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The Pumpkins my wife carved out last night...

The Pumpkins my wife carved out last night...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Living in a neighborhood that has a ton of kids around, I’ve fully stocked up on mini chocolate bars, SpongeBob candies and other stuff for the trick or treaters tonight.

My son will be heading out with his friends dressed up as a nerd with glasses, name tag and a weird wig. We ordered my daughters “Monster High Doll” costume on Ebay. She’s some sort of zombie girl with blue hair, blue skin and glasses and she was so excited to wear the costume to her two first Halloween parties that took place at her friends houses over the weekend.

I probably won’t be going wearing the ninja suit I wore last year as I think it’ll embarrass the kids too much this time. I could have went out as my southern psycho redneckish film character “Willy Basin” –with my teeth out and everything– but unfortunately I shaved my face right after filming yesterday.

Regardless it should be a fun night!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up my most poplular training video workshop: “Striking Head Movement”, I’m offering it with a “Halloween Sale” discount of 50% for the next couple of days (Sale ends Wednesday, November 2nd at midnight)

Here’s some info on it:

  • Do you find yourself getting hit in the head often in sparring especially after making an attack?
  • Do your sparring partners often get overly aggressive with their attacks forcing you to cover up defensively?
  • Are you having a hard time landing solid punches during sparring?

If you aren’t using proper head movement while in the cage/ring I guarantee that you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above.

The ability to move my head off the line of fire has been one of my greatest weapons in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts competition over the years. It’s enabled me to take minimal damage during every one of my fights and has given me the ability to disguise and land some super solid shots on my opponents.

Check out this video where I land a killer uppercut on my opponent, Jon Fitch, after performing a basic draw and slip motion versus his jab attack…

There’s a lot of technique involved in moving your head properly when striking; If done wrong you could move your face directly into harms way and put you into a completely off balance position making it impossible for you to throw anything that has a chance of hurting your opponent.

To help you out immediately here’s a vid from the workshop that shows you how to do the exact slip I used against Fitch in the video above.

In the full 31 video workshop I share it all! That’s right 31 videos that include techniques, drills, and many ultra important technical details.

Master the moves within this series and you’ll be able to:

– Tire and frustrate your opponent by making him miss while slipping and rolling away from every one of his punches.

– Smash your opponent with combinations that are specific to each evasive head movement.

– Counter attack with much harder punches while using less effort through the use of key technical details.

All 31 highly detailed videos for  the “Halloween Sale” Price of only $14.95!

Click on the button below to gain access to the entire series of videos that will add the vital skill of head movement to your arsenal. Your face will thank you!

Sale Expired –> Visit the store to purchase the workshop
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Even though Nick Diaz messed up his opportunity at a title shot against GSP by no-showing at his UFC press conference a while back, I still pretty excited to see him face off against former champ BJ Penn.

Both Nick and BJ have great ground skill and solid striking ability which makes their match-up very interesting.

I have a feeling that this fight will play out mostly on the feet although I’d like to see them mix it up on the ground as well.

I’m finding it hard to pick a winner although my gut tells me that Diaz will win via strikes at some point in the fight.

I`ll be giving away my MMA QUICKSTART TRAINING PROGRAM to the person that can guess closest to the result of the main event fight between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz.

Here’s all you have to do to submit your guess(es)

Pick the (winner/round/time left in round) (ie. Penn/2/2:12). Remember that it’s a 3 round fight. In the case of a decision result, no prize will be awarded so please don’t choose decision as the result.

You can submit up a guess in three different places (named below) s in the above format to increase your chances of winning.

  • One on this blog post via comment  (scroll down to comment)
  • One on the contest facebook note as a comment –> Click here
  • and another one via twitter @jeffjoslin
Good luck!
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Congratulations to Frankie Edgar on his victory over Gray Maynard. Again he impressively came back from being rocked badly and fought extremely well throughout the rest of the fight. That was a fun fight to watch!

