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Recently Hamilton Spectator reporter Jeremy Grimaldi stopped by to experience mixed martial arts training first hand. We entered the kickboxing ring at Joslin’s martial arts and I immediately put him to work ; One on one training, for nearly an hour straight starting with some basic punching and kicking techniques then progressing on to all of the other aspects of MMA including take downs, chokes and arm locks. When it was all over I must say that Iwas very impressed with Jeremy’s  work ethic and enthusiasm.

A few days later Jeremy wrote a cool article covering that first training experience and the sport in general. All the recent exposure that MMA has received in Ontario after becaming legal has caused many people to voice their opinions on the subject. Not surprisingly, there is still plenty of resistance towards the sport of mixed martial arts and it’s recent legalization in the province in Ontario. I really think the cause lies in a lack of education and a limited understanding as to what makes up the full contact sport and why athletes would choose to participate in it.

Yes, it’s a contact sport and there are definitely dangers associated with all contact sports including hockey, football, rugby, boxing and MMA, but the track record of MMA up to this point and time has proven that it is no more dangerous than any of the other sports I just mentioned. However things can change and if somehow in the future,  fighter’s begin to sustain serious and life altering injuries than I definitely support taking another look at it all.  I really don’t see that happening but for now, MMA deserves the chance it’s been given here in Ontario. Without a doubt the sport of mixed martial arts has earned it.

What people need to realize is that what they see on television, during a professional mixed martial arts bout, is drastically different from they way people train in the sport: Big Gloves (16 ounce) gloves are worn instead of the smaller 4 ounce versions; head gear is worn, sparring is optional; tapping out keeps submission holds from ever hurting your training partners; kids never spar with contact; lessons are well structured, great for physical conditioning and a ton of fun and black eyes and other injuries are extremely rare. If training was a rough as my pro fights I would have quit training a long, long time ago.

Those reasons are why I have hundreds of male and female students of all ages (3-60+) training boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling and mixed martial arts multiple times per week. It’s user friendly, highly addictive and more fun than you would imagine.

Here’s a link to Jeremy’s article ==> CLICK

and here’s some of the video footage from our MMA training session.

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