because he’s got me holding for some techniques that are new to me as well. New tricks are always a great thing to have for both fighters and coaches!

Oh yeah, I did have Spencer punch-out for the final three minutes of his last pad round, but I’d say it was at about seventy-five percent intensity. I’ll be sure to get some video of us doing the full intensity three minute blast that’s for sure. It’s very rare that a person ever gets into the kind of peak physical shape that a professional MMA fighter is in when they are fully prepared to fight.

Now that I’m retired from fighting I really regret not having recorded some of the insane tear-inducing training sessions I went through, the countless in-ring wars I endured, and the other stuff that I’ve experienced while getting ready for my fights. It’s that kind of stuff that will be great to show the grand kids some day or use to scare my seven year old daughters future boyfriends away.

I rolled with a bunch of guys before holding the mitts for Spencer, so I was able to get a really good workout in myself. Too tired to do much else…I just watched about half of the new karate kid movie, talked with my wife for a bit and now I’m lying in bed ready to catch some zzz’s.

Tomorrow we have some guys visiting to train at the morning session which should be fun…

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Early morning MMA sparring!

Gotta love getting punched in the face right after waking up. That’s what Spencer’s sparring partners were feeling today as we switched them into to spar with him one after another for every single round. Eight rounds later, Spencer threw his sweat drenched t-shirt to the side, took a few minutes to rest and then came back to work through two more rounds on the hand mitts.

I was really impressed at how he handled so many three minute rounds of hard training. That was until I went to reset the timer and noticed that the rounds were set to run for four minutes! Then I was ultra impressed. The scheduled three five minute rounds at UFC 120 will feel short for Spencer compared to the way he’s been training, especially if he knocks this guy out early in the fight. A Ko of the night or submission of the night would be awesome! I think it could definitely happen.

After training it was off to the trails for another forty minute run. It’s getting really tough to keep up with Spencer during our recent roadwork sessions and that’s a very good thing; It’s obvious he’s is getting in better shape all the time. We’ve had to train around a few aches and pains but that’s expected after all the training we’ve done so far. I remember that for me, at this point in my own training camps, it’s always my biceps and elbows that burn, ache and throb so much that it’s almost unbearable. I don’t miss that feeling one bit.

I think some drilling of arm lock attacks, triangles and ways of standing up from the bottom instead of overdoing the full out live grappling for a day or two should do the trick in helping that pain subside.

I’m going to chill out for a bit and then get some sleep, to rest up for tomorrow’s training session. I’m really going to make Spencer work hard on the mitts, both boxing and Muay Thai style. The final three minutes of his final will be non-stop punching. Should be good!

Good night…

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A Day Off From Our Regular MMA Training

With it being Sunday –our day off training– Spencer slept in pretty late this morning. After not being able to sleep very well I got up and worked out for a while in the basement. The workout, from my MMA QuickStart program was more of a groundwork based workout. Even though I’m in good shape it was still pretty challenging. I think beginners will really love it and I think a lot of the people that purchase the program should take before and after photos as I think they be getting a lot leaner in the process of learning the mixed martial arts game.

I kind of just sat around the house most of the day, eating a few meals here and there but not doing much else. A few hours ago Spencer and I headed out to catch a movie at the local theatre. We ended up staying for two different movies. The first was a scary movie called “Let me in”. I won’t say too much about it in case you want to see it but it was a pretty good one.

After that movie we sat in the middle of the theatre hallway for a while deciding which movie to watch next. I found it pretty funny that at this theatre nobody was waiting to take your tickets when you entered the movie area meaning you could probably just walk in and go see any movie without paying if you felt like it. I snuck in a bottle of diet coke and a big bag of trail mix to save some cash but ended up still buying some buttered popcorn anyways.

I kind of felt like seeing “Wall Street” after hearing that it was a good one but Spencer seemed keen on entering the theatre that was showing the movie called “Devil”. By now, I’ve gathered the guy loves his scary movies. It really didn’t matter too much to me so we ended up seeing the latter of the two. It turned out to be a really good movie and turned out to be a lot different than I thought it would be. Afterwards I was definitely glad we saw it.