Congratulations to our pick’em contest winner Craig Matheson who predicted the following via twitter:

–> Edgar 4th rd 1:38 left TKO (only 32 seconds off official time)

Craig wins the entire MMA QuickStart Training Program which includes over 18 1-hour workouts, 100+ instructional videos, 12 Follow Along MP3 “Shadowfighting” Audio Files and more.

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After the last fight between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar who wouldn’t want to see them do battle once again. I know that I’m looking forward to it!

When I watched their last bout I had hoped Edgar would have gotten the decision after doing what seemed impossible in coming back from being rocked multiple times early in the fight. Instead it was a draw and now we lucky fans get to see it all happen over again.

The rest of the card is stacked as well and in my opinion could turn out to be one of the bests UFC cards in some time.

I`ll be giving away my MMA QUICKSTART TRAINING PROGRAM to the person that can guess closest to the result of the main event fight between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar.

Here’s all you have to do to submit your guess(es)

Pick the (winner/round/time left in round) (ie. Edgar/3/2:12). Remember that it’s a 5 round championship fight. In the case of a decision result, no prize will be awarded so please don’t choose decision as the result.

You can submit up a guess in three different places (named below) s in the above format to increase your chances of winning.

  • One on this blog post via comment  (scroll down to comment)
  • One on the contest facebook note as a comment –> Click here
  • and another one via twitter @jeffjoslin
Good luck!
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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since my son was born.

I have a teenager now! That is so strange to say and the fact that he’s headed to high school in another year is mind blowing!

My wife and I finally got him the cell phone –which he loved and hasn’t put down yet– he had been asking for over the last little while. We also got him a few other gifts which seem to all revolve around computer or video game stuff.

We just finished eating a Reese Peanut Butter Cup cake from Dairy Queen which was pretty awesome and now the wife and I are just sitting around watching T.V. That is once I’m off the computer.

For this weekend only I’m offering 3 of my most popular video workshops at only $14.95 each (50% off of the regular price).

The sale ends this Sunday at midnight so act quick if you’re looking to improve your head movement, counter attacking and no-gi submission game.

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In the full 31 video workshop I share it all! That’s right 31 videos that include techniques, drills, and many ultra important technical details.

Master the moves within this series and you’ll be able to:

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– Smash your opponent with combinations that are specific to each evasive head movement.

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Workshop 2 –> Striking Counter Attacks ($14.95) 

Jab Causing You Trouble? How bout the Front/Push Kick?

If you having trouble getting past your opponent’s attacks this 38 video series is for you!

In this 38 video series you’ll learn how to:

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Become a counter attacking machine by mastering the movements in this series!

Workshop 3 –> Sneaky No-Gi Attacks ($14.95)

In this 16 video NO-GI training series you’ll learn my most sneaky submissions and techniques including 3 ways to tap your opponent out in less than 3 seconds!

You also learn:

  1. A slick way to escape the armlock
  2. 3 Single leg defenses that end with you getting a submission
  3. The School Yard Bully choke
  4. 2 Sneaky wristlocks that are tough to defend!
  5. A hold down that will make them tap out!

Surprise your opponent with attacks these sneaky attacks that they’ve never seen before.

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Tonight I had the great opportunity to be a athlete guest at the “Dinner of Champions”.

The event was awesome! I met so many great people from all over Ontario as they came together to support the drive to find a cure for diabetes.

After some excellent food and great conversation with the people at my table and other tables as well I’m back home now about to get some sleep…

Looking forward to training tomorrow…

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Highest Flying Arm Lock Ever!

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Just came across this video of some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Guys/Sky Divers mixing up their skills in the sky. Pretty Cool!

I’m still not trying skydiving. I’ll keep doing my armlocks on the ground!



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Continued From Part 2…

Fractured Orbital Bone

This was the scariest injury I’ve ever sustained in my life!  After getting cracked in the eye with a roundhouse kick during a NBL –National Blackbelt League—world championship title fight— my vision was messed up to the point that I could no longer see my opponent. Instantly I saw two of him!  One eye could see everything fine but my damaged eye was seeing everything at a 45 degree angle. It was really frightening!

