I Fixed my Laptop!


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I finally got my laptop up and running again! Sadly I felt lost without the thing.

Someone stepped on it a few weeks ago and cracked the the screen. I was able to use it for a little while by pulling all the windows and programs over to the top left corner of the screen which was somehow still working a bit.

Anyways, after waiting a few weeks for my new screen to arrive (got it on Ebay),  I couldn’t wait to get it working so I decided to give the repair job a try. What was I thinking?!

Following some instructions I found online, I took the thing apart into what was way more pieces than I had imagined. There must have been fifty screws laying on my living room floor at one point. After two hours of work I had the new screen placed where it needed to be only to find out it was the wrong #$%*(*& type! One plug wouldn’t fit!

A day later I was back on Ebay ordering another one, this time from Europe. Luckily it arrived in just a few days because my entire schedule was in that laptop and I was starting to have a hard time remembering what I had coming up on a daily basis. Inserting the new screen into the already dismantled laptop took only a few minutes but putting it back together was ridiculously difficult. After another two hours I had done it.

As I pushed the button to turn the laptop on, I was so excited! That emotion changed to disappointment and intense frustration when the screen showed only white.

Google help me!

Another search on the internet lead me to believe that the video cable attaching the screen to the motherboard was loose.  A hard push was probably all that it needed. Problem was that I had just reassembled the entire laptop!

I took the laptop apart again, tightened the video cable and reassembled the machine again in about an hour’s–my time improved because I was getting pretty damn good at it by that point– time.

It was once again time to hit…the button.

I did and it started. Even better it actually worked! If if didn’t I honestly would have begun stomping the thing into the ground.

Moral of the story? Bring your laptop to the professionals to get fixed and don’t be a cheap ass like me!

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  1. Fariba says:

    Impresssive !!!!!! WOWW…
    If my laptop breaks ,I am definetely taking it to a professional ……. that is to Jeff joslin ..LOL

    P,S I don’t think you were being cheap, It is the inborne trait in you to face a challenge and then conquer it .

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