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Tonight, filming begins for my new video instructional training series covering the Guard Position for MMA.

It’s been a project that I’ve wanted to put together for a long time; The idea started after my fight against Josh Koscheck but it had to wait because I first wanted to put out a beginner MMA training program ( for all those people out there who wanted to learn the game but had nobody to teach them. Now that MMA Quickstart has been up & running for a while I’m ready and excited to break down the way I like to use the guard position in MMA.

I used a lot of guard work in the fight against Koscheck and afterwards received many email asking for guard training tips and techniques (especially the butterfly guard). The butterfly guard will be fully covered in the series but I’m also including everything else I use from the guard as well as ways to drill and develop your guard game for a real fight.

The technique count has surpassed 150 techniques and is still growing.

I’m not yet sure of a launch date but will post another update soon…



Just came across this great video discussing the origin of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I think it’s pretty amazing what the Gracies did with the art after learning it from one man. BJJ definitely changed the way the world looks at real combat. Also we wouldn’t have the UFC if the Gracie family didn’t bring it to North America back in the early 90’s.

BJJ is an awesome martial art. I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for close to 20 years and still have a ton of fun every time I hit the mats.


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Our next Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team training session will be taking place in Hamilton at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts on Saturday, October 8th at 10:30 am.

Date: October 8th
Time: 10:30 am
Place: Joslin’s (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)

Last session had close to 70 students training on the mats. Bring your Gi and get ready for another great day!

Students of all levels welcome. See everyone soon!

–> If you’re looking to start training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA give us a call at 905-383-3539 to find out how you can get a FREE WEEK of Unlimited Training.

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A few hours ago I received a call from Scott Thompson at Chml Radio.

It turns out that earlier today he came across a mixed martial arts video showing some kids fighting inside a cage.. After mentioning the video on his radio show, the station received many emails and comments about the issue. I’ll bet most of them were against seeing our children battling it out inside the cage. I fully agree with them!

I would much rather see our kids learning and competing in the various martial arts that make up MMA; developing their skills, confidence and respect for the arts. I also believe it’s very important that the youngsters don’t get sustain hard hits to the head while they’re learning,growing and developing both their bodies and martial skill sets.

I was out with the wife when I received his call but fortunately had enough free time to go on the air to discuss the topic with him.

Click here to listen to the interview


Update: After getting home and searching the net, I think I’ve found the video that is getting a lot of attention. A submission wrestling match inside a cage which I think is very safe–and a lot of fun for the kids!– as long as the referee is experienced.

This on the other hand is not very safe for the kids involved in my opinion:

What are you thoughts about the “Kids Fighting in MMA” topic?

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I didn’t expect the UFC Fight Night 25 main event fight between Jake Shields and Jake Ellenberger to end as fast as it did. That was over quick!

Congratulations to Ellenberger on the big win and congrats to the pick’em contest winner Jay who predicted the following:

Ellenberger/ 1st RD/ 3:46

Jay wins the entire MMA QuickStart Training Program which includes over 18 1-hour workouts, 100+ instructional videos, 12 Follow Along MP3 “Shadowfighting” Audio Files and more.

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This weekends UFC Fight Night 25 Card came up pretty quickly.

In the main event Jake Shields is facing Jake Ellenberger in a fight that could be end up being pretty exciting. I`m definitely hoping for some nice grappling exchanges throughout the fight since Shields last fight –vs. GSP– was all striking with zero groundwork.

Canadian Fighter and great guy Jason MacDonald battles Allan Belcher in what could be another good scrap. I`ll be cheering for Jason to come out with the win.

The fact that Ultimate Fighter“ show winner Johnathon Brookins is on the card makes it even more interesting.

I`ll be giving away my MMA QUICKSTART TRAINING PROGRAM to the person that can guess closest to the result of the main event fight between Jake Shields and Jake Ellenberger.

Here’s all you have to do to submit your guess(es)

Pick the (winner/round/time left in round) (ie. Shields/1/2:12). Remember that it’s a 3 round fight. In the case of a decision result, no prize will be awarded so please don’t choose decision as the result.

You can submit up a guess in three different places (named below) s in the above format to increase your chances of winning.

  • One on this blog post via comment 
  • One on the contest facebook note as a comment –> Click here
  • and another one via twitter @jeffjoslin
Good luck!
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I just got in from the theatre after watching a sneak preview of the movie “Warrior” with my wife and her cousin.

It was great!

Yes there was MMA action in it but for once, –compared to many other martial arts movies– the story seemed to be as important or more important than the fighting aspect of the film.

The characters were built up nicely, each having a unique and believable reason to do the things that they did throughout the film. A few of the scenes stirred up some strong emotions in me (I think it was the father/son type stuff). At one point I had to hold back a cheer remembering at the very last moment, as my arm was rising into the air, that I wasn’t watching a real fight.

The MMA fight scenes were choreographed very well, showcasing many different standing and ground techniques, and the actors played their parts as fighters, coaches, and wives –my wife pointed that one out– realistically in the MMA sense.

I’m thinking about going to watch it again, with some of the guys from the team, when it’s officially released.

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Today I finally got a chance to film some of the technique breakdown videos I was inspired to put together after watching the main event fight at UFC 134 between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami.

This first video, of several that I’ll be making of attacks/defenses in that fight, breaks down the 2 arms low jab. The same type of punch that Silva dropped Okami with during their exciting fight.

The 2nd video is a variation of the technique, which I call the “Lead Arm Low Jab”, that I use all the time in training and during my fights –especially during my bouts against Josh Koscheck and Nuri Shakir — with much success.

I hope the 2 videos help you smack people around with your jab more effectively because they are both very fun techniques to land on an opponent.

Here they are:

Technique 1 – “2 Arms Low Jab”

and here’s the variation of the above technique that I find effective as well:

Technique 2 – “Lead Arm Low Jab”

Want more instructional videos and training tips?

CLICK HERE to check it out my MMA QuickStart Training Program that will help you master the basics in only 12 weeks!.

and CLICK HERE to receive my FREE EBOOK “Developing the KO Punch”

The people at the Score just sent me a link to one of my fights that they recently posted on their website.I hadn’t seen this version of the fight before, instead only the one shot from my friends video camera from way back in the crowd.

I fought on the Score Fighting Series Debut Event back in 2006. The fight took place in Gatineau, Quebec and was for the Apex Fighting World Welterweight title.

My opponent was Nuri Shakir, a veteran southpaw who had never been KO’ed or TKO’ed in over 20 fights against very tough competition including Thiago Alves, Marcus Davis and Jorge Masvidal. My goal going into the fight was to try and be the first to stop him with strikes.

Here’s our pre-fight interviews (Mine on Left & Nuri’s on the right)

and the fight Video…

and my post fight interview (I couldn’t find Nuri’s)

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The mount position is, in my opinion,  the best position to be in during a fight. Getting it against a skilled opponent can be very difficult and requires very solid technique.

In the videos below I show a basic way to slide into the mount position from side control both in breakdown form and in action. I use this technique in Gi training, no-gi action and mixed martial arts as well. It’s definitely a fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique that use it all the time.

First, a video showing a time that I used the movement during a pro-fight.

Now here’s the technique breakdown to help you use it as well:


Want a kick-ass mount position? Download my free ebook “9 Tips of Dominating from the MMA Mount” here –> CLICK