My vision didn’t improve at all during the next two weeks but a doctor at Georgetown university hospital made me feel a little better when he said it would all heal up in time without the need for any surgery. A few weeks later I felt a small popping sensation in my face as the nerves from my eye escaped from being caught in the orbital bone fracture. Things slowly got better from that point on and I soon had my normal vision back.

Back Muscle Tear

When your back is messed up it affects everything that you do. My back injury happened early in my career; two months before one of my professional fights. With the fight already booked I decided to push forward, taking anti-inflammatory medication so that I could still train hard. It seemed to work fairly well as my back would no longer spasm like it was before I began taking the pills.

The problem was that I could only box and jog during my preparation for the fight. Grappling, kicking and wrestling would still make my back spasm. Close to fight time, I was easily blasting through 10 rounds of hard boxing sparring and running like a friggin gazelle on the roads by my house but the entire fight ended up being fought on the ground. That created a problem for me because my ground techniques were extremely rusty –since I hadn’t rolled on the ground in 2 months– and all of my conditioning work was of the stand-up fighting type.

I was so damn tired during that fight that at one point during the scrap I was thinking about being at home watching television instead of hitting my opponent. Luckily my technique was strong enough to keep me in good positions throughout most of the fight. If it wasn’t I would have be huge trouble! I still remember my coach signalling me to raise my hands up in the air –in victory– after the bell signalled to end the final round but I couldn’t move my arms no matter how hard I tried. In fact, I almost fell over when they were pulling my gloves off of me in my corner.

The good thing is that I learned a very valuable lesson that night. I would never take a fight unless I was able to do the necessary fight preparation work in all areas: groundwork, takedowns, striking and strength/conditioning. Also, to not mask any future symptoms with anti-inflammatory medication so that I could still train like a madman.

After that fight I took some time off to allow myself to fully heal up naturally. When I returned back to the cage I had some of the best fights of my career.

Strained/Torn Ligaments in the Knee

I’ve been very lucky that after 25+ years of training I’ve had had very little trouble with my knees. So many people that are heavily active in sports are not as lucky and have to deal with knee surgeries and other treatments throughout their athletic careers.

I did however on three occasions hear a disgustingly loud popping sound originate from my knee. The sounds were always followed by a lot of pain that lasted for many weeks. These injuries all happened during my late teens when I had just begun training in the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I think it was a case of me turning the wrong way to escape a leg lock or times when I forced an attack in the wrong direction that caused my knee injuries. Fortunately, every single time I hurt myself, my knee seemed to heal up fine without the need for surgery or major rehabilitation. I was very lucky!

Meniscus Tear

This painful injury still bugs me 8 years after it first occurred. If I push my finger forcefully into a spot just outside of my right kneecap I can still feel some pain.

I tore my meniscus one day in training by kicking a heavy bag without going through a proper warm-up routine. The very next day I knew I was messed up because I couldn’t bend my heel to my backside and was in a ton of pain. It took three or four weeks of rest before I could train again but even then I would sometimes feel a massive amount of pain while pushing off of the ground with my foot while grappling.

After a visit to the highly reputable sports doctor that I mentioned above, I finally found out what it was: A tear in my meniscus.

Since the tear was slightly off to the side of my leg, my knee wasn’t locking up during training, which meant I didn’t need immediate surgery. Instead, I worked on strengthening my leg muscles by doing squats and other leg exercises which helped minimize the stress placed upon my meniscus during training. The strategy worked very well and the injury never became bad enough that I had to have it surgically fixed. Nowadays, I sometime feel the pain return when I train really hard, throw a ton of kicks or neglect my leg strengthening exercises.


This last injury was the one that ended my career way too early. I’ve had a long story of concussions starting with my very first one that occurred during a hockey game was I was barely a teen. I covered it all extensively in another blog post. –> Click here to read it.

Well, those are all of the injuries I can recall facing throughout my entire sports and martial arts career. I’d love to hear about some of your sports injuries or your experience with the same ones I mentioned above so please comment on this post and share all the juicy details.