It’s getting pretty late now so I think I’m going to go get some sleep, after calling my wife that is. She sent me a text an hour or so ago about an interview that I might do with the MMA Meltdown show sometime tomorrow. Hopefully I can fit it into our busy training schedule. This coming week will be the hardest training of the entire camp…

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I woke up a little later than usual this morning: sometime close to noon. Since I wasn’t exactly sure when Spencer wanted to train I got up, grabbed some food and got ready to test another workout from my MMA Quickstart training system. I’ve been trying to structure every workout in the program to last around an hour and it’s been working out well so far. I’m also finding the workouts to be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. I’m really excited to see how people that are new to the sport enjoy the training program.

About the same time that I finished my workout, in the middle of Spencer’s basement, I heard a yell from Spencer. He was asking me if I wanted to head outside to go for a run with him. Five minutes later we were in his car, driving quickly –and I mean quickly– to one of the many trails we’ve been running lately.

We used the first five minutes of jogging as a warm-up and after that I used my watch to tell when each minute passed. Running at average pace for a minute then turning up the speed for the next minute, we continued this pattern for an entire thirty minutes. During the last two minute long burst, I had a really hard time keeping up with Spencer and fell a good ten feet behind him. He’s definitely getting into peak condition as fight day get closer.

Arriving back at the car, Spencer did an intense five minute round of shadow fighting on a grassy area located ten feet from the parking area. He threw countless punches, kicks and knees and during the last minute I called out times for him to sprawl in between punching combos. He pushed hard throughout it all. After that it was back home for us…

Now, I’ve got to tell you that Spencer and I have a lot in common. One thing is definitely our “Sweet tooth”. As much as I do, Spencer loves his candy and cans of coke. I’m trying my best to motivate him –by eating clean myself– to keep his diet clean so that he will have an easier time making weight as well as looking ultra fit come fight time. He’s doing a great job of keeping his eating on point and as a fighter I know how damn tough that can be to do.

Taking the night time training session off, we decided to head out to do some hunting. For a few unexpected reasons we didn’t end up on the hunt but we did get a chance to scope out the hunting grounds and even saw a few buck and does during the walk we took throughout the forest and fields located roughly forty-five minutes away from Spencer’s home.

Back home now, I’m alone in my room eating a bag of cheddar cheese combos that I bought when Spencer wasn’t looking. I didn’t want to distract him, with bad food so I had to be sneaky.

I think I’m going to head upstairs now and watch a movie. Either that or test out another QuickStart workout which would be my third training session of the day. I’m still not quite sure what I feel like doing…

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MMA Sparring Overload

Wow, the time is flying!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. We’re all looking forward to a day off this weekend; one day of rest to allow Spencer’s body to regain some strength and recover from all the hard work he’s been putting in at the gym. He’s really tired lately but that’s a very good sign. If this week and the next are too easy, the fight will be difficult as he will have not trained as hard as he should have. He is exactly where he needs to be right now. The final week before his fight at UFC 120 will consist of much less training. We’ll work on the focus mitts in shorter, more intense intervals, tighten up ground fighting skills and get Spencer ready to make weight. However, before then we still have another solid week of ultra intense training.

This morning we focused on small glove sparring, with Spencer scrapping through four 5-minute rounds. To make things tougher for him, his sparring partners switched out every two and a half minutes which kept them fresh and aggressive. After all that was done I held the hand mitts for Spencer as he put in one more five minute round of intense work. We’re really starting to work well together in that aspect of training. Even after all the hard sparring rounds he was punching the mitts with super balance and focus.

In my room now, I just uploaded some more training videos to my laptop. I should be able to put together a really cool highlight of the training camp when I return home.

I’ve got the feeling that we’re going to head out for a run in a bit…

Oh yeah I forgot to let you know how the scrabble game went with the wife last night. I was so tired that I almost didn’t play with her. After she talked me into it we got to it and thirty minutes or so later she ended up being too tired to play. We saved the game at that point and I’m proud to say that the score was all tied up. Hopefully tonight I can take the lead and pull off the elusive and seemingly impossible victory.

I’ll post more after our run and final training session at the gym…

Night time training was great tonight. Spencer worked his group of fighters through a couple of great Thai combinations mixing in elbows, knees and flying knees. I’m definitely going home with awesome new tricks in my bag. Afterwards Spencer sparred with the big gloves on for four five minutes rounds against a fresh guy every two and a half minutes. Moving his head very well, he was avoiding a lot of strikes and landed an awesome spinning back fist –we’ve been working on it a ton– on one of his sparring partners. It definitely rocked the guy quite a bit.

