25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…


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It took me a little while to put this list together. I thought hard about both the present and the past tonight when I visited my mother in-laws place for dinner.

In the end I came up with a bunch of facts, some pretty embarrassing, that you probably don’t know about me.

In return for my honesty :),  do me one favour in return after reading the rest of this post. Comment and share at least one thing –hopefully more– that most people wouldn’t know about you. C’mon don’t be shy!

Anyways, here we go…

1)  I was on my grade school`s chess team for one year back in the day.

2)  My parents almost named me Lee instead of Jeff. My middle name is now Lee.

3)  My brother used to call me Bruce Pee because I would sometimes wet the bed when I was very young. I friggin hated that!

4)  I used to compete a lot with my “Bo Staff” when I was a teenager. (click to watch)

5)  I started training in martial arts when I was five under my father, Rick –who was a three time Canadian champion—but it wasn’t until I got into a fight in high school that I became motivated to devote my life to martial arts training.

6)  My two front teeth are fake due to a head butt that I received during one of my pro MMA fights. (click to watch)

7)  I place 2nd in the city (for our school board) for public speaking when I was 11 years old. I won $10 cash!

8 )  I tried out for “The Ultimate Fighter” show twice –making the final 10 in Boston– but was turned down because I was “Too quiet”.

9)  I am a computer RPG video game fanatic. I`ve had had characters on Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Neverwinter Nights and many other games. I currently have forced myself not to play them at all because I get way too addicted.

10)  I’ve sustained 22 injuries over a lifetime of martial arts training. The worst one being a cracked orbital bone. I couldn`t see straight for nearly 2 weeks!

11)  I had to defend myself in the street on the night of my brother’s wedding, while wearing a rented tuxedo! It kind of felt like I was James Bond as I was doing it. Luckily I got the grass stains out of the pants before I had to return them to the store.

12)  My first MMA Fight was inside a small night club in Montreal. They coolest part was that they had cages with Go Go Dancers inside them. In between every fight the girls would do their thing.

13)  I used to play AA hockey when I was young. A bad coach kinda ruined the sport for me.

14)  I failed English twice because I had zero interest in reading books at the time. I started this blog to make my former English teacher proud. Well not really, but I remain hopeful that she would be.

15)  I was in a hip hop group when I was 16. We did one live show. It went really well but beforehand I was more scared than I have ever been in my entire life.

16)  I`ve had a black eye in the pictures that were taken at almost every important event in my life including my wedding, my sister in-law`s wedding and many other important family events.

17) A week after my UFC fight we went out to a local bar. The owner –a great guy—gave me a VIP booth and a big bottle of Grey Goose vodka. I hadn`t drank any alcohol during the six months leading up to my fight and the stuff we drank that night hit me way too hard. So hard that when I got home I rushed to take a piss in what I thought was the bathroom. Turns out it wasn’t. My wife was not impressed…

18) Thanks to my 7 year old daughter’s influence I’m now a Justin Beiber fan. Did I just say that?

19) My favourite musical artist of all time is “Redman”.

20) My favourite movie is “Braveheart”.

21) The heaviest I’ve been in my life is 213 lbs. and the time when I was in the best shape was right before my fight with Josh Koscheck when I was weighing in at 186lbs with 6% body fat.

22) My favourite NHL hockey team has always been the Detroit Red Wings. My favourite player: Steve Yzerman of course.

23)  A while back, I got the opportunity to do the pre-game coin toss for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats season opener. I also got to lead the crowd of 30,000 fans through the  Tiger Cat’s Oskee-Wee-Wee cheer. That was really cool and the Hamilton fans are ­awesome!

24)  I have a 200 lbs. English Mastiff named “Zeena”.

25)  Today, I love the sport of martial arts more than ever. I also look forward to helping many others achieve their goals so that they can experience the great things that the sport has given me.

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  1. Bill Mehlenbacher says:

    Jeff, takes a lot of guts to be so honest, but nothing I would be embarrassed about.
    I do remember a time when my Daughter Nicole was going there, you had some
    in house fights, and you were sparring with a kick boxer you were traing for a fight’
    and he caught you with a good one and you broke your nose, Nicole and I felt so bad
    for you, but your won tough guy, keep up the good writing, I am sure your English teacher
    is proud of you now. Best of Luck Bill Mehlenbacher

  2. Richard townsend says:

    Only two stick out for me at the moment lol. As I’m sure I have quite a few embarrassing moments. When I was sparring in your ring and we had teams set up, I broke a girls nose, by accident, u may remember that Jeff. Your dad wouldn’t let me live that down for a long time lol. I still feel bad about that incident to this day. I think if remember, her name was Carrie. I also went on stage for air band in highschool to do a hip hop routine with an old friend wearing mc hammer pants. Needless to say when I got up there to do the set it wasn’t all that pleasant lmao. It was horrifying afterwards. Oh and one more I was in community theatre doing a Shakespeare play called much ado about nothing I played a police officer all my family was there I was doing fine. I thought I was done my line but I wasn’t and the actor on stage was quick he was trying to cue me for my next line I drew a blank. Luckly another who was suppose to come on after my line thought he missed his cue so there was a pause for a few secs which seemed
    to me like an eternity.

  3. jet says:

    hah you made my day jeff..tell me more about the fight yu had in high school and in the time you had to defend yourself in the night of your wedding!

  4. Lance Clarke says:

    That was a very good list. I guess one thing Iwould add about myself is I still enjoy watching Power Rangers. Especially now with my son.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Thanks for sharing Lance. you’re a good Dad! I never really got into power rangers too much. I’ll have to go back and check out a few episodes now :).

  5. Eric says:

    Nice Bo Staff skills! James Brown would have even been impressed.

    Let’s see… pretty embarrassing… = 9th grade wrestling team… not having any fuzz yet on the old twig and berries; having to stand in front of about 50 guys from both teams each week to weigh in. Too bad the internet wasn’t around back then… I could have ordered a Merkin. 🙂

    God, now I wish I was hairless. Who needs hair on their balls anyway? It just eventually falls out strand by strand and clogs the showers and bathroom floor.

    I hope I didn’t change the tone here… 🙂

  6. Anthony says:

    Great post, you definitely shared some great thing, the bruce pee name was mean, but very amusing.. Do you still play chess at all

  7. Tim says:

    really interesting facts. Maybe someday my nunchuk skills will rival your Bo-Staff Skills!

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