–> Click Here to Read PART 1

–> Click Here to Read  PART 2

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Continued from Part 1

The Shouldice Hospital


Now I’m not sure if hernias are hereditary or not but I did end up getting one when in my early twenties. Maybe I had a weakness and would have got one regardless but I really think my hernia was caused because I used improper technique while bench pressing.

Initially I felt no pain from the injury and with the consent of a specialist–he said “keep training until it gets worse”– I continued training very hard. A year later, I began to feel a throbbing pain in my groin area after hard training so I opted to get the surgery to fix it. I went to the Shouldice Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario which is world renowned for their experience and methods (permanently cures hernia at a 99.5% rate I believe). Nearly fifteen years later I haven’t had a problem with the work that they did and I now lift weights properly of course J.

Damaged Rotator Cuff

Atlanta, Georgia was where this next injury happened. I was training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Romero “Jacare“ Cavalcanti`s  –my instructor– Alliance Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School. One day during my two week stay there, a few of the students were to test for their next belts. I think I was a white belt at the time I was asked by one of the guys testing to be his partner for the throwing portion of his belt exam.

I agreed, jumped to my feet and we gripped up with each other in the classical throwing position. Next thing I knew I was flying through the air at full force, my body moving at a very weird angle; a split second later as I smashed into the mats my shoulder burned immediately. I guess the guy who had thrown me, so pumped up because he was testing for his blue belt, overdid his movement and ended up losing his balance causing me to fall directly on my own arm. The fact that I didn’t expect him to throw me so intensely probably makes the injury occurrence somewhat my fault too. I should have been ready!

I got up and finished off the rest of my throwing dummy responsibilities but I had a lot of trouble using my left arm over the next month or so.

Broken Nose

First off, I must say that I still miss my old nose. It was so much straighter than the one I have now.

When you have a facial feature for over twenty years and see it every day when you look in the mirror you get kind of use to it. Then one day when you look in the mirror and you’re face is just not the same, it`s a little traumatic. I’ll admit that after breaking my nose, I did feel like everyone around me was staring at it. At the mall, on the bus and anywhere else that I went, I`d have that same feeling.

It happened during an exhibition kickboxing match between me and a friend of mine. Sometime during the first round I took a full power cross to the face. Normally that wouldn’t have been much of a problem but the strike honestly his nothing but nose. Shortly after the impact, the round ended and I went back to my corner. I knew something was up when both my corner man were tilting their heads side to side while staring intently at my face.

“Was your nose always crooked?” one of them asked me in a serious tone.

“No” I replied as I felt a slight panic set in. I ran to the nearest mirror and saw the monstrosity that my nose had become. My nose was half way across my face! It didn’t hurt at all and didn’t bleed much at all which I thought was kind of strange.

A few days later, I was passed out on a table at the hospital while a plastic surgeon worked his magic and straightened my nose out. It looked pretty good again but I wasn’t supposed to do any jiu-jitsu or wrestling –and obviously kickboxing sparring– for the next six weeks. I just couldn`t wait it out. Two weeks later, I started grappling with a cage karate style helmet on that protected my face –but made me look like Hannibal Lector– because I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore.

Four week post-injury, thinking my nose was ready to take a bump or two, I took off the Darth Vaderish looking helmet to test it out. That was a big mistake! In the very next grappling round I took an accidental elbow directly to my nose and heard a crunching sound. Another sprint to the mirror revealed a slightly crooked nose. It was not nearly as terribly distorted as my original injured nose was. Not wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery again, I decided to leave it as it was and to this day my nose is a slightly different version of the one I used to have. I’ve gotten used to this one but still miss my old one!


Here's what I looked Like After Eating the Head Butt

Two Teeth Knocked Out

There’s a time when every fighter knows they`ve become a real warrior. Or maybe it’s a time when they realize that modelling is no longer an option for them.