Spencer works extremely well from within the clinch so I think that’s why he’s often finding himself there during sparring. Next sparring session which will probably be on Monday night, we’re going to work more on fighting from a slightly longer range so that he will be able to land more punching –and kicking– combinations. Also if he hurts his opponent with a strike from that extended range it will be very tough for the other guy to grab onto him for safety. He’s really turning his body into his punches now and If he can put that to full use against Warburton at UFC 120. I can definitely see him ending the fight with a solid right hook.

After training Spencer and I hit the town with a few of the fighters. Just getting in the door I’m pretty tired so I think I’m going to go get some sleep…

Here’s a few short clips from our padwork. More to come…

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Spencer’s weight was quite a bit lower this morning; the display on the scale showed 173 lbs. After another hard day of training today, I think he’ll be even lower when he jumps on the scale tomorrow morning.

In what has become our regular workout routine, we were once again off to the gym for some 9:30am training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was our focus this morning and we started by practicing of a few ways to work back to the feet from the guard position. Following the technique drilling everyone rolled with a partner for an eight minute round. We repeated that routine several times over with everyone switching partners between each round.

Immediately after the training session we were immediately in our cars –I was in Spencer’s obviously since my Joslin-mobile is back in Canada– en route to the Bettendorf Stadium to get some running in. We had to adjust our workout because a class from the high school was using the track when we got there. Focusing solely on stair climbing, we sprinted up and down the stadium seating  over and over again until the track was free. Five high speed laps around the track with sprints mixed was enough to finish the job. We were all pretty damn tired.

Next thing on our agenda, was a visit to a local sushi restaurant where I grabbed some chicken teriyaki and a huge glass of water. The food was good but I’ve got to say that the service was absolutely horrible.

After we left the restaurant Spencer, his daughter and I drove about forty five minutes to the place where we’ll be doing some hunting on our day off this weekend. We picked up a few strategically placed cameras that Spencer had set up a few days prior. Positioned mainly along the edge of a heavily treed area, their purpose was to catch what kind of deer activity was going on in that area. After an hour or so of walking through soy bean crops and some wooded patches we headed back home. Well not really home; we went to the gym for another training session instead.

Once there, I put Spencer to work on the pads for two rounds of ten minutes each. He did a great job but I could tell that he was really feeling tired; his body obviously beginning to feel the effects of the massive amount of training that he’s been putting it through lately. No worries though; It’s totally normal to feel that way during this time in the training schedule –when he’s training the hardest –but regardless it always feel like crap. There’s no doubt that he’s really looking forward to one day off this weekend so that his body can get a little recovery time. By the end of next week I think he’s going to hate going to the gym and will despise the thought of training in general. That’ll be perfect because it means that he’s done exactly what he needs to do to prepare for this upcoming fight. A light week of training before the fight will re-energize him and allow his body to regain it’s strength. There’s no doubt in my mind that on October 16th, Spencer “The King” Fisher will be ready for a war inside that octagon!

Back at Spencer’s place now, I just got off the phone with my wife. She’s calling me back in a bit so that we can meet up online for our daily scrabble challenge. I still haven’t won a friggin match against her and I must admit it’s really starting to bug me.

Tonight I will win, I must win! Wish me luck…

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I ended up waking up around 9:30 this morning. After grabbing some food, we hit the gym for the first training session of the day. I think Spencer is sitting around 175 lbs. today so we’ve got to train hard to help him drop some more weight. Diet will also be critical at this point for him so he’ll have to stay on point by eating really clean.

At the gym, I put Spencer through his toughest pad workout to date. Seven 5-minute rounds with a 30 second break in between each. We worked boxing and Thai techniques and I had him punch out the final round by working non-stop for an entire two minutes. He’s looking really good; hitting with more leverage all the time and really starting to turn his hips into every one of his strikes.

After training I slipped out to a restaurant with Eric –one of Spencer’s students– to grab a gyro sandwich. I had been craving one for over a week and the thing turned out to be as good as I had imagined! I try not to eat too much food in front of Spencer as I don’t want to throw him off of his own diet. I still remember the time when I was getting ready for a fight and my coach kept eating big, thick Wendy’s Frostys in front of me during our long drive to the fight. That really sucked! I’m trying my best not to put Spencer in that same position. That being said I needed to eat the Gyro so I did, but I made sure to do it discreetly.

Spencer is at the doctor’s office right now. When he gets back we’re hitting the pavement for another run…Be back soon.

Running for nearly 40 minutes we kept a good pace but didn’t push too hard because there was still another training session to follow.

With not much time before the final workout of the day, after getting home I quickly grabbed a small meal –cottage cheese and pineapple– and packed up my training bag.

