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Just got up from teaching and training tonight here at Joslin’s MMA.

I say up because upstairs above the gym is the home where my parents now live; the same place that my two brothers and I grew up in.

I’m feeling pretty tired after a long day filled with some intense training. Earlier in the day I managed to get in some technique practice for an hour or two and after heading home for a few hours I ended up back here at Joslin’s teaching kids class and a few adult ones as well.

We worked some 1/2 guard passes in the adult BJJ class and some take downs/take down defense in the MMA lesson. Everyone did very well and I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on the mats tomorrow!

Time to head home! Good night…


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The best way to learn MMA is to start with the basics first.

Yes the fancy stuff is fun to watch and very fun to do as well but without a solid foundation an MMA’er will always have holes in their game that can be exploited.

That’s one of the main reasons I created the beginner MMA training program: MMA QuickStart. I also wanted to help the many people out there that are excited to learn MMA but don’t have access to an experienced teacher or martial arts school.

If you’re interested in beginning your MMA training you’ve come to the right place. I’ve recently posted up a free 1-hour workout that you can jump into right now in your own home. It’s the first workout of my 18 lesson MMA Quickstart program and focuses on the fundamentals of striking, stance and balance. Oh yeah, it’ll work you pretty hard too.  The details you’ll learn will have you punching and kicking very hard with little effort and will start you off on the right foot in terms of your training.

Here’s the link to the page where you can find out how to get started.

Have fun!



Happy Easter everyone!

I just finished colouring some eggs with my kids. Good times. I even managed to get some good rolling in today with the team at Joslin’s which was cool.

I hope you and your families have a great weekend as well.

In celebration of this weekend, I’m offering the first 2 sets of the “Dominate From the Mount” training series for the price of one –> only $29.95.

Purchase either one here before Monday, April 9th at midnight and I’ll give you the other one for FREE.

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Getting an opponent into the kimura submission hold can be done in many ways. Once there though it can be very difficult to finish a strong, aggressive opponent that has a good idea of how to defend their arm.

In the video below I show you one of my best ways to smash through an opponent’s defense and score the submission win. I also break down a way you can get to the kimura from 1/2 guard.