My special moment was when I felt my two front teeth collapse inside my mouth guard during the first round of a fight against Jon Fitch. I was smashed by an illegal head butt –an accidental one in my opinion—that really shook me up and left me incisorly challenged for life. Good thing is that I managed to fight on despite getting dropped to the mat for a brief moment by that hit. To get your teeth knocked out and your ass TKO’ed? That’s embarrassing.

After that, we battled hard for the full three rounds and when they were announcing the decision my wife, who was ten rows back, somehow knew that I had lost my teeth. She was stressed!

It really didn’t hurt very much when it happened and after the fight I somehow managed to jam both of them back into my gums before the camera crew came to my dressing to interview me about a controversial moment in the fight. Throughout the interview I had to keep pushing one of my teeth upwards because I could feel it dropping down every time I spoke.

For a month or two, those two front teeth stayed in my mouth without much trouble –although they had become a bit crooked. Eventually I found out that root canals would be necessary to keep the teeth alive so I opted to have both the teeth removed and some fake ones put in their place. It made no sense to spend all that money to fix them when another solid shot could have knocked them out again even easier than the first time it happened.

Today, I’m still wearing the fake ones but eventually plan to get permanent implants put in. Well maybe not for a while because it’s been a bit of a blessing in disguise. My toothless grin recently helped me to better play a crazed forest dwelling psycho in the film “The Secret Cross” (You can see me with no teeth in the film trailer by CLICKING HERE). Maybe I can use my toothless grin to my advantage in other films as well. I just have to be careful to not become typecast as psychos, homeless guys and pro-hockey players.

–> Click Here to Read PART 1 of the Blog Post Series


–> Click Here to Read PART 3 


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Minutes after I ate the headbutt that bloodied my nose and knocked out my front teeth

In every sport there are certain injuries that participants face. Fortunately it doesn’t happen that often but if you put enough time into your sport you’re bound to be sidelined from practice/competition at one time or another due to injury.  Some injuries occur due to overtraining, others because of the high intensity of tough competition, and every once and an injury can be blamed simply on bad luck. I hate those ones!

It’s an accepted part of the playing the games we enjoy and putting our athletic limits to the test.

Martial arts is a very safe, extremely fun activity that allows its participants to benefit and grow in so many ways. I’ve spent my entire life training and truly still love it with a passion.

As a teenager I trained very hard and competed often; sometimes doing two different tournaments in one weekend. Once I became an adult my training intensified and at the peak of my career while fighting as a professional mixed martial artist in the UFC and many other shows, I was training 2-3 times per day, six days per week.

With that amount of training and an active competition schedule, I’ve experience a handful of different injuries during the last three decades of training.

Here’s my personal list, where I name and describe all of the ones that I am able to remember:

Nearly Complete Ankle Tear

This nasty injury put me out of commission for over a month. It happened during a University Wrestling Practice when I was going for a throw on a training partner that I had caught in a very tight body lock position. In the middle of my throwing motion my foot became stuck in the mat as the rest of my body kept on going forward. The popping sound that I heard originate from someplace down below was so loud that a bunch of people around me heard it too even though the training room was anything but quiet.

Strangely, I felt no pain!

I had a fight coming up, and was really feeling great on the mats that day, so I decided to keep on wrestling. Two minutes later, I began to feel a little bit of pain just above my foot but it was bearable. So once again, I kept on wrestling. Four minutes after that, between wrestling rounds I started to limp a bit; it was becoming more and more difficult put all of my weight on my left foot without feeling a very sharp pain shoot up my leg­.  Twenty minutes later, there I was, hopping on one foot across the vast university parking lot toward my van.

A month and a half later I was finally able to train again. However I did tap out extra quickly to foot locks for some time after getting back at it.

Cauliflower Ear

I really couldn’t tell you exactly when I got my first bit of cauliflower ear but I do remember being pretty damn proud of it.

I was teenager at the time and had heard a little bit about the injury beforehand from wrestlers that I knew and trained with. They told me that in some countries, where wrestling was the national sport, the lucky guys that had noticeable cauliflower ear got restaurant meals for free!

