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I just got in from teaching and training at Joslin’s MMA.

My busiest and latest night of the week, Mondays are always a lot of fun.

From the 4-6 year old class to the adult mma class, everyone was training hard. The kids worked on break falls and did some drills on the heavy bags as well. The adult BJJ class drilled mount escapes and a few rounds of regular rolling.

I ended up rolling with the BJJ team and the MMA guys as well. It’s been a lot of fun getting everyone ready for the upcoming fight cards in August.

We’ve got 8 of our guys fighting on an amateur MMA card Michigan on August 11th so they’ve all been training hard. I’m really looking forward to seeing them do their thing on fight night.

That’s it for this quick update. I’ve been really busy working on a new book which I will definitely post more about soon.

Good night!

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Yesterday, I filmed 2 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton, Ontario.

Each of them is a counter to the over/under guard pass that is commonly used in training and competition. I think with a little practice you’ll find that they can really help you out on the mats.

Be sure to use both of these often to sweep and submit your opponent and keep them from squishing, controlling and passing your guard.

Over time you’ll find that these two movements, especially the first one in the video will allow you to use far less strength in stopping their pass attempts and will really discourage your training partners, especially if over/under is one of their main styles of passing the guard.

and here they are: