A Post Concussion Moment…#1


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intex pool

Image is not of my actual pool or house

Sometime during 2007…

It ended up taking nearly a quarter of an hour to get the damn thing from my car to the spot that I was standing at now, at the back end of the customer service line at Walmart. I had done the best I could to fold up the gigantic square of thick vinyl which acted as the lining to the steel frame swimming pool my wife purchased sometime yesterday. Looking at the huge mass of blue material as it now hung wildly off of the dolly, partially impeding the thick flow of customers that were heading towards the exit doors, I realized that I had not done a very good job.

My two kids and I were all so excited when my wife had brought home the pool yesterday. The weather had been scorching over the last few days and my six year old daughter was getting angrier by the day, as she would commonly hear her eleven year old brother having a blast while he and his friends swam in the neighbours below ground pool. Telling her that she was too young to swim with only the boys did anything but calm her down. Getting our own swimming pool was the only solution.

The entire pool, made up of the blue vinyl liner, many attachable plastic pieces that formed a frame, and a connectable salt-water pump, had been set up in a matter of hours. I had read that the water filling process would take a long time. Throwing in our garden hose, I realized that the word long was an understatement, as the pool began to fill at a ridiculously slow rate. The kids and I jumped around in the inch or two of water that had be inserted into the pool before it was time for them to go to sleep. I’m sure we all slept well that night as we anticipated some super fun times in our pool the next day.

The next morning, I had woken up first and had quickly inspected the pool. Noticing that it had not filled as much as I had thought it would, I decided to take a closer look. A long search ended in me finding a slice in the liner that was allowing water to leak out of the pool onto the concrete base below. After two hours of disassembling, folding, packing and carrying, I ended up in this line at Walmart with my monstrous pool liner behind me. I was a little embarrassed as I stood there but was comforted by the thought that I would soon have a brand new liner packed nicely inside an easy to carry box.

My wife had told me that she had spoken to John, a manager at the store, and that he would take care of me when I arrived. Reaching the front of the customer service line, I told the young lady behind the counter something along those lines.

“Hold on for a moment please” she said, her eyes processing the image of the large blue liner that rose up behind me as if it were a tidal wave about to crash down upon all of us. A puzzled look crossed her face as she turned to enter one of the offices behind her. A feeling of worry set in as I imagined them not being able to exchange it for some reason.

Five minutes passed when a large man appeared from the office and introduced himself to me as the manager. His name was not John. It must have been a different manager that my wife had spoken to, I thought to myself. I proceeded to tell him about her conversation with the manager named John that she’d had over the phone earlier that day. Using an almost identical motion and with a similar facial expression, to that of the young customer service girl I spoke with initially, he excused himself, turning to retreat to his office.

Another ten minutes passed as the line-up behind me, and behind my mountain of blue vinyl, grew substantially. What’s the problem? I thought to myself as I began to feel a little uncomfortable about monopolizing the entire customer service area. The office door finally opened and out came the manager not named John. The puzzled look on his face had morphed to a mixture of confusion and a little frustration.

Stepping up to the counter he said, “We don’t have a manager here named John”.

“He’s not here today?” I asked him but before he could give an answer I continued, “My wife said she spoke with him and he said we could exchange our liner for a new one.” I replied, immediately noticing the voices of the customers waiting behind me getting louder as I finished the sentence. They didn’t sound very happy.

“We don’t have a manager named John.” he stated. My face took on a near mirror image of his, slightly different but I’m certain we both appeared equally confused.

“Can I see your receipt?” he asked. I shuffled throughout the pockets of my jacket. Pulling out a long piece of paper, the receipt he was looking for, I handed it over to his outreached hand. A split second later he looked up at me.

“This is not from our store Sir.” A massive amount of blood rushed to my face as the Walmart manager’s words set in. As soon as the receipt was returned to my hands, I scanned it quickly to confirm his statement. Zellers! My mind screamed at me. Zellers! You idiot! It repeated over and over again, seemingly mocking me, as I grabbed, turned and aggressively pushed my pool liner out of the store’s exit. In my mad rush to flee the store, the embarrassment and the line of customers whose time I had wasted, I nearly lost control of the dolly. After working my way back to my van, and repacking the liner inside the vehicle, I was seated in the front seat, deep in thought as I tried to remember what my wife had told me.

I could have sworn she said Walmart?
Man, this sucks!
Where the hell is Zellers?

Zellers turned out to be about twenty minutes away so I slammed the vehicle into drive and set out towards that new destination. An hour or so later, I was home, and we were all back in my backyard setting up our pool for the second time. Not one person knew anything about my embarrassing moment at Walmart and I’m sure it would have remained that way had I not acted on my intense urge to ask my wife what we had discussed about the pool prior to my item exchanging adventure.

It turns out that she had told me to return the pool liner to Zellers several times, and had even mentioned, the day before, that Walmart didn’t sell the type of pool we were looking for.

My excuse? This all happened during the time I was dealing with the initial symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome. Was it the fatigue I was feeling due to the PCS? Or the problems it was causing with my short term memory? Maybe the uncommon anxiety I felt about getting the pool up and running was the culprit? Or did I have difficulty concentrating well enough to read the receipt properly? I have no clue.

I’m glad and I’m sure all customer service employees around the Hamilton area are unknowingly glad that I’m feeling back to normal now and that the symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome are behind me. Please do something for me in return for my sharing of this embarrassing moment. Next time you punch someone really hard in training, please pass them on this vital tip…Double Check your receipts before heading out to make an exchange.

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  1. Paul says:

    Reminds me of the time my Dad tried to use Arby’s coupons at Harvey’s.
    Just a little embarising,

  2. Simon Hayes says:

    You’re doing a great job bringing this to everyones attention.It’s something
    that is rarely spoken about in MMA training but everyone needs to know the symptoms and the risks.I look forward to meeting you again next time i’m in Canada.
    Thanks for writing.

    Simon Hayes
    Carlson Gracie London Team

  3. CAROL JOSLING says:


  4. Paul Sheridan says:

    Yeah Jeff. You don’t need a concussion to do that. Fortunately there is not enough space here to document the number of times my mamory has…………….isn’t this the web site for Bang Brothers?

  5. Benny Suff says:

    hahahahahahah, great story.

  6. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Simon…It was great training with you during your last visit. Anytime your in the area you are always welcome bro!

    lol Paul, I wish it was.

    Thanks Paul and Carol for sharing your stories. I feel a little better now :).

  7. Epicurus says:

    I wouldn’t really worry too much about that. I’ve never suffered any serious blows to the head and I can easily do stuff like that any day of the week. It’s just the way the brain works, sometimes it just don’t always get it right, it happens.

    I also work at a electronics store, we get people trying to return items from other stores all the time, even steadfastly arguing with you until you literally have to shove the receipt they gave you in their face and point to where the name if the other store is in large print.

  8. Cory Dee says:

    Yea Jeff, as funny as this story is, it’s probably just acting off of habbit/assumptions. I can’t count the number of times my wife has caught me driving to the wrong place out of habbit. Getting on the highway going the wrong way and when she asks I realize my body went on autopilot and I started driving to work, or intending to go downtown and ending up turning down Queensdale, thinking I was going to a grappling class.

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