I was quick to find out that people here in Canada did not do the same thing and that a very high percentage of our doctors had never drained –which is a common treatment for the injury—a cauliflower ear that was filled up with fluid.

Luckily I have very small ears and the first few bouts of cauliflower ear were the only times that I had to deal with the painful injury.

Torn Ligament in Finger

After landing a full power cross, during boxing training, on the forehead of one of my sparring partners I had no idea that I had hurt my hand pretty badly. The damage was done to my right hand’s ring finger but it really didn’t hurt very much at first. It wasn’t until a few days later that my top knuckle on that finger became very swollen and bright red; I couldn’t punch a heavy bag, hand mitt or person without feeling sharp pain shoot through my hand.

The dark red colour of the knuckle area really had me worried that my finger had become infected. I probably should have got it checked out by a doctor but decided not to.  Instead I kept on training, adjusting things as best I could to avoid any pain but I had little success in doing so.

It took a long time before the pain totally subsided: At least two months. I’m sure it would have healed faster had I taken some time off training but that would have been way too depressing.

Eventually when all of the redness and swelling had disappeared I figured out what had happened. It turned out that I had snapped a ligament in my ring finger and to this day still cannot straighten that finger completely. It’s definitely one of my coolest injuries to show people.

Torn Sheath over Knee Cap

This was the most annoying injuries I ever sustained! It caused one of my kneecaps to have a spot on it that was brutally sensitive for over a year. Every time the spot touched the mats –which was everyday in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class—the pain was excruciating!

How’d it happen? Unfortunately, the story really is not that cool in comparison to how much the injury irritated me.

Erik Paulson, who I had trained with many times in the past, was in Mississauga at the time teaching a seminar at my striking coach Vito’s school ( I jumped into the training session and soon after beginning to trade leg kick with my drilling partner our knees collided. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem at all but I guess it was my unlucky day. The pain was instant and severe.

After a month of adjusting my ground fighting style so that my left knee would rarely touch the mats, I decided to visit one of the best sports doctors in North America. His diagnosis of a torn sheath on my kneecap didn’t make me feel any better but I immediately began getting some treatment for it.

Six months later I had a lot less pain in my knee but I really hoped that I would never again experience a “Torn Sheath” in my knee! Reaching down with a hand as I write this –six years after the injury occurred– I can still press a spot on my knee and feel a lesser version of the same pain I felt way back then. I really hope you never tear your knee cap sheath. It sucks!

Torn Rib Cartilage

I think this is an injury that pretty much every serious grappler sustains at one time in their life. It really sucks!

Once the pain of torn rib cartilage sets it, it’s pretty much impossible to bend over, difficult and uncomfortable to stand up from a seated position, and painful to sneeze, laugh or breathe deeply. Obviously it’s also impossible to do any sort of athletic training other than the simple act of walking.

The strange thing is that it doesn’t take very much force to damage ribcage cartilage. Usually it happens during an awkward twist towards a resisting training partner that causes it.

I hurt mine doing a basic escape movement while preparing for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. My rib area was sore during the entire week leading up to the competition but I decided to compete regardless. That was a big mistake!

After winning my first match, I attempted to throw my second opponent –who was built like a tank—with a twisting type throw and instead ended up feeling my ribs ripping apart from one another. It friggin’ hurt! I pushed through it, fighting on and winning the match by points. After the match, the pain increased and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fight the final match.  I did fight, using an adjusted game plan that avoided any movement that would cause me to scream out in agony.  I ended up winning that gold medal match by points.

Fighting on with torn cartilage definitely made my injury worse, but I had just come off winning gold at the BJJ Pan/American Games and didn’t want someone else to come out the victor so soon afterwards. The injury knocked me out of training for nearly two months and for the six months that followed my return I could still feel some pain in my side every time I’d hit a heavy bag with a hard left hook.

Oh yeah, it`s easy to tell which grapplers have had the same injury in the past because it leaves a very noticeable bump along the ribcage. I’m rubbing mine right now as I write this.



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