At the gym, my job was to watch and coach Spencer while he sparred. For five 5-minute rounds he worked with the same partner although we did change up the focus during each of those rounds. The first three were pretty much regular sparring. The last two however Spencer worked on his defensive movements and jabbing skills and for the entire last minute of the final round I had him and his training partner work body shots only. I absolutely love finishing sparring rounds with that body shot drill because it promotes aggression, intensity and toughness and you can really throw some solid shots since you don’t have to worry about punches to the head. it’s a great exercise to condition the midsection of a fighter.

Ryan Farhat, Spencer’s sparring partner throughout the workout, commented on how it was a lot harder to land strikes on Spencer. As a coach that was great to hear and seeing Spencer successfully pull of some of the combinations we’ve been working on was awesome as well. I look for Spencer to land some solid body shot during his fight and maybe if things work out for the best, he puts this kid out with a perfectly timed spinning back fist. He’s really been hitting hard with that strike!

I just called home and my son answered the phone. Man, I miss that little guy. He’s up late since my wife headed out to bingo with one of her friends. I’ll probably wait up to talk with her then it’s off to bed. This weekend, on our day off, Spencer might be taking me out hunting. That should be interesting…

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Woke up this morning feeling not so great; Mostly tired, unable to concentrate well and a little grumpy.

During our morning training session Spencer and I worked some striking drills back and forth with each other for a few rounds and then he sparred –with small gloves on– in the cage with several different partners. Five full rounds later we were done and it was back to home for a bit.

Spencer then suggested we make the short drive to the gun range so that I could fire off some of his guns. Now I don’t know much about guns but I think Spencer’s got a few guns that aren’t commonly owned by the general population. The standout one being his .50 calibre rifle. The damn bullets for that thing are almost as long as my entire hand.

I was excited about trying them all out so we decided to go.

Getting there, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected. It was an out door range that anyone could go to with their weapons and just kind of did their own thing. I thought there would be somebody working there, overseeing the safety of everyone and enforcing certain rules but it turned out way more laid back. Anytime we’d need to go look or adjust our targets on the field, Spencer would check to see that no one was firing and yell out a loud “Down Range!”. Then he’d start to walk onto the field.

Anyways once our targets were set, Spencer taught me the basics about gun safety, had me load my own magazine with bullets then handed me the loaded gun. it looked like one of the guns from the video game “Call of Duty”.  I believe he called it an AR rifle.  It was a strange but powerful feeling holding the thing. I aimed at a small yellow circular target in the distance and after firing off a bunch of rounds I noticed that my aim was true with at least one of the bullets. The other four or five hit slightly below and left of the target,

Next up, we started shooting with some sort of Sniper rifle. I watched Spencer and his wife Emily take turns shooting and they were both pretty damn good. I made sure to ask a few questions so that I didn’t screw up when it was my turn.

When it was my turn, I sat down and positioned the rifle as I gazed down the field and lined the scope up towards the target. Resting the stock against my shoulder and pressing my chin into the stock, I tried to keep a little distance between my eye and the scope — Spencer had told me that the kick back could cause the scope to cut my eye. With the target in the crosshairs of the scope, I found it almost impossible to remain steady enough to be confident with my aim. It honestly took me close to twenty seconds before I pulled the trigger. The shot ended up missing the target but just by a bit and I was pretty happy that. Not too bad for a Canadian with like zero gun experience.

While we were using the sniper rifle, Spencer’s big gun –the .50 calibre– was set up on the ground beside us. When a few of the other people on the gun range noticed it they asked us if we would give them a warning before we shot it. I guess the thing is louder than you can imagine and sends some sort of shock wave through the air after it’s been fired. I was becoming a little nervous about shooting it myself after hearing that.

After all the build-up we ended up having a problem with the .50 cal and didn’t even get to use it. A piece on the gun wasn’t working right so we decided to pack up and head home. I had a ton of fun shooting with Spencer and Emily and even got some video of my experience there which was very, very cool. I’d definitely go back again.

A few hours later we were back in the gym. Spencer had the group work through some striking combinations then I showed one way that I like to sweep or work back to my feet from my guard. After that it was many rounds of rolling jiu-jitsu inside the cage.

Back home now, I was about to play scrabble online with my wife but I think she fell asleep on me. She’s been getting bad headaches lately which must really suck for her.

I guess I’m off to get some sleep instead of getting my ass kicked online…

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